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Weekly events reset at roughly 00:00 UTC on Wednesday unless otherwise noted
Visit Eli Bacon for Raw bacon or Pig Familiar Pouches
Talk to Meg at player-owned port for a Treasure chest (Experience lamps, coins)
Tree Farming run
Gather strange rocks for between 6,183 (79) and 9,703 (99) experience in each skill + more replica statue pieces (pairs)
Farming-icon.png Minor Farming runs
Agility-icon.png 3373 Dorgesh-Kaan (AJQ) laps wearing Exoskeleton headband.png Exoskeleton torso.png Exoskeleton legs.png Exoskeleton bracers.png Wicked cape.png Boots of lightness.png carrying { Cog.png/Lever (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course).png/Powerbox.png } Seer's headband 4.png NB: get Agile legs
Thieving-icon.png ≅ 692 searches of rooms 6 (5 urns + Gold Chest) and 7 (all urns + Gold Chest ) in Pyramid Plunder wearing Exoskeleton headband.png Exoskeleton torso.png Exoskeleton legs.png Exoskeleton bracers.png Ardougne cloak 4.png
Construction-icon.png 3211 Oak door icon.png (10 Oak plank.png) wearing Constructor's hat.png Constructor's garb.png Constructor's trousers.png Constructor's gloves.png Constructor's boots.png using Butler chathead.png (-19,266,234)
Crafting-icon.png -602 Air battlestaff.png wearing Artisan's bandana.png Artisan's top.png (237,790)
Woodcutting-icon.png 5291 Elder logs.png wearing Lumberjack hat.png Lumberjack top.png Lumberjack legs.png Lumberjack boots.png { South of Yanille / South of Varrock / South of Edgeville / Etc } (44,052,866)
Fletching-icon.png -215 Magic shieldbow.png wearing Fletcher's boots.png (-27,950)
Herblore-icon.png 16996 Weapon poison++ (3).png (Cave nightshade.png+Coconut milk.png+Poison ivy berries.png) (162,141,840)
Hunter-icon.png Undecided
Mining-icon.png 51539 Runite ore.png wearing Supreme quarrymaster aura.png Golden mining helmet.png Golden mining top.png Golden mining trousers.png Golden mining gloves.png Golden mining boots.png (104,984,943)
Runecrafting-icon.png ≅ 3542 Blood rune.png (262038 essences) Abyssal runs on a low-population world wearing Wicked hood.png Demonic skull.png Morytania legs 4.png Wicked cape.png Wilderness sword 4.png TokKul-Zo.png, using Giant pouch.png Large pouch.png Medium pouch.png Small pouch.png Abyssal titan pouch.png (128,136,582)
Smithing-icon.png -1040 Gold bar.png wearing Goldsmith gauntlets.png Varrock armour 4.png Blacksmith's helmet.png (-529,360)
Firemaking-icon.png -2588 Maple logs.png on 5-person bonfire wearing Ring of fire.png Flame gloves.png (333,852)
Fishing-icon.png -935 Raw rocktail.png (-4,475,845)
Cooking-icon.png -983 Rocktail.png on bonfire wearing Sous chef's jacket.png Sous chef's trousers.png Cooking gauntlets.png Sous chef's shoes.png Dwarven army axe.png (-51,116)
1 Week after last completion
NPC Contact (1Cosmic1Astral2Air) Chuck for Penguin Hide and Seek reward (25*level*points); 16/week; max 50
NPC Contact (1Cosmic1Astral2Air) Pikkupstix just after even hours for Familiarisation location 1 Week after last participation
Monthly events reset at roughly 00:00 UTC on the first day of the month
God Statues for Construction and Slayer or Prayer experience
Location Proper God statue
East of the northern bridge in Northeast Lumbridge Saradomin's Zilyana
East of Mazchna in Canifis Zamorak's Kril Tsutsaroth
South of the Yanille lodestone near Gu'Tanoth BandosGraardor
East of the stone circle in northern Taverley Guthix's Juna
West of the Amlodd and Ithell clans of Prifddinas Seren's Queen Glarial
Event Requirements Notes Reward/profit
Compete in Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza None; Completion of The Firemaker's Curse unlocks two new firemaking events. Completion of Some Like It Cold unlocks one Thieving event. Higher Magic, Ranged, Firemaking and/or Agility levels help. Magic, Ranged, Firemaking, Thieving, and/or Agility experience; Circus costumes
Char's training cave Must have completed The Firemaker's Curse quest. 91 Firemaking. Firemaking experience
Kill Skeletal horror Completion of the Fur 'n' Seek quest 1,250 Slayer and 1,000 Prayer experience (First time - 10,000 Slayer and 7,000 Prayer experience), as well as a guaranteed elite clue scroll
Play the Tears of Guthix (Distraction and Diversion) Completion of the Tears of Guthix quest Requires 1 Quest point or 100,000 experience to be gained since it was last played. Experience in the player's lowest-levelled skill
Hanky points Must have completed the Buyers and Cellars quest Thieving experience
Capping at the Clan Citadel Must be in a clan. You will need to have been in the clan for 1 week to skill in the citadel. Weekly, resets with the citadel's build tick Experience in whichever skill plot you decide to work at and resources for the clan to upgrade
A Barmaid's Tip at Player-owned port Access to an adventurer in a player-owned port Thursday only Increased port rewards for one voyage.  Replaces voyage in third slot, if one already exists there.
Kill Agoroth Completion of A Shadow over Ashdale quest Black pearl
Replay Broken Home Completion of the Broken Home quest Large prismatic lamp, or a huge prismatic lamp if all challenges have been completed
Rush of Blood Completion of the Plague's End quest See Rush_of_Blood#Rewards
Replay Dimension of Disaster Completion of the Dimension of Disaster quest Weekly XP Lamp, see Silver pennies#Upgrades
Aquarium Decorations Built Aquarium and placed decorations Weekly clue scroll (elite) and 60 mahogany or teak planks

Monthly events[edit | edit source]

Monthly events reset on the first day of the month at 00:00 UTC.

Event Requirements Reset time/minimum wait period Reward/profit
Troll Invasion None Monthly, resets at 00:00 UTC of the first day of the month Reward book

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