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Ushabti are containers used to trap the souls of Slayer monsters used to fill the Slayer Codex. A small number (25-50) are initially handed out by Faiza depending on Slayer level. Additional ushabti can be purchased from Slayer Masters for 20 slayer points each, and are a possible reward from the Rush of Blood D&D, the Motherlode Maw and by exchanging crystal motherlode shards with Wythien.

An ushabti can be upgraded into a cursed ushabti by combining it with cursed amascut sand.

Faiza gives out a total of 50 ushabti for free, split up in to: 25 for entering the pyramid (i.e. for having level 99 Slayer), 1 at each level above 99, and an additional 4 at level 120. Whenever Faiza is talked to, she will give you as many as you are owed before proceeding with normal dialogue - you are not penalised for claiming ushabti below level 120 Slayer. For example, if you first enter the pyramid at level 104 Slayer, Faiza gives you 30 ushabti; if you next speak to her at level 107 Slayer, she will give you 3 ushabti; and if you next speak to her at level 120 Slayer, she will give you the 17 remaining ushabti.

Placing the filled ushabti in either the Chest of Souls or in a room of the player-owned Slayer dungeon counts as registering the monster's soul in the Slayer Codex.

The filled ushabti can be placed in the Chest of Souls in the Sunken Pyramid in exchange for Slayer experience. The first soul of a creature placed in the chest awards the full Slayer experience and 250 Menaphos reputation in the active district (and will fill the monster's spot in the Slayer Codex), with each additional soul awarding 25% of the experience only. Turning in all 160 souls at least once will give a total of 1,786,125‬ Slayer experience and 40,000 reputation. All souls for a particular monster are placed in the chest at once.

Alternately, any filled ushabti can be used in the Sunken Pyramid's dungeon hotspots (in building mode) to spawn a copy of the creature which will respawn until removed. Placing the ushabti in the dungeon awards the same experience as adding a second (and on) soul of the same type to the Chest of Souls (25% of the initial value), and will fill the Slayer Codex. Creatures within the dungeon are the souls of creatures killed elsewhere, and thus cannot be trapped in an ushabti.

If players place a soul in the chest, they will be unable to place it to the dungeon unless the player gets a second soul. If there is only one ushabti in the inventory, no free inventory slot is needed.

Chance of capturing a soul[edit | edit source]

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The chance of capturing a soul can be calculated as such:[1]


After each step, truncate the resulting number (remove any decimal places).

  1. Calculate the base target from the difference between the player's Slayer level (base level, ignore boosts) and the monster's Slayer level:
    • If the player's Slayer level is lower than the monster's Slayer level, set target to 1,000.
    • Otherwise, set target to - i.e. square the difference, then multiply by 5.
    • Note that some monsters (primarily those with no Slayer level required to damage) have a faux Slayer level applied for the purpose of calculating ushabti capture chance. These levels are listed on Slayer Codex, and are provided in the calculator below.
  2. If the monster is the player's current Slayer assignment OR the player has 120 Slayer:
  3. If the monster is not the player's current Slayer assignment AND the player does not have 120 Slayer, halve target, capping it at a minimum of 1,000 (i.e. set target to ).
  4. If the player is using a cursed ushabti, multiply target by 1.5.
  5. Any additional boosts, such as the 10% Summer Escape boost, are added here (multiply target by 1.1).
  6. Finally, roll an integer between 0 and 500,000. If roll is below target, the soul is captured.
    • This effectively makes target the numerator of a fraction where 500,000 is the denominator.

Alternatively, purely mathematically:

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 4 December 2017 (Update):
    • The capture chance bonus at 200 million Slayer XP is changed to trigger at level 120 Slayer instead, or 104,273,167 XP. There is no bonus at 200 million anymore.
  • patch 31 July 2017 (Update):
    • Emptying an ushabti when carrying multiple now correctly empties the one selected, rather than the first ushabti in the player's backpack.
  • patch 17 July 2017 (Update):
    • Individual ushabti that contain a soul can now have the soul emptied via a 'Release' option.
  • patch 3 July 2017 (Update):
    • There is now an increased chance to receive a creature's soul if the player has 200 million Slayer XP.
    • A three-second delay has been added between catching souls for the Slayer Codex.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ushabti are figurines that were placed in ancient Egyptian tombs to act as servants in the afterlife.

References[edit | edit source]

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