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Welcome[edit source]

Welcome to my page, according to the fact i'am french, feel free to correct my english fault.

Re: Bot's update list ?[edit source]

Welcome back. Smile

In answer to your question, the bot looks at all uses of the template, so there is no other list that needs updating. As you can see, the bot is already updating your Hiscore Data and AdvLog Data pages. Smile

The only list the bot maintains is a list of Bad players, which are ones that valid data cannot be obtained for.

Amaurice talk 18:04, October 17, 2012 (UTC)

I noticed you have a "AdvLog Data" and a "Advlog Data" sub-pages. The first is update by the bot and the second one is the one you created. Maybe you meant them to be the same! The bot updated one is in "list" format, so you could change it to "table" format to match the page you manually created. Amaurice talk 18:13, October 17, 2012 (UTC)
The bot uses the MediaWiki API to access the Wiki pages (help). This API has does have the ability to get a list of pages that link to a specified page (e.g. the template). However, the bot is able to use a more efficient method by using the API to dynamically substitute (like "preview") the following "Dynamic Page List" (Manual):
 | uses = Template:Hiscore autoupdate
 | namespace = User
 | offset = 0
 | count = 500
 | include = {Hiscore autoupdate}:page:player:interval:history
 | table = class=wikitable,,page,player,interval,history
 | tablerow = %%,%%,%%,%%
You can copy the markup into a sandbox (can just preview without saving) so see that a table is returned of all the matching pages and the chosen parameters extracted. The bot then just parses the returned "table" (ignoring the bad entries) for all the information it needs. If you are interested in the Java code, I do keep the User:AmauriceBot/Source_code up to date. Smile Amaurice talk 18:52, October 18, 2012 (UTC)