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Exchange Price Comparisons[edit | edit source]

Warning: Price info is useless on this Wikia. Tables commented out, as they are now pointless here. The code I left behind for educational purposes.


In their collective stupidity and arrogance, the admin of this Wiki have decided usurp far too much control, and removed the ability of all humans (even registered editors) to update prices, except for a select few which they choose, and do not disclose how to become one, and do not grant access to people who wish to have the ability to update prices. They turned all updates over to bot-control. While the bot does not grab rounded numbers anymore, it does have to carefully wait a cooldown period between item queries to avoid being blocked by jagex. This means that all prices are all but guaranteed to always be between 4 hours and a week out of date, the time it takes to cycle through the item list. This makes all calculators pretty much worthless. Even if they were able to intelligently program a bot to more frequently update more often viewed items at the expense of less-oft viewed items, or give the users the ability to click an Update button to "vote" for a higher position in the queue, this still leaves items that will be out of date and no way to update. I feel this is contrary to the entire philosophy of a Wiki (all editors are equal, except some are much more equal than you), and resent having this useful tool taken away. As such, I just use my own private offline items database and update prices only as I need them. --Warp9pnt9 12:34, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

P.S. Due to the upcoming combat update, I've further decided to quit RuneScape, as it will effectively destroy my ability to play the game, train effectively, or defeat some of the tougher bosses required for the Trimmed Completionist cape. --Warp9pnt9 13:56, July 5, 2012 (UTC)