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Howdy! I'm back from a year long break from RS and the wiki. I'm now back, and am going to de-clutter my userpage, redo my theme-sig-page, rejuvinate the signature project, and start looking for perfectly nice pages to destroy by writing in-depth histoies on the places for no good reason :p Z.

My Sig[edit | edit source]

I currently have 2 sigs, and will soon make a third. The first is normal, second is for hallowe'en, and i need to make 1 for christmas :P SmithingZilenserztalk! FishingJoin the RSWP today!, hallowe'en:HappyJack lantern mask chathead.pngZilenserz talkPet cat (purple) chathead.pngHalloween!!!!

My Saying/Proverbs i either made up or used in game[edit | edit source]

The Great orb Project, 5th September 2008[edit | edit source]

Random Player: "Only losers quit"

Zilenserz: "and only Quitters Lose!"

[Guthix bird flys 1 space, stops, flys 1 space, stops.]

Zilenserz: "Some1 needs to teach that bird how to fly......."

[Lots of people playing the great orb project]

Zilenserz: "too many runecrafters spoil the altar......."

Random Player: "How did you level to 53 runecraftin??"

Zilenserz: "Crafting Runes........"

===Runescape Wiki, 6th September 2008===
Just because you've made 4000 edits doesn't mean I Like You.

My Userboxes[edit | edit source]

Runescape[edit | edit source]

  This user plays runescape as Zilenserz
Nature rune This user loves to craft Nature Runes
Law rune This user loves to craft Law Runes
Evil Bob chathead.png This User Follows Evil Bob, and believes that their Cats can see the Dead!
Bob chathead.png This user follows Bob God of Cats.
Icthlarin chathead.png This user follows Icthlarin, Demigod of The Dead, Lover of Cats
Pet cat (black) chathead.png This user LOOOOOOVES cats!!!!
Golden statuette.png This user is an ally of the ancient people of The Kharidian Desert
Pharaoh's sceptre.png This user's favourite region is The Kharidian Desert

Runescape Wiki[edit | edit source]

Smiley.svg This user is on The Welcoming Commitee
Userboxes! This user will make userboxes on request!
Construction This user makes signatures of request
Ferret.png This user is a wiki otter. They like welcoming new users are always freindly.
Co-ordinator.png This user is a WikiFairy.
They like beutifying articles.
This user designs Certificates and Userboxes for Zilenserz's Awards for Excellence!

My goals[edit | edit source]

Saradomin Strike icon.png 100%
0 levels

Blood Burst icon.png 76%
65  68 
3 levels

Saradomin's Book of Wisdom.png 50%
43  50 
7 levels

Bob icon.png 3%
38  75 
37 levels

Law rune.png 2%
58  99 
41 levels

useful links/ info[edit | edit source]

useful links[edit | edit source]

User:zilenserz/nav box 2
RuneScape:Signatures/Requested sigs

useful thing im always copying[edit | edit source]

{{subst:Welcome notice}}
{{User:zilenserz/nav box 2}}

people's user pages/talk im on so much i need a link to get to them...:p[edit | edit source]

User:kytti khat

Signatures[edit | edit source]

I love creating signatures. Request one at my talk page! My signatures that I've made can be seen at User:Zilenserz/Signatures