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Hello, my name is Vivi. My interest on RsWiki is creating appropriate pages that covers the latest events in Runescape. My other concerns is to include grammatical alterings to articles for pure clarity and ease of reading. In the near future, I will be involved in creating vast amounts good quality images and actively clearing pages that I find as useless in the changing community and adding links to connect with fan sites.

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Making a new summoning tank called Dhampyir but it will not have much def on it but it will have 99 hp
  • Collect about 16k crimsons for 99 Sum (I have plenty of rich friends to help me lootshare with rock lobs :D)
  • 99 Sum in late March
  • 99 Thief (for lyk the fifth time..)
  • Start another Godwars pk with newfound "Hitpoints Tank" with my clan...

Wiki goals[edit | edit source]

  • create/contribute Summoning tank page
  • 100 edits
  • 200 edits
  • 500 edits
  • 2500 edits
  • Start an active project to fully eliminate stubs and refine all articles
  • Become a staff
  • Import 2000 updated images

Signature Library (under Construction >.<)[edit | edit source]

BS01 Import Empyreal
Vivi says talk to me!
Fire Surge icon.png Vivieln/ talk ile:Soul split.gif|27px
Lavender of France
Lily of the valley.pngVivieln C'est Moi/ talk Lavender.png
Wintumber 09
20px Vivieln Snowman - plain.png talk File:Xmas07_presents.gif|20px
Elf warrior (Cadarn warrior).pngVivieln/ talk [[File:Seren_symbol.svg|21px]]