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Hello, I'm Ulithium Dragon (I never know what to say on these pages, so I'm going to just "use" the basic template for now, with a few "additions")...

I am an old hand at editing Wikia's, and generally contribute to the Wikia of whichever game I'm playing at the moment as I try to look up information and find "lacking sections"! n.nU

[Last Updated: 03/25/16]
Here is some basic information about my character and playstyle:

  • My character name is: Faly
  • My combat level is: 110
  • My combined skill level is: 2017
  • I currently have 342 Quest Points
  • I am mostly a casual "jack of all trades" skiller who mostly enjoys quests with fun and interesting puzzles.
  • I also enjoy many "minigames" and other D&D's.
  • For the most part, I prefer other kinds of skilling over "combat", and very much dislike PvP.
  • Some of my favorite skills include: Magic, Divination, Prayer, Crafting, and Construction.
  • Some of my least favorite skills include: Summoning, Dungeoneering, Farming, Herblore, and Slayer.

My Runescape account is quite ancient - coming up on 13 years very soon I think. I had a 7-ish year or so hiatus and only circled back to the game with the release of "Runescape 3".