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Valluta's domain is an underground temple home to the Guardian of Guthix Valluta, who was placed there by Guthix at the end of the God Wars in order to protect a large portal that serves as a permanent weakness, or "closeness", between Gielinor and the Void, created by Guthix cutting too deep with the elder sword. Valluta is charged with preventing the Void and Gielinor from coming into conjunction.[1]

Although it is known to be underground, the temple's exact location is unknown. During The Void Stares Back, Melville Grayzag creates a portal to it from a room in the Black Knights' Base in Taverley Dungeon. Otherwise, the temple seems to have no real entrance, with both of its known rooms being completely sealed, with a single door - decorated with Void Knight symbols - connecting them. The first room - which contains Grayzag's portal - is simply a large hallway with a tiled floor that leads into the much larger main chamber, in which Valluta and the portal reside.

Due to Valluta, the portal is normally unusable, but Melville is able to weaken her significantly and allow the Pest Queen to emerge through it. Although the Queen is able to be defeated thanks to an army of knights and an adventurer, Grayzag's damage was dealt, and the weakness in the temple was enlarged, possibly allowing more pests for through it unassisted, although in that eventuality, Valluta is still able to defend against them with her might.

The temple cannot be accessed after the quest.

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