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Hello, I am Wonderfl, a RuneScape player.

4,714 This user has made 4,714 total edits on the RuneScape Wiki.

Wikian book detail.png This user has earned the title: the Wikian.
Max cape.png: RS3 Inventory image of Max cape
This player owns a
Max cape.
This player has obtained the
Reaper Crew achievement.
Rawrvek chathead.png This user obtained Rawrvek with a kill count of 1100.
Vindiddy chathead.png This user obtained Vindiddy with a kill count of 1200.
Barry chathead.png This user obtained Barry with a kill count of 630.
Mallory chathead.png This user obtained Mallory with a kill count of 678.
Greg chathead.png This user obtained Greg with a kill count of 358.
Bisdi chathead.png This user obtained Bisdi with a kill count of 90 in solo mode.

Zaros symbol.png This user follows Zaros,
the Empty Lord.


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Useful[edit | edit source]

Table[edit | edit source]

Priority Style Ability Unlock Method Cost
1 All styles Sacrifice.png Sacrifice Kill monsters in the God Wars Dungeon Free

Steps[edit | edit source]

Picture Step
Orthen Dig Site Moksha Ritual Site.png
You should enter into the Moksha Ritual Site.

Steps with Checklist[edit | edit source]

Moksha Ritual Site Moksha device study.png
  • Start the "Incomplete Portal Network III" special research.
  • Proceed to the next steps while waiting for the special research to be completed.
  • Use the dragonkin teleportation network to return to the Moksha Ritual Site.
  • Interact with the Moshka Device to examine it and start the Fragmented Memories mystery.