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About the Runescaper[edit source]

Well, my screen-name is Mwyapolo, and I am currently combat lvl 88 (Not really my strength). My real strength is in quests, as I currently have 190+ quest points, and am still questing! I made a few edits here and there to the wiki before I joined, so that's what the low edit number is for. My highest skill is woodcutting at 80, but attack trails close behind with 71. I am a pretty active Runescape player, but not a good power trainer, as in training 1 skill 10 hours a day. I joined Runescape September of 2009, so I'm a fairly new member. My best friend on Runescape and in real life remains the always loyal construction-addict Miniregamono, the one who introduced me to Runescape. Ummmmm, I'm thats almost it. I love cars, my favorite being the 1996 McLaren F1 GTR, and I love playing the drums, but I'm not that good at it yet. My goal on Runescape is to be the ultimate Saradominist warrior, and therefore are in need of finances......Yup, that's about it.