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The Vacu were a group of legendary human priests enslaved by demons in the distant past.

According to Gujuo, ancient Karamjan history claims that the Vacu began as priests who summoned the spirits of their ancestors. But at some point, instead of summoning their ancestors, they accidentally summoned and were enslaved by "evil spirits from the underworld".[1] These spirits are strongly implied to have been demons.[2] Even long after the Vacu summoned them, the spirits were believed to linger in the caves under the Kharazi jungle.[3]

Gujuo himself doubts the Vacu ever existed, believing they may have been invented to scare children.[1] The shaman Ungadulu, however, relived the legend. Years ago,[4] he attempted to summon the spirits of his ancestors,[5] but was instead possessed by the demon Nezikchened. During Legends' Quest, the Player frees Ungadulu and battles Nezikchened, who consistently addresses them as Vacu.

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. ^ Gujuo does not use the term "demon" when speaking about the Vacu's masters. He only ever refers to "spirits of the underworld". The fact that they were demons is indicated by Ungadulu similarly referring to Nezikchened, a demon, as a "spirit of the underworld"; Nezikchened's examine identifying him as a "demon of the underworld"; and the fact that Nezikchened employs the term Vacu.
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