Vermundi's Clothes Stall

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Vermundi's Clothes Stall is a clothes shop that sells dwarven clothing, which will appear much smaller than normal sized clothing on the player. It is run by Vermundi. It is located in the south of the eastern ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of the Consortium building.

The shopkeeper, Vermundi, has a part in The Giant Dwarf quest, where she is tasked to make clothes "fit for a king".

The nearby Clothes stall has a "Steal from" option, but choosing to do this pops up a message telling that you don't find anything that you would steal.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Skirt (brown).png: Vermundi's Clothes Stall sells 10 of Skirt (brown) for 455 and buys them for 136Skirt (brown)10455Coins 250.png136Coins 100.png667Coins 250.png2,120Coins 1000.png
Trousers (brown).png: Vermundi's Clothes Stall sells 10 of Trousers (brown) for 715 and buys them for 214Trousers (brown)10715Coins 250.png214Coins 100.png898Coins 250.png1,830Coins 1000.png
Shorts (brown).png: Vermundi's Clothes Stall sells 10 of Shorts (brown) for 364 and buys them for 109Shorts (brown)10364Coins 250.png109Coins 100.png2,013Coins 1000.png16,490Coins 10000.png
Woven top (brown).png: Vermundi's Clothes Stall sells 10 of Woven top (brown) for 650 and buys them for 195Woven top (brown)10650Coins 250.png195Coins 100.png711Coins 250.png610Coins 250.png
Shirt (brown).png: Vermundi's Clothes Stall sells 10 of Shirt (brown) for 585 and buys them for 175Shirt (brown)10585Coins 250.png175Coins 100.png957Coins 250.png3,720Coins 1000.png
Silk.png: Vermundi's Clothes Stall sells 10 of Silk for 55 and buys them for 16Silk1055Coins 25.png16Coins 5.png351Coins 250.png2,960Coins 1000.png