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Barrows maze map.png
Barrows door puzzle 1.png
Barrows door puzzle 2.png
Barrows door puzzle 3.png
Barrows door puzzle 4.png

Disable auto-retaliate

  1. Kill Verac the Defiled first to build adrenaline
  2. Deflect Magic.png Akrisae the Doomed
    • Pray / curse against Magic if you choose to fight him.
    • You can use a Barrows amulet on Akrisae's sarcophagus, or on the Treasure Chest. However, in order to use the amulet, he must NOT be physically present. If you accidentally spawn him, you must make him disappear (running out of a crypt for non-tunnels and running far away from the brother in the tunnel) before the amulet can be used. Using the amulet on the brothers themselves has no effect.
  3. Deflect Magic.png Ahrim the Blighted
  4. Deflect Missiles.png Karil the Tainted
  5. Torag the Corrupted
  6. Guthan the Infested
  7. Dharok the Wretched

Renew prayer points at the Canifis God Statue between fights

  • The prayer drain rate is n+8 points every 10 seconds, where n is the number of brothers slain. Thus, the drain rate starts at 8 points per 10 seconds, increasing to 13 points per 10 seconds after 5 kills, and ending at 14 points per 10 seconds.

Change spell when your Magic level is beyond Karil's Magic reduction abilities.

Supreme runic accuracy aura.png
Virtus mask.png
Mask of Sliske, Shadow (pocket).png
Firemaking cape.png
Saradomin's hiss.png
Ammo slot.png
Abyssal wand.png
Virtus robe top.png
Mages' book.png
Virtus robe legs.png
Ganodermic gloves.png
Infinity boots.png
Ring of Wealth.png
Barrows amulet.pngRocktail.pngRocktail.pngEctoplasmator.png
Drakan's medallion.pngWater rune.png9999Air rune.png9999Ectophial.png

Log[edit | edit source]

(Not counting one or more items looted some time back, probably before Jagex started counting.)

37: Guthan's platebody
40: Ahrim's hood

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