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All quests added to template have been completed

Skill requirements Quest requirements Incomplete Quests

Easier edit[edit | edit source]

Quest cape
Quest point cape.png 87%
50 Quest points
Quest Requirements not yet added to template Method Release date
The Firemaker's Curse Next: Annoying fight 2012.01.11
The Brink of Extinction 2012.12.04
The World Wakes 2013.03.04
Birthright of the Dwarves 2013.10.02
One of a Kind Need: The World Wakes 2014.03.10
Fate of the Gods Need: The Firemaker's Curse, The World Wakes 2014.03.24
The Mighty Fall 2014.06.02
Hero's Welcome Next: Hard(?) fight 2015.06.29
The Lord of Vampyrium 2015.09.14
Call of the Ancestors 2015.10.12
Kindred Spirits 2016.05.23
Crocodile Tears 2017.06.05
Evil Dave's Big Day Out Next: Probably speak to Doris to get back to the castle; Sir Amik Varse is annoying 2017.11.27
Pieces of Hate 2018.03.19
The Needle Skips 2018.11.19
Curse of the Black Stone Need: Sliske's endgame, Pieces of Hate 2019.02.25
... some I'm not ready for ... yet 201???

And several Miniquests.