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You asked about what is the fastest skill to train on another page. If you have been playing RS for any time you will know that there is no answer to that question. All skills can be done the slow cheap way or the fast expensive way. You have to balance that with whatever skill you train. Cooking and Fletching are generally accepted to be the fastest skills to train without spending a ton of money. Construction is very fast if you have unlimited money, but very few players have several hundred million gp to spend on Construction. Most of the combat skills are medium speed, and skills like summoning, slayer and runecrafting and prayer are generally considered to be the slowest.

Your best plan is to find a way to make good money, train that skill, save your money, then spend the cash on the slow skills to bring them up quicker than you normally would. I highly recommend you read "Skill Guide to All Skills 14" by Spaderdabomb. It is on the official Runescape forums. It is an awesome guide and will help you out a lot.

Jimindc 00:44, March 28, 2010 (UTC)