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This template was placed here to prevent Vindii's user page from creating red links on talk pages and forums. If you are Vindii, please feel free to remove this template and let the public know a little more about you. I like niche pvm calculations and such. Big projects I've finished are Wyvern crossbow, Dark magic aura, Dominion gloves, Dragonfire shield, Friend in need aura, Stun, overhaul and in depth descriptions in Special Attacks, made all primal food pages and added all the info on release, added legacy dpm's and mentions around multiple pages, and originally calculated familiar dpms.

What I want to do: A lot of this is outlined in User help.

Personal storage space[edit | edit source]

Recoil damage[edit | edit source]

Pseudo recoil damage[edit | edit source]

Prayer drain[edit | edit source]

Adrenaline drain[edit | edit source]

Cool stuff that's unused[edit | edit source]