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Vegetable stalls are stalls that may be stolen from at level 2 Thieving. Thieving from these stalls in Miscellania will reduce the player's approval rating if they are managing the kingdom. Successfully stealing loot provides raw potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, garlic, and onions, and it gives 10 Thieving experience.

It is also possible to trade with the greengrocer at the Miscellanian stall to buy the items instead.

The easiest vegetable stall to steal from is in Taverley, north-west of the summoning tutor along the side of the road. If standing behind the stall, no vendors or guards will be able to see the player. The stall in Taverley is also the only stall that is accessible by free-to-play players.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Cabbage.png: Vegetable stall sells 10 of Cabbage for 1 and buys them for 0Cabbage101Coins 1.png0Coins 1.png833Coins 250.png8,320Coins 1000.png
Raw potato.png: Vegetable stall sells 10 of Raw potato for 16 and buys them for 0Raw potato1016Coins 5.png0Coins 1.png786Coins 250.png7,700Coins 1000.png
Onion.png: Vegetable stall sells 10 of Onion for 12 and buys them for 0Onion1012Coins 5.png0Coins 1.png721Coins 250.png7,090Coins 1000.png
Tomato.png: Vegetable stall sells 10 of Tomato for 14 and buys them for 0Tomato1014Coins 5.png0Coins 1.png864Coins 250.png8,500Coins 1000.png
Garlic.png: Vegetable stall sells 10 of Garlic for 3 and buys them for 0Garlic103Coins 3.png0Coins 1.png485Coins 250.png4,820Coins 1000.png

Thieving rewards[edit | edit source]

Item Members Quantity Rarity GE price High alch value
Raw potato.png: RS3 Vegetable stall drops Raw potato with rarity Unknown in quantity 1Raw potatoF2P icon.png1Unknown7869
Tomato.png: RS3 Vegetable stall drops Tomato with rarity Unknown in quantity 1TomatoF2P icon.png1Unknown8648
Onion.png: RS3 Vegetable stall drops Onion with rarity Unknown in quantity 1OnionF2P icon.png1Unknown7217
Cabbage.png: RS3 Vegetable stall drops Cabbage with rarity Unknown in quantity 1CabbageF2P icon.png1Unknown8330
Garlic.png: RS3 Vegetable stall drops Garlic with rarity Unknown in quantity 1GarlicF2P icon.png1Unknown4851