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Gilded Armor[edit source]

Hello,Melmelcom.It has come to my attention that you signed the page Gilded armor. It's not a problem,but wikia has a policy that players don't own articles.You only sign talk and discussion pages. Please refrain from adding your user name to articles.Thats all for now! p.s.I'd give you a link to the policy,but I don't feel like it,sorry.You can find it in the policies section. --

Water Wave icon.png
Captain Sciz
TalkEditsHiscores File:Runecrafter hat.png|link=

03:43, 23 March 2009 (UTC)

Deleting discussions[edit source]

Information Hello Melmelcom, please do not delete discussions as we have a policy against it. If you would like to remove a discussion, then you may archive it. To archive a talk page, simply create a subpage titled Talk:Pagename/archive 1, or User talk:Melmelcom/archive 1 if it is your talkpage, and be sure to include a link to the archive on the talk page you archived. Thanks, Small recharge gem.png AnselaJonla Slayer-icon.png 07:08, August 26, 2012 (UTC)

Read this again. Small recharge gem.png AnselaJonla Slayer-icon.png 08:15, February 14, 2014 (UTC)

Once again[edit source]

You are not permitted to remove messages that other people have left on this page, unless you create a page titled User talk:Melmelcom/archive or similar, move the messages you are removing to there and put a clear link to that archive somewhere near the top of this page. You also do not have the right to dictate that people cannot leave messages on here; that is the purpose of this page, to leave messages for you. If you want a page that no one is allowed to edit for putting information on, use your user page, located at User:Melmelcom.

Please actually pay attention this time. Three warnings is when I start asking sysops to intervene. Small recharge gem.png AnselaJonla Slayer-icon.png 08:08, February 22, 2014 (UTC)

Once Again. STOP writing on this page.

Hiya[edit source]

I've gone ahead and archived your talk page. You can see it at [[User talk:Melmelcom/Archive 1]]. One of our policies it not to delete discussions, so I've intervened here and just archived for you so it's no longer on your talk page and no policies have been broken :). H rune.pngEagle feather 3.pngCandle (blood red).pngChompy_bird_hat_ogre_marksman.pngCrystal triskelion fragment 3.pngHazelmere's signet ring.png 09:44, February 22, 2014 (UTC)

Profile: page[edit source]

Yo, we don't have Profile: pages here. I've moved the page to your userspace (starts with User). svco4bY.png3Gf5N2F.png 03:51, February 21, 2015 (UTC)

Vandalism[edit source]

Stop shield.png

Please do not remove content from or add nonsense to RuneScape Wiki pages. It is considered vandalism. If you would like to experiment, please use the sandbox. Thank you. Small recharge gem.png AnselaJonla Slayer-icon.png 20:19, May 12, 2018 (UTC)

My bad, I meant to make Archive of it. Bronze dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Bronze daggerElven CoreRSDragon dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dragon dagger, May 12, 2018 (UTC)

Full sets[edit source]

Hey, regarding the message you left on Ansela's talkpage, we like to have full sets shown, and the bronze helm is by itself because it's not part of the armour set (according to G.E.), while the full helm is. Talk-to Kelsey 21:59, May 12, 2018 (UTC)

Talk pages[edit source]

Please read RS:TALK. Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 02:30, May 13, 2018 (UTC)

I was told a long time ago this was allowed. Bronze dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Bronze daggerElven CoreRSDragon dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dragon dagger 14:07, May 13, 2018 (UTC)

Of course you're allowed to archive (old) talk page messages, but it's counter productive to immediately archive new messages after getting them. User talk pages exist so users can discuss stuff with each other. Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 15:53, May 13, 2018 (UTC)

Transparency[edit source]

Hi, with your transparency it looks like you don't have anti-aliasing on. There is a guide on how to do transparency here; you could do with cutting more into the image subjects as well; there is some outline left around your finished images. Thanks for working on transparency, Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 15:45, May 13, 2018 (UTC)

It seems that you used the preview of the images as the base to apply transparency to, please use the original files as they result in a higher quality image overall. To access these, simply click on the preview or hit the "download" button on the file page. Regardless of these hickups, transparency work is always appreciated Srylius (talk) 16:09, May 13, 2018 (UTC)

Yes, I know how to get source files from download. I have been doing that. But anyway, how is this file? Robin Hood hat (yellow) equipped.pngBronze dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Bronze daggerElven CoreRSDragon dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dragon dagger 16:20, May 13, 2018 (UTC)

Looks much better :) Magic logs detail.pngIsobelJTalk page 16:21, May 13, 2018 (UTC)

Imgur picture[edit source]

Hey! I noticed you uploaded your image to imgur to use on your Treasure Hunting page. You can make it so the image will show rather than just the link. To do this, put "i." in front of "imgur", and added ".png" at the end of the link. The image also needs to not be in an album on imgur. For example your image would change from to I reuploaded it without it being in an album just to show you (feel free to use it). Hope this helps! Talk-to Kelsey 02:44, May 14, 2018 (UTC)

Wikian title nomination[edit source]

Hey, I've noticed you've been working very hard lately (especially on transparency). Would you like to be nominated for the wikian title? Talk-to Kelsey 02:12, May 17, 2018 (UTC) Yes please. Bronze dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Bronze daggerElven CoreRSDragon dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dragon dagger 15:24, May 17, 2018 (UTC)

I've created the nomination here! If you could edit in your in-game name into the right area, that'd be great. Talk-to Kelsey 16:42, May 17, 2018 (UTC)

Wikian Title granted[edit source]

Hi Elven Core/Melmelcom, your request for the Wikian title was successful. Please contact Gaz Lloyd on his talk page, in the wiki Discord channel, or in-game (RSN: Gaz_Lloyd) so that he may give you the title. Sincerely, Talk-to Kelsey 17:12, May 26, 2018 (UTC)

Thanks.Bronze dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Bronze daggerElven CoreRSDragon dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dragon dagger 19:12, May 26, 2018 (UTC)

Silverhawk boots[edit source]

Hi there. The boots are retrievable from Diango for a fee of 50,000 coins if killed in the Wilderness. Not destroyed. Just wanted to let you know. :) Pernix cowl detail.png MAGE-KIL-R (Talk)Zaros symbol.png 02:39, July 8, 2018 (UTC)

Hi there. "Silverhawk boots will lose its charges if killed in the Wilderness or destroyed." Did you misread it? --Bronze dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Bronze daggerElven CoreRSDragon dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dragon dagger 04:23, July 8, 2018 (UTC)

Plink (ab)use[edit source]

Regarding this, always remember to add |txt= to plink when you want to show a different text. Only the first parameter is nameless, there is no other nameless parameter. Also in this case it was better to add {{perk link}} instead since they are perks. :P Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 22:30, September 6, 2018 (UTC)

P.S. plink is an abbreviation for 'pic link'. Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 22:31, September 6, 2018 (UTC)

Image names[edit source]

Please don't disambiguate item names (i.e. add something in parentheses to the end of it) unless it's necessary, e.g. when the item page has such a disambiguation. And when you upload a detail item image, please put "detail" after the item name, e.g. File:Dragon manure detail.png. Small recharge gem.png AnselaJonla Slayer-icon.png 02:35, September 16, 2018 (UTC)

Feedback appreciated![edit source]

Hey Elven Core! As you are a significant editor on Wikia, we would love to have some feedback from you on a recent Yew Grove thread - Forum:Leaving Wikia. Thanks! Star Talk ayy lmao ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 02:34, September 28, 2018 (UTC)

Plink[edit source]

Regarding your comment about {{plink}} on your userpage, it suggests that you have to use either the txt or the pic parameter, so I wanted to clarify that you do not need to have |txt= or |pic=, you can just have {{plink|Willow logs}}. The txt parameter should only be used if you want to show different text, e.g. {{plink|Willow logs|txt=Willow}}. And the pic parameter should only be used if you want to show a picture that has a different name from the linked subject, e.g. {{plink|Willow logs|pic=Oak logs}}. By default the link is also the text shown. But you are correct, there is no second "blank" parameter. Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 18:43, 16 November 2018 (UTC)

Nowiki v colon[edit source]

Normal: Beneath Cursed Tides.png

Nowiki: [[File:Beneath Cursed Tides.png]]

Colon: File:Beneath Cursed Tides.png

Ciphrius Kane (talk) 18:24, 5 December 2018 (UTC)

Improper use of rollback[edit source]

Regarding your rollbacks on the farming money making guides, you should read upon RuneScape:Rollback which is a counter-vandalism tool and should only be used in reverting edits that are clearly vandalism. You should always RuneScape:Assume good faith that an edit was done to make the wiki a better place. Custodian tools will be revoked for improper use of this role. Bronze dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Bronze daggerElven CoreRSDragon dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dragon dagger 01:32, 23 December 2018 (UTC)

🤔 9xFavoY.pngScuzzy Betahib8CAd.png 05:31, 23 December 2018 (UTC)

Thank you for the warning, I went ahead and told the user about my mistake and corrected it by adding break to the pages instead. It won't happen again. Bronze dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Bronze daggerElven CoreRSDragon dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dragon dagger 05:46, 23 December 2018 (UTC)

RFD for Calculator:Standard_smithing[edit source]

Hey, it looks like you added the RFD template to Calculator:Standard_smithing, but didn't also add a topic at RuneScape:Requests_for_deletion. I don't think it will get much discussion without being posted there. Kalia (talk) 08:18, 13 January 2019 (UTC)

{{MMG warning}} revert[edit source]

'ello, re. this revert, I didn't think it was necessary to say "dangerous environments" in addition to "loss of items", because (I think) the only risk in a dangerous environment is loss of items. My aim was mostly to clean-up the edit before mine, which had separated loss of items from dangerous environments (and left dangerous environments as this random floating thing on its own). I hope that explains what I was trying to do. I don't mind "dangerous environements" being listed if you feel that it's worth stating separately, that's fair enough ^^ I've restored the "and/or" from my edit (and the, unrelated, brackets) so that it's not an "or" between "dangerous environments" and "loss of items", at least. I've done this and some other clean-up as several minor edits (in case I've misunderstood) - Rawny (talk) 18:58, 25 March 2019 (UTC)

AoD MMG[edit source]

hey I think you just accidentally messed up the AoD MMG. Gdubrocks (talk) 22:25, 6 May 2019 (UTC)

Icons on {{Loot bag analysis}}[edit source]

Hi, I've reverted your addition of icons to Template:Loot bag analysis because we don't normally use icons like that in article text (outside of tables and templates such as navboxes). I've made a further tweak to the template to ensure that Thieving is linked and that pilfer points is linked where it's not already linkeed in the loot bag article (i.e. on small loot bag) - Rawny (talk) 18:52, 11 May 2019 (UTC)

Was this edit you?[edit source]

Was this edit you? Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 09:57, 31 May 2019 (UTC)

Unchecked shiny animals[edit source]

Hey, I saw you made unchecked pages for all the shiny animals and stated that you can only get them through Callia. But I'm not sure these items exist. The page on Callia says she doesn't give shiny animals, and I believe this is the case. This was apparently confirmed in a stream, but that's been deleted by now. Are you sure you can get shiny animals through Callia? ɳex undique 04:33, 1 June 2019 (UTC)

Well, I swear I didn't see that part before. Bronze dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Bronze daggerElven CoreRSDragon dagger.png: RS3 Inventory image of Dragon dagger 15:20, 1 June 2019 (UTC)

No worries, just wanted to make sure they didn't update it or anything. ɳex undique 15:54, 1 June 2019 (UTC)