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Total level: 2484 (2503)
Attack 99 Constitution 97 Mining 104
Strength 95 Agility 90 Smithing 103
Defence 94 Herblore 83 Fishing 91
Ranged 86 Thieving 99 Cooking 103
Prayer 93 Crafting 90 Firemaking 101
Magic 88 Fletching 89 Woodcutting 101
Runecrafting 83 Slayer 89 Farming 82
Construction 89 Hunter 83 Summoning 83
Dungeoneering 84 Divination 101 Invention 103
Attack style icon fixed.png 132 Quest.png 355 Music icon.png 998
Task icon.png 715 RuneScore.png 5,205
As of 19-May-2019
Scaper since '07. Wiki editor since '08.

Hey. I'm Matt. My character name is Doctor zygomatt. When I'm not immersed in the RuneScape world, I also volunteer my free time as an administrator at wikiHow. Born and raised in Vancouver, I am a phlebotomist and aspiring critical care/emergency nurse.

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The rarer, the better.
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Balance is power.
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Fire cape.
Repeatable events

(reset 5:00 pm local time / 00:00 game time)

3 free TH keys
Daily challenge
Serenity posts: 20,000 Agility XP
Divine locations
Miscellania kingdom management
Premier Club artifact: 10% XP boost for 1 hour
Jack of Trades aura x2
  • Reset with Premier Club artifact
  • Get from bank: high alch runes, salamander + ammo (tar), grimy herb
  • All 3 melee settings enabled
  • Train at Shifting Tombs and Burthorpe
[D&D] Big Chinchompa x2: Hunter XP
[D&D] Fish Flingers: free tickets, Fishing XP
[D&D] Shooting Star: 200 stardust, Mining XP
[D&D] Bork: CombatSlayer XP
[D&D] Rune Goldberg Machine: Runecrafting XP and vis wax
Buying feathers: sell on GE or fletch headless arrows

(reset Tues @ 5:00 pm local time / 00:00 game time)

[D&D] Meg
[D&D] Circus: MagicAgilityRangedFiremakingThieving XP
[D&D] Tears of Guthix: use Games Necklace to tele
[D&D] Agoroth x2: BXP/coins
[D&D] Penguin Hide and Seek: 12/week

(reset last day of month @ 5:00 pm local time / 00:00 game time)

[D&D] God Statues: Construction and Prayer / Slayer XP
[D&D] Giant Oyster: FishingFarming XP
[D&D] Troll Invasion: CombatSkills XP
[D&D] Premier Club Vault
Voice of Seren