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Vandalism[edit source]


Please do not remove content from or add nonsense to RuneScape Wiki pages. It is considered vandalism. If you would like to experiment, please use the sandbox. Thank you. MolMan 21:35, September 19, 2012 (UTC)

Blocked[edit source]

Information To protect the RuneScape Wiki, you have been temporarily blocked from editing. The warnings above this one will explain why you were blocked and which policies you have breached, if applicable. Your block is set to expire in 1 week. If you wish to make useful contributions, you may come back after the block expires. Please take a moment to look at the RuneScape Wiki's policies, especially those linked to by the warnings above, while you are blocked.

If you feel you were blocked unfairly, you may post on your talk page and an administrator will read your appeal and make a decision.

Additionally, please do not advertise sites that are against the Rules of RuneScape in the chat, per chat rules. If you do so again, you stand to be blocked indefinitely.  a proofreader ▸  03:21, November 22, 2012 (UTC)