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There are eight archaeologists (seven concurrently) working in the Varrock Museum, six of which can be found on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US], and the other two (Orlando Smith, succeeded by Mark Brodie after The World Wakes) can be found in the basement.

Of the six on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US], two can be spoken to in free-to-play: Marius Giste and Barnabus Hurma. The other four can be seen inside a roped-off area, but only spoken to on a member server: Caden Azro, Thias Leacke, Sinco Doar, and Tinse Torpe.

They are all working on a specimen table and can provide you with information on the Dahmaroc statue. All of them can hand you a collection bag although only Marius Giste and Barnabus Hurma have a right-click option to do so.

Only the archaeologists inside the roped-off area will accept the items you obtain from cleaning an uncleaned find.

Barnabus Hurma Caden Azro Marius Giste Sinco Doar Thias Leacke Tinse Torpe
Barnabus Hurma chathead.png Caden Azro chathead.png Marius Giste chathead.png Sinco Doar chathead.png Thias Leacke chathead.png Tinse Torpe chathead.png

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