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Welcome![edit source]

Hello, Roranoa Drake II, and welcome to the RuneScape Wiki! We're happy to see new editors making contributions. Here are a few links you might find helpful:

Please remember to sign your messages on talk pages by typing four tildes (~~~~); this automatically inserts your username and the date. If you have any trouble, feel free to ask questions on the user help page, the RSW clan chat, or on Discord, where a lot of our editors hang out.

We hope you like it here and decide to stay!

Re: Discord Rail Module[edit source]

I saw your message on Ty's talk page. It looks like you've got the DiscordIntegrator script set up on One Piece Wiki, which already has an invite link to your server - if you're still interested in how ours works, the code is located at [[MediaWiki:Wikia.js/sidebar.js]] and [[MediaWiki:Custom-Common.less/WikiaRail.less]]. --Iiii I I I 08:31, June 1, 2017 (UTC)

Assuming you've copied the JavaScript to a subpage like ours, you'll still need to import it somewhere; it's not automatically loaded. [[MediaWiki:ImportJS]] is the easiest way: all you have to do is put Wikia.js/sidebar.js (if that's what the page is called) on a new line, without the MediaWiki: prefix. There are more detailed instructions [[w:Help:Including additional CSS and JS|here]] if you still need help.
As for the WikiaRail.less page, it relies on [[w:c:dev:Less|LESS]] and won't work unless you have it imported from Dev Wiki. You probably don't want to/need to do that just for the Discord module, so here's the actual CSS that should go in your MediaWiki:Wikia.css. --Iiii I I I 06:22, June 2, 2017 (UTC)