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Equip: Best melee weapon / armour
Inventory: Blisterwood polearm.png
Escort Rolayne Twickit or Smiddi Ryak
Feed 'em up to 28 Chocolate cake.png
Main article: Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott Ramble

2-3 trips to encounter nail beasts?

Follower's predictions[edit | edit source]

Hard route:

  • "Nail beasts! You don't see them much these days. We'll be in for a big fight if we choose to go this way!" - 4-6 level 98 Nail beasts - Talon beast charm.png
  • "Mort'ton is under attack and it doesn't look good! It'll be a tough fight this way into the town." - Fiyr shades - Fiyr remains.png 3,051 Coins 2.png
  • "There are some massive snakes moving around ahead; should be an interesting fight." - Swamp snakes - Snake hide.png 14,031 Coins 2.png
  • "Careful! I can see vampyric creatures skulking around up ahead." - Juvinates or Vyrewatches - Vyre corpse 1.png
  • "It's the gate out of Mort Myre, but getting out alive will be a challenge." - Juvinates or Vyrewatches (Temple Trekking only)
  • "Did someone order the snail?" - Giant snails - Perfect snail shell.png 1,000 Coins 2.png + 500 Crafting-icon.png
  • "Looks like we've got a fight on our hands if we head this way. I can see Filliman ahead and he's in trouble!" - Grotto
  • "There's a river this way and I can't see a clear way across it, I'm afraid." - River puzzle
  • "Nasty! Do you smell that? There's definitely a bog this way. Even though I can't see it, I can smell it!" - Bog puzzle
  • "Ghasts! We'll need to have our wits about us to get past these." - Ghasts
  • "Hmm, it looks to be empty. No, wait... There is a man walking around up ahead." - Abidor Crank
  • "There's a nice-looking bridge this way... Well, it would be nice if we could cross it!" - Bridge puzzle
  • "Careful this way, too; it's a strange graveyard. I've heard the dead still stir in the area." - Skeleton Graveyard
  • "It looks like some wandering adventurers have had a bad run in with ghasts up ahead. They might need our help." - Campsite
  • "There's a swamp boat this way that I'm sure will speed up our journey." - Swamp Creature

Medium route:

  • "Be careful if we go this way. I can see some things sneaking around." - 3-4 level 84 Nail beasts
  • "Tread carefully this way. I'm pretty sure snake slithered across the Myre in the distance." - Swamp snakes
  • "The curse of Morytania is strong that way. There are vampyric creatures lurking ahead." - Juvinates or Vyrewatches
  • "Well that's the exit of the swamp, but it's not without danger. There are creatures ahead!" - Juvinates or Vyrewatches (Temple Trekking only)
  • "I can't see properly, but there are some slimy trails on the floor." - Giant snails
  • "The nature spirit's grotto is this way, and it looks like he's under attack!" - Grotto
  • "Watch out. There are spectral beings floating around that way." - Ghasts
  • "It looks safe ahead, but there is a bit of water we'll have to traverse if we want to go this way." - River puzzle
  • "It's difficult to see, but I think there are people ahead. It doesn't look good." - Campsite
  • "I can just about make out a graveyard down there. It looks like it could be an ambush." - Skeleton Graveyard
  • "You'll need to be handy with repairs to head this way, if we are to cross the river." - Bridge puzzle
  • "I can see Mort'ton, and the villagers look to be in trouble!" - Asyn shades - Asyn remains.png 1,615 Coins 2.png
  • "There doesn't seem to be much moving this way, except perhaps the floor!" - Bog puzzle
  • "There's something moving up ahead, but I can't make it out properly." - Abidor Crank

Easy route:

  • "I can see strange dark shapes slinking around in the myre ahead. Tread carefully if we go that way." - 2 level 42 Nail Beasts
  • "There is something moving around ahead and I fear it heard the hiss of a snake..." - Swamp snakes
  • "I can see some sort of vampyric creatures down there. They won't give in without a fight." - Juvinates or Vyrewatches
  • "So Close! I can see the Morytania gates, but there are enemies blocking the way!" - Juvinates or Vyrewatches (Temple Trekking only)
  • "What's this? There's a group of snails ahead!" - Giant snails
  • "Do you see that river down ahead this way? It looks like we'll have to get over it if we go that way." - River puzzle
  • "Oh no! I can see a fair few ghasts this way. We should be careful." - Ghasts
  • "What in the name of Guthix is this? I can see injured people ahead in the way!" - Campsite
  • "That's the town of Mort'ton up ahead and it looks like it's in trouble. We should be ready to fight if we head that way." - Riyl shades - Riyl remains.png 479 Coins 2.png
  • "Did you see that? There seems to be some sort of broken bridge ahead." - Bridge puzzle
  • "There seems to be a strange man up ahead." - Abidor Crank
  • "It looks like that nature spirit's grotto is surrounded by ghasts ahead!" - Grotto