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Daily events reset at 00:00 UTC unless otherwise noted Notes
20,000 Agility XP on Serenity posts
3,336 Magic XP by using Explorer's ring 4.png to cast 30 Low Level Alchemy icon.png, 15 High Level Alchemy icon.png, and 27 Superheat Item icon.png
Banked buckets of sand (67,560) from Bert via NPC Contact (1Cosmic1Astral2Air)
Farming run: Morchella mushrooms (104,706), Torstol (156,330), Poison ivy (182,880) 4 hours to grow
Noted potato cacti (70,800)[1] from Weird Old Man at biq
Buy Naff's Battlestaves in Varrock (-276,400)
Noted pineapples (20,320)[2] from Dell Monti in Brimhaven
Noted flax (25,000) from Geoffrey in flax field SE of Seer's Village
Noted pure essence (8,250) from Wizard Cromperty in East Ardougne
Use 13 Dragon bones on Robin, then on the Ectofuntus, 3 times (11,232 XP)
Mine (3,500 XP) red sandstone at Oo'glog and craft (5,000 XP) potion flasks (444,850)[3]
Buy raw bird meat pack from Chargurr to resell (177,000) on the Grand Exchange 6 per 24 hours
Mine (3,500 XP) Crystal-flecked sandstone at Ithell and craft (7,500 XP) crystal flasks (198,000)[4]
Turn 50[5] soda ash into molten glass wearing the Desert amulet in Nardah (33,300)
Bag of lost items (5,000) from flying carpet operator at Nardah
≅ 3542 Blood rune.png (262038 essences) Abyssal runs on a low-population world wearing Wicked hood.png Demonic skull.png Morytania legs 4.png Wicked cape.png Wilderness sword 4.png TokKul-Zo.png, using Giant pouch.png Large pouch.png Medium pouch.png Small pouch.png Abyssal titan pouch.png (128,136,582)[6]
[[Challenge System/Challenges|Daily challenge]]
Gather golden rocks for between 7,419 (79) and 11,643 (99) XP in each skill
Farming-icon.png Farming runs
Agility-icon.png 3373 Dorgesh-Kaan (AJQ) laps wearing Exoskeleton headband.png Exoskeleton torso.png Exoskeleton legs.png Exoskeleton bracers.png Wicked cape.png Boots of lightness.png carrying { Cog.png/Lever (Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course).png/Powerbox.png } Seer's headband 4.png NB: get Agile legs
Construction-icon.png 3211 Oak door icon.png (10 Oak plank.png) wearing Constructor's hat.png Constructor's garb.png Constructor's trousers.png Constructor's gloves.png Constructor's boots.png using Butler chathead.png (-19,266,234)
Crafting-icon.png -602 Air battlestaff.png wearing Artisan's bandana.png Artisan's top.png (237,790)
Divination-icon.png Convert Brilliant wisp products to enhanced experience wearing Divination chronicle legs.png

Enriched wisps appear every 20 minutes
Take every 10 Chronicle fragments to May Stormbrewer (Guthix's shrine after The World Wakes)
Retain 1,750 energies in bank for next tier's boon

Dungeoneering-icon.png Undecided
Slayer-icon.png Obey Morvran
Magic-icon.png Obey Morvran (or ≅ 968 Water Surge Barrows trips (≅ 33,880,000))
Melee-icon.png Obey Morvran
Prayer-icon.png 6515 Dragon bones.png wearing Supreme corruption aura.png First age amulet.png First age cape.png TokKul-Zo.png using Teleport to house.png Clean marrentill.png Clean marrentill.png Pack pig pouch.png at Gilded altar icon.png (-12,228,655)
Ranged-icon.png Obey Morvran (or ≅ 29225 Aviansies (≅ 53,978,575))
Woodcutting-icon.png 5291 Elder logs.png wearing Lumberjack hat.png Lumberjack top.png Lumberjack legs.png Lumberjack boots.png { South of Yanille / South of Varrock / South of Edgeville / Etc } (44,052,866)
Crimson charm.png
wearing Shaman's poncho.png Shaman's leggings.png {Spirit dragonstone.png/Spirit diamond.png/Spirit ruby.png/Spirit emerald.png/Spirit sapphire.png}
Lord Amlodd <=> Ithell bank chest
Blue charm.png
Herblore-icon.png 16996 Weapon poison++ (3).png (Cave nightshade.png+Coconut milk.png+Poison ivy berries.png) (162,141,840)
Mining-icon.png 51539 Runite ore.png wearing Supreme quarrymaster aura.png Golden mining helmet.png Golden mining top.png Golden mining trousers.png Golden mining gloves.png Golden mining boots.png (104,984,943)
Smithing-icon.png -1040 Gold bar.png wearing Goldsmith gauntlets.png Varrock armour 4.png Blacksmith's helmet.png (-529,360)
  1. ^ Increases to 30 for Desert amulet 3 and 40 for Desert amulet 4
  2. ^ Also 40 cooking apples for Karamja gloves 4
  3. ^ 25 additional available outside East Sophanem gate with Desert amulet 4
  4. ^ 25 additional available in Edimmu resource dungeon with 115 Dungeoneering
  5. ^ Increases to 100 for Desert amulet 3, and 150 for Desert amulet 4
  6. ^ Complete Wicked robes set for a few more benefits

Event Requirements Reset time/minimum wait period Reward/profit
Wilderness Warbands None Three times every 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC Farming, Construction, Herblore, Mining and Smithing supplies. These can be given to Quercus for experience in the skills. A wand of treachery can be acquired once per camp at most. Summoning and Slayer experience can also be gained if camp is beamed and boss is slain.
Fish Flingers None Daily, you can claim 2 entry tickets every day if you have 8 or less tickets. If you have 9 tickets you will instead be given one ticket and the second ticket will not count. Fishing experience and more, see Fish Flingers#Rewards
Buy yak-hide from Contraband Yak Produce and resell the contents on the Grand Exchange The Fremennik Isles 24 hours for 1000 You may buy yak-hide for 50 coins each and the contents are worth 126,000; for a profit of 76,000
Jack of trades aura Jack of trades aura 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC Gain experience in 10, 15, or 20 skills in 3 hours to receive an experience book
Sinkhole None Twice every 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC Speak to Talsar. Can be completed for a variety of rewards.
Collect resources from the kingdom of Miscellania (and potentially Etceteria) Throne of Miscellania; A supply of coins in the coffers (at least 500,000 coins recommended for maximum profit, or 750,000 if Royal Trouble was completed) 24 hours, resets at same time you completed either the Throne of Miscellania quest or, if you have completed it, Royal Trouble Various resources to choose from, depending on what subjects are assigned to gather. See Calculators/Miscellania for up-to-date profitability of collecting resources from Miscellania.
Buy seaweed and pineapples from Arhein None 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC 80 seaweed, 40 pineapples; Cumulatively worth 27,840 - a profit of 27,600
Kill 2 Evil Trees Woodcutting and/or Firemaking levels of 1, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 or 85
and/or a Farming level of 1, 7, 15, 22, 30, 37 or 42
24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC Various amounts of Farming, Woodcutting and/or Firemaking experience; Various logs, coins, and other rewards such as bird's nests, key halves, tree seeds, and clue scrolls
Divine locations Various requirements in Mining, Woodcutting, Farming, Hunter. Having a high total level is very helpful as well. 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC Various amounts of Farming, Woodcutting, Mining and/or Hunter experience and profit can be gained. High level divine locations such as divine magic tree, divine runite rock, divine adamantite rock and divine herb patch III are profit-oriented while mid level divine locations provide more exp per divine location quota. See Calculator:Divination/Divine locations
Mine a Shooting Star A pickaxe (or an inferno adze). 10 x star size Mining level (e.g. size 6 requires level 60 mining), up to level 90. (No Mining level is required to get the first-miner bonus.) 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC You can cash in 200 stardust per day. 75 experience per Mining level (if first player to discover the star), up to 152 cosmic runes, 52 astral runes, 20 noted gold ores, 50,002 coins, with a value of 138,110.

The ability to randomly receive additional ore when mining for up to 15 minutes

Slaying or pruning the Jade vine Completion of Back to my Roots quest 15 hours (12 for pruning) - ranges from 5.5 to 24 hours. 1,500 Farming experience (check-health), 30 Farming experience per branch pruned, and 2,500 Slayer experience
Kill Bork in the Chaos Tunnels (Teleport with Varrock armour 4) Completion of the What Lies Below quest and the Hunt for Surok miniquest 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC 250 Slayer experience (5,000 for the first kill); 7 crimson charms, 2 green charms, and 5 blue charms; Uncut sapphire, ruby, and emerald)
Kill the Phoenix in its lair Completion of the In Pyre Need quest, 51 Slayer Slayer 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC 7,500 Firemaking, 3,000 Fletching, 1,000 Crafting, and 500 Slayer experience (5,000 for first kill); 5 phoenix quills worth 44,905); A chance to receive a phoenix eggling
Assist players in using skills with the Assist System Sufficient levels in the assisting skill 24 hours Up to 30,000 experience combined in any assistable skill
Buy chocolate bars, cooking apples, pots of flour, grapes, or anything else from the Culinaromancer's Chest Must have at least started Recipe for Disaster quest About 24 hours ≈100k profit upon selling to the Grand Exchange
Buy olive oil, limestone, and planks, from Razmire's general store in Mort'ton Must have at least started the Nature Spirit quest; starting the quest The Branches of Darkmeyer is advised for the Drakan's medallion's quick banking benefits About 24 hours 802,844 profit upon selling to the Grand Exchange
Buy 1000 vials of water from Obli's General Store Completion of Shilo Village quest About 24 hours 69,000 profit upon selling to the Grand Exchange
Collect 8,000 Tokkul from Tzhaar's main plaza Must have completed the Karamja elite tasks 24 hours 8,000 Tokkul
Teleport 5 times to slime pit Finished morytania medium tasks (morytania legs 2) 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC Less time needed when using ectofuntus to train prayer
Treasure Hunter None Daily keys refresh at 00:00 UTC. 1 for free players, 2 for members, 3 for premium members Random. Ranges from coins to armour and weapons.
Book of Char The Firemaker's Curse quest Resets at 0:00 UTC One teleport to Char's training cave and the ability to activate it which gives double the normal FM exp when you walk over logs
Cash in 1k rune dust from the Runesphere None Every 24 hours Runecrafting experience
Collect 200 anagogic orts Be a member of a clan with a clan citadel Resets at 0:00 UTC Access to the buffs of a Clan Avatar
Participate in the Big Chinchompa D&D 2 times Different soporith moths require different Hunter levels to catch 24 hours, resets at 0:00 UTC Substantial Hunter experience is gained during the activity. The activity will also reward Competence points which can be spent on private hunter area quota tickets, swamp toads, swamp tar, flax and Hunter experience.
Collect free planks from Razmire Completed all Morytania medium tasks Resets at 0:00 UTC Either 30 normal planks, 20 oak planks, or 10 teak planks, worth 30,330, 12,000 or 6,950 coins, respectively
Collect food hamper from Cook in Lumbridge Castle basement Lumbridge and Draynor Hard Tasks 24 hours, resets at 0:00 UTC Various cooked foods, including swordfish, lobster, tuna, and plain pizza
Operate the Rune Goldberg Machine Level 50 Runecrafting 24 hours, resets at 0:00 UTC Vis wax for enhancing auras and daily challenges
Guthixian Cache None, but higher levels result in greater rewards Twice every 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC Divination experience and more, see Guthixian Cache#Rewards
Collect a Gorajo card from the Gorajo resource dungeon Completion of the Plague's End quest and 95 Dungeoneering 24 hours, resets at 0:00 UTC, players must use any Gorajo cards in their possession before retrieving another One random Gorajo card for use inside Daemonheim
Collect an item from the Motherlode Maw in the Edimmu resource dungeon Completion of the Plague's End quest and 115 Dungeoneering 24 hours, resets at 0:00 UTC See Motherlode Maw#Potential rewards
Collect soft clay from a modified artisan's bandana and teleport to the Crafting Guild three times per day Modified artisan's bandana 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC 21 or 35 soft clay that can be crafted or sold for a profit
Collect spirit shards from a modified shaman's headdress and teleport to Bogrog three times per day Modified shaman's headdress 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC Up to 500 spirit shards that can be used or sold for a profit
Collect coal from a modified blacksmith's helmet and teleport to the Artisans Workshop three times per day Modified blacksmith's helmet 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC 30 or 50 coal that can be used or sold for a profit
Collect vials of water from a modified botanist's mask and teleport to the Catherby herb patch three times per day Modified botanist's mask 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC 150 or 200 vials of water that can be used or sold for a profit
Collect chronicle fragments from a modified diviner's headwear and teleport to the Guthix cave three times per day Modified diviner's headwear 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC Up to 3 chronicle fragments that can be used
Collect bird's nests from a modified farmer's hat and teleport to the Morytania allotment patch three times per day Modified farmer's hat 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC 2 or 4 bird's nests that can be used or sold for a profit
Collect dragon bones from a modified first age tiara and teleport to the player-owned house portal three times per day Modified first age tiara 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC 1 or 3 dragon bones that can be used or sold for a profit
Collect pie shells from a modified sous chef's toque and teleport to the Cooking Guild three times per day Modified sous chef's toque 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC 6 or 10 pie shells that can be used or sold for a profit
Aquarium Decorations Built Aquarium and placed decorations Daily Seaweed, Kelp, and Oysters
Buy Broad arrowheads from Slayer Masters and resell on the Grand Exchange None 24 hours for 3000 Broad Arrowheads Buy 3000 for 150,000 coins each from the store and sell for a profit
Do tasks assigned by Trinks None 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC 45 Reputation
Do Nemi Forest activities None 24 hours, resets at 00:00 UTC 45 Reputation and experience in Dungeoneering, Farming, Mining and Prayer
Buy Body runes from Wizards' Guild, Void Knight Magic Store, and Baba Yaga's Magic Shop and resell on the Grand Exchange None for the Void Knight Magic store, 66 Magic for Wizards' Guild, and Lunar Diplomacy for Baba Yaga's Magic Shop 24 hours for 1000 Body runes from each store Buy 3000 runes for 48,000 from all three stores and sell for a profit (around 130,000)

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