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{| style="width:25%; align: left; text-align: center;" class="wikitable infobox general store"
|+ '''{{{name}}}'''
|colspan="2"|{{{image|[[Special:Upload|Please add an image!]]}}}
!nowrap="nowrap"|Shop name
| {{{Shopname|[[Varrock]] General Store}}}
!nowrap="nowrap" width="1%"| Availability?
| {{{ Avail|[[Non-members]] and [[Members]] }}}
| {{{NPC|Shop keeper, Shop assistant}}}
!nowrap="nowrap"|Special Requirements
| {{{req|None}}}
!nowrap="nowrap"|Local specialty
| {{{local|Unknown}}}
!nowrap="nowrap"|Store stock
| {{{stock|Infinite}}}

The code above will give you:

Please add an image!
Shop name Varrock General Store
Availability? Non-members and Members
NPC(s) Shop keeper, Shop assistant
Special Requirements None
Local specialty Unknown
Store stock Infinite

--Momenator70 03:35, 9 December 2007 (UTC)