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As an active player since 2003, I quit in 2010. I'm back for EOC. If there's something you want to ask, please ask. I'll nag friends, and I will find out if finding out is possible. My pm is almost always "on", so don't hesitate to contact me there either. I generally always have assist exp available if you need that. if you pm me, i'll assist any stat, even if i'm 99. current wiki focus: Player-owned Ports. 


In-game: rsn= nacho

as of December 19th 2012, 91 con as lowest stat, 2455 total, 9 non-maxed stats. 

current goal: 95+ in all stats 4 skills remaining

sub-goals:    91/95 construction

                   94/95 crafting


total levels left: 5 

long term goals: 98/99 agility, 98/99 summoning.