Varrock teleport (item)

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Varrock teleport detail.png
A player breaking a Varrock Teleport tablet

The Varrock teleport tablet is an item that can be used by any member to teleport to Varrock. Players can create this item on any lectern as long as they have 1 Law rune, 3 Air runes, 1 Fire rune, and 1 Soft clay and at least level 25 Magic. This tablet can be made regardless of the player's current spell book.

The player does not need to have the relevant magic level to use the tablet, which shares the same rule with all tablets and the player will not receive any experience, although making the teleport tablet does give 35 experience in magic.

After completing Evil Dave's Big Day Out, this tablet can be modified to teleport the player to the Varrock Museum instead. This requires using Dave's spellbook on the tablet, turning it into a 'Chipped' Varrock teleport.

Cost[edit | edit source]

3Air rune.png1Law rune.png1Fire rune.png1Soft clay.png1,067
Combo runes
1Law rune.png1Fire rune.png1Soft clay.png3Dust rune.png4,370
3Air rune.png1Law rune.png1Soft clay.png1Lava rune.png1,767
1Law rune.png1Soft clay.png3Smoke rune.png3,561
3Air rune.png1Law rune.png1Soft clay.png1Steam rune.png1,789
1Law rune.png1Fire rune.png1Soft clay.png3Mist rune.png3,992
1Law rune.png1Fire rune.png1Soft clay.pngStaff of air.png908
3Air rune.png1Law rune.png1Soft clay.pngStaff of fire.png984
3Air rune.png1Law rune.png1Soft clay.pngSteam battlestaff.png984
1Law rune.png1Soft clay.pngElemental battlestaff.png825
3Air rune.png0.9Law rune.png1Fire rune.png1Soft clay.pngLaw staff.png1,026
3Air rune.png1Law rune.png1Soft clay.pngMystical staff (75).png984
3Air rune.png1Law rune.png1Soft clay.pngLava battlestaff.png984
1Law rune.png1Fire rune.png1Soft clay.pngAvernic wand.pngTome of frost.png908

Creation[edit | edit source]

Varrock teleport (item).png Varrock teleport (item)
Magic-Hourglass.pngMake-X GE icon.png
35 XP-?2,727
Magic Magic level25
P2P icon.png Members only
Soft clay.pngSoft clay1415415
Law rune.pngLaw rune1410410
Air rune.pngAir rune353159
Fire rune.pngFire rune18383
Total price1,067

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

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