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Re:DEU[edit source]

Feel free to add it, I'm not sure where. Sorry I fail at coding =9 ʞooɔ 08:26, August 6, 2010 (UTC)

Broken signatures[edit source]

Hi, please respond to something again. I think it is now working :P ajr 03:06, August 7, 2010 (UTC)

Eh, no. Ryan PM 03:07, August 7, 2010 (UTC)
It may be. And lrn2monaco. @@@@ ajr 03:16, August 7, 2010 (UTC)
Sign again please (sorry) ajr 03:20, August 7, 2010 (UTC)

Your Userpage[edit source]

OMG! Nice userpage! It was really interesting to see the detail put into it.

I also use a Mulit-monitor setup from time to time. My secondary screen is for the Widescreen type (WSXGA), and so the dimensions are 1440 x 900. Useful for seeing the larger aspect of Runescape =D.

File:PenguinHD fmv.pngYingpinguTalk Contribs #File:Mining spot map icon.png 12:44, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

P.s. Was that a Pokémon episode I saw in that setup picture of yours? (namely the episode "To Master the Onixpected!" from the original series, AKA the Indigo League series)

R.E. Your Ebil.... I mean Epic Userpage[edit source]

Well I have been watching the original series this year and have started to watch the Orange Islands as well. I reconised that episode because of Bruno, one of the Kanto Elite Four.

About the color: One ranked Wikian (I forgot who, but it might have been RayOxide) told me to edit your color page to be put into the relevent article. I edited the Hex Color for Overload Black so it was different to Abyssal Black (there is a slight difference between the two), and added white coloring for the appropriate colors.

Your friendly Wikian Penguin of Ebilness - File:PenguinHD fmv.pngYingpinguTalk Contribs #File:Mining spot map icon.png 19:23, August 27, 2010 (UTC)

Monobook[edit source]

PM&curid=95751&diff=3119209&oldid=3111028 I lol'd --Iiii I I I 23:24, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

[edit source]

Tyvm! Custom font: I simply "created" it from official logo. Like K was made based in R. Felipe B Rs contribs talk 01:45, August 29, 2010 (UTC)

Userbox[edit source]

Glyph_G-1.jpg Этот потребитель русский научный работник края.

Thought you would like :P Twig Talk 772kZGs.png 05:56, August 30, 2010 (UTC)

Your fix on: Fox Mask.[edit source]

Why did you change around the page on "Fox Mask"? I had it all the right way, the animation, and all the format until you edited it. What the hell man.  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

RE:Comments takeover articles[edit source]

Do you have an example wiki of this as i've gone to a few and have not seen this. Full Slayer Helmet! Evil1888 Talk A's L Dragon Platebody!

Scratch that, the main page doesn't have it, but the other pages do... I am not a fan... Full Slayer Helmet! Evil1888 Talk A's L Dragon Platebody! 05:24, September 6, 2010 (UTC)
Seems to still be there but you have to work around to get to it, like linking or searching. Artcle: [[w:c:pyro:Building]] Talk: [[w:c:pyro:Talk:Building]]. Full Slayer Helmet! Evil1888 Talk A's L Dragon Platebody! 05:27, September 6, 2010 (UTC)

Dear god that is so awful it defies explanation. It makes me lose my faith in god and any semblance of a harmonious world. Now I see nothing but darkness and chaos, like I've been thrust into the middle of a thundering storm cloud. K so maybe its not that bad but its till pretty stupid. 90% of talk page crap that's posted is irrelevant "how i mien 4 fish lol" that we'll have no choice but to delete, if this is the way its going to be shown. kitty.pngPsycho Robot talkSilver bar.png 05:31, September 6, 2010 (UTC)

User:Ryan PM/oasis.css[edit source]

If Oasis isn't out yet, how do you know what to fix? --Iiii I I I 18:59, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

Oh. I've gotten an e-mail that says I've been accepted as a beta tester, but I haven't been given the right yet. :\ --Iiii I I I 19:28, September 9, 2010 (UTC)
sadface :( --Iiii I I I 20:12, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

rofl[edit source]

It seems as though I am some type of celebrity, and you are some type of paparazzi. I don't mind it, though I do find it funny that you would hold onto a pic like that. Was your intent to use it against me in this sort of discussion? Third age robe top.png 3rd age farcaster Third age druidic robe top.png 21:22, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Do I claim to be professional? Good question. I try not to mess around much, keep thing serious unless it seems like its perfectly ok not to. As for that picture, I do not often spam the forums, as you can tell by the fact that I am not banned. The reason that day was an exception, is because as I'm sure you remember, future updates was removed. I had a large interest in a specific thread as well as the forum in general, and had been on it for over a 2 years, not sure how long at that time. Basically, after that update, I had no reason to stay on forums. Thus, I would think you could understand my annoyance with jagex when they took all my (and the rest of us's) hard-work in a decision that seemed as though it was made in a few minutes at most. I also had tried to contact jagex "nicely" however the forums were so active that any thread, spam or not, was bumped down fast. Due to the fact that most pmods were not doing their jobs in protest, spamming and swearing were a quick way to get a jmod's attention, and make your opinion heard. Friends were also doing it. Do I regret doing it? Not really. Given the situation, I was no worse then everyone else, and I would say I was justified as well as provoked by jagex. Would I say it reflects badly on me? Yes, if you view it out of context. Third age robe top.png 3rd age farcaster Third age druidic robe top.png 22:19, September 10, 2010 (UTC)

Re: Fox Mask[edit source]

You know what the funny thing is? I never did add the box, stating any of the stat bonuses and special attacks. I added all the stuff needed, the user interface showing a male character wearing the fox mask and nothing more. Then I changed my character's gender, remade the girl picture and made it as a PNG. Also the male was an animation. The current stuff on there now was edited by some random people. They need to cut it out. So before you assume what I have done to the page, investigate it first please :)

Sorry[edit source]

When you posted that image of 3AF's unprofessional ASCII art, I expected a heated, off-topic discussion of a personal nature to erupt due to misunderstanding, personal issues, or something like that. Since I have an opinion in the DBAD-removal proposal, I didn't want to see it receive the type of swift closure of other threads that are hijacked with personal issues, so I posted a curt comment that I hoped would prevent such a closure. Whether I prevented a misunderstanding or whether I underestimated the maturity of our community probably isn't something I'll ever find out, but I hope you didn't take my comment too harshly. Leftiness 16:16, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

File:Level 99 Fireworks.ogg[edit source]

how do you record sound so clear? i searched for sound recorders, and i only found one with very unclear sound. Do you use a downloaded program? if so, what program? and is it free to download? Thanks already for answering. JOEYTJE50TALKpull my finger 19:05, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

Thanks very much! JOEYTJE50TALKpull my finger 21:04, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

Re:Would you[edit source]

Done. =D --Iiii I I I 23:49, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

Wikia.css[edit source]

Did it work? O-O svco4bY.png3Gf5N2F.png 22:17, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

I moved it, and I'm not experiencing the lag, maybe try clearing your cache? (if you haven't already which would kind of shock me ) svco4bY.png3Gf5N2F.png 22:25, September 29, 2010 (UTC)
How can you stand Monobook? D: svco4bY.png3Gf5N2F.png 22:40, September 29, 2010 (UTC)
Oooh, that makes sense. It just looks so small to me ^^ svco4bY.png3Gf5N2F.png 22:45, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

Why I hate Oasis[edit source]

User:Scimitar77 asked for a summary of everything I dislike about Oasis, so I wrote an open letter to Wikia that will be gone within a few minutes due to the volume of comments on the blog post. Because of this, I am going to post it on the talk page of a few users as to make writing it worth the lost sleep.

I honestly can't believe that Wikia is doing this. Consider that the people that use the site, the same people who determine whether or not Wikia makes money, are actively protesting this terrible layout. Please explain why we need two columns of unused space to the sides of the screen, and then another unused column for the unsightly image attribution box, overly complex recent updates box, and an absolutely unencyclopedic popular blog posts widget that I am seeing for the first time on this page. If this was Facebook, I would not have a problem with this layout, but I am here to find information. Additionally, this is effectively stripping all wikis of their individuality. What was once a logo is now a simple phrase below the only resemblance of a logo on the page: the word "Wikia". Furthermore, you have disabled us from being able to remove some of the less desirable additions to the site via MediaWiki files. I admit that some, like the Lifestyle wikis, may benefit from this layout. This is not the case for Wikia Gaming, which I predict will whither and die from being so effectively branded like a cow. I understand demanding Monaco back is an irrational request at this point, but I ask you revert to the previous version of the Terms of Use. Wiki communities know what is best for their site, and a one-size-fits-all system is not that.

The most pointless addition here is the image attribution below each image. When I first saw the calendar image on this page, my eyes were instantly drawn to the subtitle “Added by Sannse.” I don’t care who uploaded it. This will ultimately plaster the names of active image contributors all over the mainspace, creating a sense of superiority that is completely unwiki-like. There’s also the chance that I have mistaken this for a subtitle you added yourself, but I gave up looking for the view source button (another issue I am having with Oasis, you can’t always find everything). There is one final problem I am going to mention; there is no emphasis on content here. The new skin puts emphasis on the following in descending order: Wikia, the individual, the community, and the content. Notice that this is the exact opposite of the way things are supposed to be. The exact opposite. Because Wikia’s original quality of customer service was so great, I forgave all the terrible updates you have thrown at us over the years. You have finally ignored us to the point that I cannot forgive these updates anymore, and this fundamental transformation of what Wikia originally stood for is unforgivable.

It's not my best work, but it's good enough.

Xmas07 presents.gifStelercusSanta hat detail.png 01:41, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

Renamed[edit source]

Since you've been renamed, can I delete redirects without links to them that DaNASCAT left behind? --Iiii I I I 16:54, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

Did that fix the skin? --Iiii I I I 18:42, October 1, 2010 (UTC)
Done. I left your monaco/monobook .css and .js stuff, in case you still want it --Iiii I I I 18:59, October 1, 2010 (UTC)
Turns out a black square in Nightgunner's signature was triggering the spam filter on Talk:Evil Tree. :O --Iiii I I I 19:23, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

Noratelimit[edit source]

I actually don't know. I don't think it was part of the proposal, so I didn't consider it, especially since it's not that big of a deal. If you want to change that, however, feel free to start a YG thread. I'm pretty sure that it will pass now that we have a maintenance group. --LiquidTalk 02:44, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

Bot editing Yew grove threads[edit source]

Hi, um i think we have something against editing non-archived threads. Its because i saw this conversation here - [Pharos] 03:23, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

Oic, it was your sig. Well i guess it dosent rly matter. Dammit >_< it was perfect before - [Pharos] 03:41, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

Sure you do[edit source]

IKR. That stuff looks too complicated for me to delve into, I'm a code-illiterate. Finally, if it works, I'm happy. I can't be bothered with making it as simple as possible unless it'll lag me. 222 talk 04:34, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

RyanBot failed.[edit source]

Just sayin'. --Coolnesse 19:48, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

Similar setup...[edit source]

I've got my system set up with dual monitors so I can watch web-based TV too (32" HDTV as a secondary).

I can only assume that you are a Fullmetal Alchemist fan :)

May I suggest Scrapped Princess as another series worth watching?

  • Dragons - Check.
  • Lasers - Check.
  • Magic and impossible ninja agility - Check.

I easily rate this at the #1 best anime series I have seen followed closely by either of the FMA adaptations. The animation quality is second to none. The plot twists and turns with a suitably climactic ending, and is a lot like the Sixth Sense in that when you are watching it for a second time you can see little things that are so obvious when you know the secrets but you missed the first time round. (Don't read any spoilers at all, it wrecks half the enjoyment of the series :P )

Obsidian charm.png Magma2050 T C E Obsidian charm.png 21:11, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

Audio files[edit source]

I think you know a good amount about audio files and copyrights and what have you. User:Ikin has been uploading some .mid files. I can't get a single one to play any with vlc. Can you take a look at them and tell me if they are playable and if they are not fair use? Full Slayer Helmet! Evil1888 Talk A's L Dragon Platebody! 22:14, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

=O, thanks. Full Slayer Helmet! Evil1888 Talk A's L Dragon Platebody! 22:31, October 7, 2010 (UTC)

I learned a trick[edit source]

... That you might possibly kind of find useful. Assuming you want to, putting <span class="plainlinks">External link stuff</span> in your signature will remove the little blue arrow next to FUNimation; I felt like sharing. Leftiness 19:20, October 9, 2010 (UTC)

Leggings and Recording[edit source]

In the page Korasi's sword, you have two animations of you using the special attack, i was wondering if you could tell me 1. what program did you use to capture the video of you doing the special attack. 2. what leggings and boots are you wearing in both the animations of you wielding the sword.


File uploads[edit source]

"User:Ikin appears to be uploading all of the old (and I do mean old) audio files that were once stored on your computer back in 2006.",

If you could be on the IRC you would know that, that is the new files (and I do mean new) if you would have looked I uploaded songs from this year.  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ikin (talk).

I don't use IRC. Ryan PM 14:50, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

Gavel[edit source]

I got the gavel by exploiting some bugs with the court cases thing. My friend told me how as well and i bet only 2 people in rs have the gavel. It was not possible until 2011 but it is with bugs.  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Darkside1222 (talk).

RE:Wiki-navigation[edit source]

I'm happy to change it back, though Degen changed a few other things around, so you best talk to him now that my changes appear to be irrelevant. Xmas07 presents.gifStelercusSanta hat detail.png 18:30, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

RE:CSS[edit source]

Thanks for the help! I won't be using Firebug, I don't use Firefox. And also, you don't have to worry about the nav-bar for the moment, I'll wait a few months until Wikia (possibly) adds it, however if you still want to do it, tell me. Thanks again! 222 talk 05:05, November 10, 2010 (UTC)

JS issues[edit source]

The links on the Wikia Header you made for me aren't working, would you mind taking a look? 222 talk 08:20, November 18, 2010 (UTC)

Help with JS[edit source]

Hai, I heard you are the expert about JS, so i'd like to ask you something. That is: Why doesn't this work? When transcluding something like {{User:Joeytje50/Drop logs/Joeytje50/Earth warrior|Nothing}} you do get 17.2% (1 in 6) but when entering Hammer in the JS box here you get totally nothing. Do you know what the problem is? JOEYTJE50TALKpull my finger 11:48, December 18, 2010 (UTC)

Golden hammer[edit source]

please add some of this:

The golden hammer is a wieldable Smithing hammer, and can be used anywhere a normal hammer can be used – on anvils, on a POH workbench, during quests, etc. This will free up one more inventory space for Smithing enthusiasts, making room for an extra metal bar per anvil trip. When wielded, you can also right-click on the hammer to perform two new emotes (one for each year we’ve won the Golden Joystick award).  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Janis Blekte (talk).

hammer glitch thingy[edit source]

can you please edit the picture smaller and make it so it can work with the page? Lords591 21:13, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

Questions[edit source]

Greetings. Being that we will be changing to our new theme soon, we need to start testing how this puppy is going to look on our wiki, with our images, templates, etc. Problem is, of course, I don't know of any way to change the skin for me only, and not the whole community. Being that you are the master of CSS, do you have any recommendations for meh?
Here are the skin specs:

  • Background: [[:File:Wiki-background]] (.jpeg here)
  • Background color: #CDA172
  • Button color: #483821
  • Link color: #7F571F
  • Wikia header color: #483821
  • Article background color: #F9ECC3

The final product looks like [ this]. If you have any advice, I would love to hear it! Many thanks- Aburnett(Talk) 23:57, December 26, 2010 (UTC)

Skillcape Hood[edit source]

Hey I was wondering something; does the level 120 dungeoneering skillcape have a hood that can be put up, or not? because it has a hood on the back.

UOTM[edit source]

Congrats mah bro. Good luck! ----クールネシトーク 00:01, January 2, 2011 (UTC)

Anniversary cake[edit source]

How long will the candles and cake be available?

YG pages[edit source]

Although while not entirely on subject, it would be nice to add categories for active discussions so that non-Yew Grove pages do not appear on a certain list/module of "Active discussions" for the YG.

Could you elaborate on this more? Or give me some examples?   az talk   16:54, January 8, 2011 (UTC)

Okay. I've added Category:Active threads and edited RuneScape:Community Portal accordingly. The category might have other uses in the future as well.  az talk   01:42, January 9, 2011 (UTC)