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About The Farming Table[edit source]

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I tried making this table as "printer-friendly" as possible, not including any Farming links for Seeds in the table. If you are looking for Farming information, I recommend you visit the following articles and websites below:

If you'd like to print-out this table, simply select what you'd like to print, and select "Selection" in the print window to only print what you selected.

Farming Strategies[edit source]

After you've read all of the above articles and web pages, there's really not much to Farming except as to how much time and effort you want to spend in raising this Skill. Simply, the fastest way to raise your Farming Level is to grow as many of the Seeds that gives you the most Farming Experience you can grow possible according to your current Farming Skill. Here's a few Farming strategies most people do:

  1. Work on other Skills while Farming in a certain area (such as Catherby).
  2. Power levelling Farming by Farming several patch locations at once.
  3. A combination of the above.

If you want to power-level Farming, then I hope this Farming Table will help micromanage your crops. Also, if you get bored "grinding", completing these quests also reward Farming Experience, and these quests reward Experience in any Skill of your choosing.

Power levelling Farming[edit source]

If you're interested in raising your Farming Level quickly, then these tips should help..

Recommended Quests, Miniquests, and Achievement Diarys[edit source]

Recommended Skill Levels[edit source]

Recommended Banked Items[edit source]

Recommended Teleportation Jewellery[edit source]
Farming Tools Stored With The Tool leprechauns[edit source]
Recommended Weight-reducing equipment[edit source]

Using The Farming Table[edit source]

After you've printed the Farming Table, you will need a pencil with an eraser to fill-in the rest of the information. A very common place to farm is in Catherby, since it also has a Fruit tree patch nearby, and many people also like to work on their other Skills there, such as Fishing, Cooking, Woodcutting, Firemaking and/or Fletching. Along with Training other Skills, Catherby also offers a Farming shop, and Arhein (who's not only a General store that also sells Buckets), but also sells up to 40 Pineapples per day for making Supercompost in the Compost Bin. So, overall, Catherby should be any Farmer's primary "base of operations", much like Edgeville is a Battlestaff Crafters, Runecrafters, and Rune Runners headquarters. So, I'll use Catherby as an example to fill-out the following Farming Table:

Catherby Seed Planted Time Planted Estimated Time To Grow Estimate Time To Harvest Protected Gardener's Payment
Allotment #1 Tomato 12:00 PM Average 40 Minutes 12:40 PM Yes (Marigold) 2 Sacks Of Cabbages
Allotment #2 Sweetcorn 12:15 PM Average 40 Minutes 12:55 PM Yes (Gardener) 10 Jute Fibres
Flower Marigold 12:30 PM Average 20 Minutes 12:50 PM No N/A
Herb Guam 12:45 PM Average 1 Hour 1:45 PM No N/A
Fruit Tree Apple 1:00 PM Average 880 Minutes 1:15 AM Yes (Gardener) 9 Raw Sweetcorn

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