Vial of stench (a) (A Guild of Our Own)

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This article is about the item used during the caper. For the reward, see Vial of stench (a).
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Vial of stench (a) is an inconsumable potion that is used during the caper A Guild of Our Own. It is created by having Chief Thief Robin in the Thieves’ Guild cast a spell on a vial of stench to activate it. It is used in the caper to distract the people in the Guild Registry from being able to identify the player. Players may only have one vial of stench (a) at a time, but can be remade at any time if it is lost.

After the quest the vial of stench can be activated a second time by Chief Thief Robin. This second activation will create the vial of stench (a), which has additional abilities. The extra activation provides the ability to steal from stalls and then immediately sell the stolen goods to the stall owners.

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