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I have quit RuneScape, so I have nothing more to add. See my contact info for a way to reach me.

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Contact Info[edit | edit source]

If you need to contact me for any reason, you may use any of these:

  • IRC: Tua_Scoot
  • Aim: Scoot1331
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Runescape Name: Scoot AG
  • Skype: Scoot1331
  • XBL Gamer Tag: Scoot1331 (If you want to add me, make sure you say you are from the wiki in the message)

About me[edit | edit source]

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birth: May 23
Height: 6'6
Location: New Jersey, USA

My Runescape Character[edit | edit source]

Template:Non-player character

My character's name is Scoot AG. I have all the quests and achievement diaries done since combat 97. I am worth about 30m in cash and items. I have 99 fletching and (hopefully) soon get 99 range.







60+ 6466656365

70+ 71 77 71 75 78 75 71 70 75 73 75 70 71 70

80+ 80 86 81

90+ 95 99

Goals[edit | edit source]

  • Create all music track articles (can't stand those red words =)]
  • Get ___ number of edits:

Favorite Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • We have fingers! We have two very big tumorous fingers that are just bursting with Christmas cheer! - Psycho Robot
  • Me: Sysops are friends, not food.
    Rwojy: Yes I am. Eat this banhammer!
  • It would look "wrong" at any angle. Looks like we'll have to live with Mr. Wood here... <.< - Lil Diriz
  • Three and a half billion years ago, the first animal crawled out of the primordial seas and wrote "I WUZ HERE" just to prove he did it. Right after he wrote that, a giant Grue appeared out of nowhere and ate him. Unfortunately, we don't know who was eaten, since he forgot to sign his message. As a result, God created the tilde. - Iiii I I I
  • There's no such thing as medium rare...drop rates are not steaks... - Pal2002
  • Maybe I'm not bold.... maybe I'm italic or strikethrough O_o - Lil Diriz
  • All users have an equal voice in the wiki, and an equal right to edit, but they aren't equal. - (Truer words were never spoken) Ajraddatz
  • Spouse abuse is the new in thing. - Chia
    (wth ^?) - Chia