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Player: You do know Bandos is dead, right?

High Priest: What you talking about? Bandos not dead. Nothing can kill Big High War God.

Player: He fought Armadyl on Gielinor. Armadyl killed him, turning him to stone with a cannon powered by divine energy.

High Priest: I heard of Armadyl. Big Chicken God. Fought against Bandos in God Wars. He weak, he let Saradomin push him round. No way he kill Bandos. You wrong.

Player: But you can go and see what’s left of him! His head’s there near the G… near our village!

High Priest: No! You lying, or you crazy, and when Bandos hear you talking like that he kill you either way. Now stop it.  RSMartijn (talk) 15:51, January 21, 2014 (UTC)