Victor's shoes

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Victor's shoes only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.

Victor's shoes can be found in place of Victor during the Wintumber Warmer event at the Lumbridge Crater bonfire.

During the event, Victor asks players to help him collect materials to sustain the giant bonfire. Players have to bring him ten logs and a combustion fuel to coat the logs. He will tell players the fuel is in one of the two barrels beside him, and that the other is a powerful explosive, but does not properly label which barrel is which; players will have a comedic dialogue where he explains in detail the two chemicals and how they are physically identical to each other. Regardless of which barrel players pick, they must use an empty vial on one of them in order to get a vial of green liquid to give to Victor.

After the coated logs have been added to the bonfire, Victor will no longer be found, instead being replaced by Victor's shoes.

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