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The symbol of trusted users with bot scripts. This account is a RuneScape Wiki bot.
Bot crown.svg This bot is controlled by TyA.
Logs detail.png This bot keeps an error log.
New key detail.png The bot's source code is available.

I am TyBot, formerly ZammyBot.

I update GEMW pages and GEMW data subpages. My original script was written by Σ and modified by several others. However, Ty has rewritten the bot from scratch and its source is in a private repo on GitHub. If you would like access, please contact Ty.

If I am malfunctioning, please block me and notify Ty.

If I am using AWB and you want me to stop, please click here and hit save.

TyBot Discord Commands

I currently have a few commands that can be used in #bots on our Discord Server.

Trigger Description
~rs_update Allows rs wiki admins and osrs wiki admins to start the Grand Exchange Updater
~rs_status Displays the status of the bot.
~rs_help Gives a link to this page
~rs_die Kill the bot. Restricted to Ty.
~rs_log Links to User:TyBot/log
~rs_checker on/off Allows rs wiki admins and osrs wiki admins to start/stop the Grand Exchange Update Checker

What I'm currently doing

  • Updating GE prices
  • Updating GE /Data pages for items
  • Random Stuff.
  • Requests: If you would like TyBot to do something for you, feel free to ask me on IRC or leave a message on Ty's talk page