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Welcome![edit source]

Hello, Elessar2, and welcome to the RuneScape Wiki! We're happy to see new editors making contributions. Here are a few links you might find helpful:

Please remember to sign your messages on talk pages by typing four tildes (~~~~); this automatically inserts your username and the date. If you have any trouble, feel free to ask questions on the user help page, the RSW clan chat, or on Discord, where a lot of our editors hang out.

We hope you like it here and decide to stay!

-- The RuneScape Wiki (talk) 09:31, 9 January 2019 (UTC)

The Wikian Title[edit source]

Hi Elessar2, your request for the Wikian title was successful. Please contact Gaz Lloyd on his talk page, in the wiki Discord channel, or in-game (RSN: Gaz_Lloyd) so that he may give you the title. Sincerely, Farming-icon.png Salix of Prifddinas (Talk) Prifddinas lodestone icon.png 10:49, 31 January 2019 (UTC)

Vandalism[edit source]

Hello, Elessar2, it appears that you have been vandalizing the RuneScape Wiki. Vandalism includes:

  • Adding offensive comments to pages.
  • Removing or blanking content from pages or templates.
  • Adding nonsense to articles or creating nonsense pages.
  • Purposefully adding incorrect information to articles.
  • Attacking another user.
  • Advertising outside websites.
  • Breaking or encouraging others to break Jagex's game rules.

If you have been or are doing this, please stop and try to make useful contributions or you will be blocked. If you have already been blocked and you feel that the block was unfair, please contact a sysop by leaving a message on your talk page. A sysop will read your appeal and make a decision.

If you were blocked, you are more than welcome to return after your block expires and make helpful contributions. Thank you. --LiquidTalk 20:20, 12 July 2019 (UTC)

Re: Equipment[edit source]

Hey so I uploaded a new version of that image

let me know if there's something wrong with it, I can't really do photoshop lol

Walk here Chee (skill: 2746) / 5 more options  Choose OptionWalk here Chee (skill: 2746) Follow Chee (skill: 2746) Talk to Chee (skill: 2746) Duel Chee (skill: 2746) Req Assist Chee (skill: 2746) Examine Chee (skill: 2746) Cancel 22:49, 24 August 2019 (UTC)

Zahur dialogue page[edit source]

Hi Elessar I created a Zahur dialogue page, you might want to check over it for me. There are two pieces of dialogue missing, namely under inquiring about desert amulets 3 and 4, because I haven't unlocked them in-game yet. Cheers Anastasious (talk) 22:32, 16 October 2019 (UTC)

Hi Elessar I created a Shield of Arrav dialogue page, it's all OK? this counts as a "one small favor" task? Cheers Otzs58 (talk) 11:57, 26 October 2019 (UTC)

Proper use of ticks[edit source]

Hi. Some actions like adding a secondary ingredient to unfinished potions take one tick to complete (if making one), but if making various items, every item after the first takes two ticks to create. Which number should be used? And how should Smithing items and other items with varied production times be informed? Habblet (talk) 17:43, 20 November 2019 (UTC)

Thanks Habblet (talk) 18:04, 21 November 2019 (UTC)