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Vicendithas' Scribblings is a book found by searching the Dragonkin altar in the Edimmu resource dungeon. It was written by Vicendithas, the son of Kerapac. It details the creation of gemstone dragons.

Finding it is a requirement for the master quest cape.

Book info[edit | edit source]

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Vicendithas' Scribblings.

These handwritten logs have been scribbled sparingly apart. There are no time stamps or dates however you can see they have been written over the course of many years.

Log 1

Kerapac has spared me room in our fortress, after years of watching his failed attempts flounder he finally is letting me try create my own tests and experiments. Father is a fool, if he wasn't so determined to complete his vanity projects we would have broken the curse aeons ago.

At least he is seeing sense and letting his successor begin forging a new way for us.

Log 2

The basement. That is all I am getting. The basement is my lab. He still treats me like a child! The curse isn't an excuse for the anger I feel in my veins, they burn with hatred for him. That pitiful excuse of a Dactyl - he thinks he rules over me... Over all our kin! I will prove him wrong, he does not rule over Vincendithas.

I will make use of this deplorable place of a lab, and I will create the greatest ever creation known to our kind; his word is not law, I will show him what I am truly capable of.

Log 3

Ha! That old fool left a vial of his blood for the taking! My first creation will use that fool's blood; I will save mine for the further iterations. Tomorrow I will start the creation process, I will create my first dragon - my mind is clear, I will not create anything less than perfection.

Log 4

Kerapac's Blood. Pure elven Crystal. An unhatched white dragon egg. A trinity of potential!

I heard Kerapac screeching that his vial of blood and his egg had been stolen; of course, Forcae was to blame! The air turns blue when his name is brought up around Kerapac, as such I wasn't even a suspect.

Log 5

My creation is born, hatching perfectly with soft cries. My specimen is a young female, eyes as blue as sapphires and her wingspan eclipses that of a metallic dragon at origin.

I have witnessed genesis. Is this what creation looks like? More-so, is this what creation feels like?

Log 6

White flames! My perfect child breathes a blaze of the most incredible shades. Strangely she is breathing fire before her crystalline teeth have fully formed, this is vastly uncommon and unusual for a hatchling to breath flame before adolescence. I will research this further.

I daren't add that I am pleased how fast she is responding to growth... but I am.

Log 7

She is growing faster than expected. Thus, I have completed my test chamber and it has been broken into three subsections, each are equipped with a Scrying Pool to witness all that happens. They are as follows:

- The Feeding Trough: this has been sculpted with the face of my kin. This should put the youngling at ease, she should not feel alone down here while I am not observing.

-Learning and Knowledge Centre: this is the room which is directly above my living quarters and my personal laboratory. Here is where I will observe mostly how she adapts and fights in this environment; I have brought down humans here for her to use as playthings or as she sees fit. Free flowing water is present here as a drainage system from the ever-rising heat from the Warped Floors that is causing the everlasting thaw of the Frozen Floors high up above.

-Rest and Respite: this room will be her sleeping and worship area. I stole Kerapac's Altar from the floors above.

SIDE NOTE: Stealing his things is becoming more hilarious each time, it's quite a pastime.

Log 8

Subject has now been moved to the test chamber from the incubation area, it now begins.

Log 9

Yesterday she was moved and has adapted very well. Human test subjects are trying to escape and hide away from her, their attempts are bittersweet to watch, they won't survive long.

Today I also 'borrowed' of Kerapac's favoured Effigies and I added it to the Food Trough, just like the one I had while growing up, maybe she will find it and it could be a toy for her?

Log 10

Today I have witnessed the remarkable, my child called out to the feeding trough as expected, harmonic cries of Mother! awoke me; she is begging for food after making quick meals out of the human specimens, how long will it be until she learns how to operate the Food Trough Man?

Not surprisingly she is speaking at a much earlier rate than her other kin. I have observed that her wingspan is now almost as big as mine, she is growing fast! Not just in size but in intelligence.

Log 11

My portal magic works! My child, my first born desired food and it hath delivered. If I could see the look of Kerapac's snarled face! My father never believed in me, but I have much more than he will ever have imagined... I am his son not one of his experiments.

The trough has been working without fail, delivering a random selection of what my daughter desired, daily! She talks to it, calling it her own mother.

'Vicendithas the youngest of the Kin. You will amount to nothing!' They lie, they all lied to me. They will burn in the fires of the abyss and my perfect daughter will send them there!

'My kin' will pay for what they did to me, how they treated me. I am a dragonkin now; I am the only Dactyl that matters. No one will question me. I will reign like my father does now.

Log 12

I cannot believe what has become of my infant daughter, she is no longer a minor, six eggs! I awoke to six eggs in her brood!

But it was what happened next that proved to me that my destiny is aligning with hers. I am so close to shattering the shackles that chain me to the catalyst... it is the eggs! Each egg is inseminated and diversified, not by me but by her!

My child, a dragon that can change sex on a whim to differentiate her offspring... she is doing this by herself! If she can change sex, what more will she learn to do?

The pride of a father is a curious thing; I have never felt so connected to something other than the stone, but with the stone I am chained... this, feeling I submit too? She is my life and legacy. Why does Kerapac not feel this for me?

Log 13

Phenomenal. I am speechless for the eggs have hatched in such quick succession, I expected beautiful blue babes this is not what was born of her... I am pleased she has her father's intelligence.

The blood of my blood has done what I thought impossible, my daughter has diversification of far greater strength that I expected, my heir delivers once more!

I have studied crystalline for numerous years, and I concluded that it was the base element and the catalyst for all materials that form into precious stones so why did I not consider this the next subsequent step?

I ramble, but the eggs are not the crystalline dragons that I suspected from her... these dragons are different, created from the precious stones that originate from crystalline! Hydrix, Onyx and a new... strange, beautiful purple stone that I am yet to discover in the natural wild; by discovery I will name it 'dragonstone' after it's perfect mother.

I am content. I am... proud?

Log 14

Kerapac is void of all emotion. Father came down here after not speaking to me for years, invading my private laboratory, wreaking all forms of havoc burning what he could out of a fit of what I deemed on par with Necrosyrtes rage. Sterilisation he called it, I call it a callous attempt to supress[sic] my fate.

Is he falling into insanity? His dragons are his narcissistic scheming's not the children I have learnt them to be. He does not realise that our dragons are beings of emotion, they are not solitude beings like him. He is as warped as the floors he locks himself away in. He has seen my babe and seen what potential she and her children have.

He demanded a clutch of her eggs and to take her away from me. He will dissect and learn from her to manipulate and create more of her kind, he was amazed at the sexless properties she has; he can see that she is unique... why won't he let her live?

'They are thralls Vicendithas, a means to an end. Without us they are powerless! They are unintelligent... they are nothing!' he repeated this over and over.

Before he left, he looked at me in the eyes. My mouth turns sour for the bitterness I feel towards him. He said to me as he left 'You are my first born Vicendithas, yet still act and think like a child! You disappoint me yet again; I knew you would never accomplish anything I would be proud of... there 'things' are not your children! They are just creations.'

The laboratory still smokes from the flames he scorned at me. He has given me until tomorrow to hand her over before he returns with his entourage to take her by force and claim his newest 'prize.'


He will not claim my colony; he will not claim my creations. I will not allow him to take the only family I have ever known from me. I will be the father to them that he never was to me, I will protect them like he only over protects himself.

Log 15

My Final Entry:

I have moved the hatchlings to an ancient cavern located in a precious stone mine to the south west of here; they are deep below the ground so they should not be found by him.

But my child, my perfect first born I have taken her with me. Only I know where I have taken her.

I will not allow Kerapac to find her...

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