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Welcome![edit source]


Hello, Middaybreeze, and welcome to the RuneScape Wiki! We're happy to see new editors making contributions. To help, here are several useful links:

If you have any trouble or need help, feel free to ask questions on our user help page. We hope you like it here and decide to stay!

Disassembly[edit source]

Hi, can you please use |disassembly = no in infobox item instead of adding the category. MolMan 19:21, March 19, 2016 (UTC)

Sure thing I'm new to editing wiki. Will try not to mess things up.

Middaybreeze (talk) 19:25, March 19, 2016 (UTC)

Hey, can you also start adding a ==Disassembly== header before the Disassembly template? MolMan 01:34, March 21, 2016 (UTC)

Yes, I saw the change in the histories difference. Also thanks for changing a few things I forgot to add or mixed up. Middaybreeze (talk) 01:39, March 21, 2016 (UTC)