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Total level: 1,695
Attack 75 Constitution 77 Mining 83
Strength 73 Agility 67 Smithing 73
Defence 72 Herblore 58 Fishing 76
Ranged 77 Thieving 68 Cooking 70
Prayer 72 Crafting 70 Firemaking 64
Magic 80 Fletching 59 Woodcutting 73
Runecrafting 53 Slayer 63 Farming 55
Construction 69 Hunter 66 Summoning 54
Dungeoneering 48 Divination N/A Invention N/A
Attack style icon fixed.png 98 Quest icon fixed.png 253 Task icon fixed.png ----
Music icon fixed.png 541

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I am a fairly active RuneScape player, and I also use the forums from time to time. When it comes to radical new updates, I am usually one of the first to complain or compliment (depending on the update, although I usually end up liking or tolerating all of them). For those of you who want to contact me in RuneScape, my username is also Wrathanet.

Here are some of my acheivements:

  • Completing a few tough quests (Legend's quest, Monkey Madness, Desert Treasure)
  • Becoming a member of all of the guilds (skill and quest based)
  • Filling up my friends list beyond the amount of people I could possibly remember
  • Keeping my ignore list down to the amount of people I can count on one hand (so far....)
  • 100% of current Museum Kudos available
  • Having created my account just before the yo-yo was handed out (what was that year again?)

...and having left it unused for a few years afterward.

As for participation in the wiki, I have made a fair amount of edits (only a few of which have had to be corrected). I don't have any specific area of expertise, but I can pick out details on quests I have experienced or items/objects from skills I have used. Most of it is just trivia, but I enjoy adding those details anyway ^_^. I also enjoy writing fan fiction and editorials for the RuneWiki post, and right now I am gravitating towards mysterious subjects such as locations that have no explained history.

Due to my musical background, I have taken an interest in adding information to this wiki's unfortunately bare music track articles.

As for my next fan fiction project, I plan on writing about the history of Iban and the Underground Pass, and I also have another project planned focusing on the destruction of Yu'bisk.

Here is what I have written recently:[edit | edit source]

To see all of my fan fiction writings, visit Wrathanet's Fan Fiction Writings To look at my most recent article, look at My sandbox

A Treasure and a Curse

A strongest warrior, possibly the best
I ventured into this desolate place.
Looking for naught but gain and plunder, even eternal life!
Little did I know of my fate.

A large crystal, I did find
One which, surely, would have great value
But my greed would not be sated.
I was told that sparkling waters existed,
On which I could live forever

Two others, I did see
In that fateful cavern
Beyond the rocky ridge and the rope I found and lowered myself down
From above

They seemed to be men, but something was strange.
Their very bodies decayed,
Their souls being the only thing to continue.
Each wore strange armor,
Ornate and beautiful, compared to my bareness and style.
I thought that extra protection would slow me.

A furnace, beside which I warmed myself
Provided no protection
From the darkness
That began to eclipse

The demons came, and we,
Us three men, stood united
They tasted the cut of our blade
But as we fought, a strange sensation came.

I was overpowered by the spirit of the cavern.

My name is San Tolajon

I came, seeking honor
But found nothing in this dreadful place
Only a glowing crystal and a glowing furnace
Each one’s brightness not enough to light my heart

Being a battle hardened warrior
I seeked isolation
And consolation
After being exiled from my tribe

This area had a familiar feel to me,
Coming from the East as I have
It reminds me of beasts that I have slain
Although I am not sure how.

This place is so foreign that it is almost painful
Being away from my home
To regain my honor, the sages of wisdom led me to this place
Donned in my armor, I arrived above this pit.
Ready for challenge I was, but I only became trapped.

Having lost my ability to meditate,
In this cavern that absorbs your soul
I searched around for a source of calm,
And perhaps it has been found.

An almost ethereal man came to warn me,
In that pit below the ridge.
But I was not fooled by his tricks of the undead
I destroyed his body with my blade
But his spirit somehow remained.

This rock in the center has an attractive power to me
One that no man could ignore
I left behind my hunger for food
And somehow, I loved the stone even more
Day and night, I sat beside it
Feeding on its aura.

As my body slowly died away,

I was overpowered by the spirit of the cavern.

My name is Irvig Seney

From a local tribe, I sought to prove my worth.
“Surely this is an easy task.
All you must do is find a resting place
For our Sacred Crystal.”

They said this simple idea to me, as I traversed the winding caverns
Until I came upon a peculiar spot
Before I could come to my senses, the ground had collapsed

Bruised and defeated, I ended up on the top of a horrendous mountain
The cavern below more massive than any nightmare
My people lived in harmony and with joy towards the sun
Not in love of an oppressing darkness
The one that surrounds me now.

I looked in that lonely dungeon
For the crystal's rest.
I saw a stream of lava
Surely that would be the perfect place
But my mind shifted to other thoughts.
Almost suddenly, and not of my own volition.

This cavern has a strong aura about it
But not one of evil.
It is benevolent, guarding,
And wishing good to the world.

Beyond roaring demons,
Of which I strangely felt no fear
I found glistening waters, pure

“Drink of it”, a voice seemed to say.
And I did as it commanded.
My body was filled with a holy power.

And I was overpowered by the spirit of the cavern.

My name is Ranalph Devere.

I came into this dungeon seeking a dark place
To Plot and Scheme
And train my dark magicks
But, somehow, I already knew that I was coming for a higher purpose.

I summoned a door of the utmost complexity,
To prevent all meddlers
And used my skills with beasts
To attract the deadliest creatures into my lair
Beyond yet another door

A third door I created, to test the minds of any brutish knave
Runes must be inserted
And another test, to satisfy my greed
Pillars for gemstones,
Which my spells would absorb

Last, an intricate entryway, into my cavern
Made to keep out
Any unworthy of the mystical arts.

As I assembled a device to lower myself down,
I noticed something strange
Three men
Naught but skeletons
Circling around a gem

I stole the gem and shattered it
Hoping that those dark monsters would vanish
But no luck.
They greedily grabbed a piece. One for each of themselves

I felt the evil presence of demons beyond that cavern,
And so to protect my new home
Cast a barrier.
But what if I must hide from invaders?

I bound those skeletons to my will, and forced them to build a furnace
One to fuse this gem back together
I discovered a powerful magical force coming out of a boulder in the center of the room
And so used my mystical and practical knowledge to construct
A lock for that barrier that would only accept my key
The gem, after enchantment.

I gathered the essence of those three, and used it to duplicate
Those skeletons that I had so feared.
As I sat to rest on the mountain,
Surveying all I had created
I realized that they were merely protectors for the cavern, not me

And that I had been overpowered by the spirit of the Cavern

My name is Viyeldi

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