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Overall HS

Provides a link to the table of a specified skill for a specified user.

{{User talk:Gaz Lloyd/Sandbox 3|display name|skill or minigame|caption|other css}}
  • All full skill names
    • defense is accepted for defence
    • runecraft is accepted for runecrafting
  • overall or total accepted for the overall table
  • Minigames as follows:
    • duel tournament or duel
    • bounty hunter or bh
    • bounty hunter rogues or bhr
    • fist of guthix or fog
    • mobilising armies, mobilizing armies or ma
    • barbarian assault attacker, attacker or baa
    • barbarian assault defender, defender or bad
    • barbarian assault collector, collector or bac
    • barbarian assault healer, healer or bah