Quick guide for Varrock achievements

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Easy[edit | edit source]

Items needed
Quests required
  • The Dig Site (Not necessary, but makes it easier to obtain Kudos)
Skills required

Medium[edit | edit source]

Items needed
Quests required
Skills required

Hard[edit | edit source]

Items needed
Quests required
  • Family Crest
  • Desert Treasure
  • You will also need 153 Kudos in the Varrock museum to complete these achievements. You can get these by completing quests as well as doing certain activities in the museum.
Skills required
  • 67 Construction Construction (R) (Other players' lecterns may be used, in which case only 40 construction is required)

Elite[edit | edit source]

Items needed
Quests required
Skills required

Easy achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Start in Edgeville bank.
  • Withdraw all required items (seen above).
  • Enter Edgeville Dungeon. Exit again.
  • Head South to Barbarian Village.
  • Enter the Stronghold of Security (might as well head to the very bottom while you're here).
  • Make a bowl in the crafting hut.
  • Catch a trout in the river to the east of the village.
  • Head south-east.
  • Mine some Iron Ore at the mining spot south-west of Varrock.
  • Head south-east past the wheat field and jump the fence.
  • Head back north into Varrock.
  • Find a stray dog to feed a bone.
  • Go to Aubury's Rune Shop, teleport to the rune essence mine (exit again).
  • Speak to Thessalia to change your outfit.
  • Talk to Benny in Varrock Square, buy a Newspaper.
  • Climb to the top of Varrock Palace (north-west tower).
  • East outside of palace, climb down into the sewers, travel through until the spider webs and pass through them.
  • Go to the Varrock Estate agent and change your house location.
  • Go upstairs in church & have Elsie tell you a story.
  • South, inside the Varrock Museum, speak to Haig Halen.
  • Go out the East gate of Varrock and head towards the Lumber Yard.
  • Enter the Earth Altar (exit).
  • Turn logs into plank at sawmill operator.
  • Break into the Lumber Yard through west fence and chop down a tree. Break out.
  • Head east to Silvarea mining site (can use Invitation Box) for quick teleport and mine some Limestone.
  • Home teleport to Varrock, run south-east down the road to Rat Burgiss to receive reward.

Medium achievements[edit | edit source]

Items needed: 105 coins, any pet cat, Limpwurt root, Ring of charos (a), Dramen staff or lunar staff (if A Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift is not finished), red spider eggs (can be obtained during the achievements), rat pole (if Rat Catchers has been started)
  • Enter the sewer north-east of the Varrock town square.
  • Begin the Rat Catchers quest if you have not done so; if you have, bring your rat pole.
  • Wield the rat pole and catch 6 rats. Rats will not be added to the pole if it is in your inventory.
    • If Rat Catchers has been completed, this achievement may already be done.
  • Continue catching rats until your cat has caught 100 total.
  • Travel through the sewers and past the spider web to pick up some red spider eggs (if this was not done during the Easy achievements).
  • Teleport to the Varrock lodestone.
  • Go north-west to the Apothecary and have him make a strength potion.
  • Go west of Varrock to Gertrude's house.
  • Talk to Gertrude to let her know your cat has caught 100 rats. She will give you a cat training medal.
  • Dispose of your cat (banking does not work - either store it in a menagerie, sell it in East Ardougne, or dismiss it with the Shoo-away option).
  • Wear the Ring of charos (a) and ask Gertrude for a new cat. 'Charm' her into letting you pick the colour.
    • If you do not wear the Ring of charos (a), you will get a random colour kitten and will not complete the achievement. Use the Shoo-away option to dismiss it and try again.
  • Go west to the Barbarian Village and enter the Stronghold of Security.
  • Descend through all four levels of the Stronghold and claim the rewards from each level.
  • Perform the four emotes from the Stronghold of Security (Idea, Stomp, Flap, and Slap Head).
  • Teleport to the Edgeville Lodestone.
  • Go just north to Oziach and browse his shop.
  • Use the Edgeville bank to prepare for the next section.
Items needed: 30,000 coins, Earth talisman (Earth tiara or wicked hood will not work), tiara, Dig Site pendant, Dramen staff or lunar staff (if A Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift is not finished, 20 mahogany logs
  • Go south of the Edgeville bank and get a slayer assignment from Vannaka.
  • Go north-east across the bridge and then south to the fairy ring.
  • Use the fairy ring to travel to any other destination, and then return using code DKR.
  • Use the agility shortcut just north-east to enter the Grand Exchange.
  • Go to the north-east corner of the Grand Exchange and use the spirit tree to travel to any destination.
  • Teleport to the Varrock Dig Site using a Dig Site pendant.
  • Go north-west and enter the A Soul's Bane rift, then leave again.
  • Continue north and enter the Earth altar and use a tiara on the Earth altar (this step can be skipped if it was done during the Easy achievements).
  • Exit the Earth altar and continue north to the Lumber Yard.
  • Make planks at the sawmill operator, being sure to select 'make all' under the mahogany options.
  • Go west past the Blue Moon Inn and use the dig site bank chest to prepare for the next section.
Items needed: chaos talisman or other access to the Chaos altar, 3 air runes, 1 fire rune, 1 law rune
  • Go east past the Blue Moon Inn and use the balloon to travel to any other destination, then return (chop nearby trees for logs if you do not have enough charges stored)
  • Go south to the Tunnel of Chaos entrance (large statue with benches next to it).
  • Excavate the entrance and go inside.
  • Go to the far north-west end of the tunnel and enter the portal.
  • Use the Varrock Teleport spell.
  • Go north to the Varrock Castle courtyard and pickpocket a guard.
  • Pick a fruit from the white tree in the palace garden.
  • Go to Reldo in the palace library to claim your reward.

Hard achievements[edit | edit source]

Items needed: 15,800 coins, poison ivy seed (if a bush is not already planted), family gauntlets (if you still have them), chef's hat or Cooking cape, skull sceptre, wild pie, 2 adamant bars (in the metal bank works), 2 dashing kebbit furs, air orb, battlestaff, soft clay, 1 fire rune, 1 law rune

Before starting:

Begin in your or a friend's player-owned house that has a mahogany lectern (eagle and demon lecterns both work).