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Welcome, Tirrian Gant, to the wiki! I hope you enjoy it here but before you start editing, please read Runescape:Style. Have fun editng!Yellow partyhat.png Ilyas Talk Contribs22:42, 23 January 2007 (UTC)

Your userpage[edit | edit source]

I notice you make an awful lot of edits to your userpage; this takes up a lot of the recent changes page. Please could you not save your page so often; make few large edits, rather than many small ones. If you need to see what something would look like, use the Preview button, found next to the save button. Thanks. JalYt-Xil-Vimescarrot 18:58, 26 January 2007 (UTC)

Almost..[edit | edit source]

you almost got it its "remember you will die!" lol everyone says remember the dead!Dragon battleaxe.png.SirRobin (Talk)

League of Shadows Clan[edit | edit source]

Yeah, we will accept your offer.{{Grievous797}}

Re:Redirect for "Prayers"[edit | edit source]

What's the point of having a category that just talks about Prayers when the same information is in Prayer? That's why I redirected it. If someone wants to read about a specific prayer, look it up under Prayer, and they will find everything they need about all the prayers. Dungeoneering TIRRIANGANT (TALK)18:14, 6 February 2007 (UTC)

I think you don't understand the whole idea about categories, do you? look at the (Category:Runes), everything in it is found on runes. Or look at this one (Category:Weapons), everything in it is found on weapons. look them up in categories because i can't find a way to put a link to them. Of course there are lots of other examples. The point is: categories are for ORGANIZING, not for talking about something like you said. Anyway, I'm not reverting it again yet. I want you to understand why first :) EMG Blue 19:37, 6 February 2007 (UTC).
That makes sense, you're right, I guess I didn't understand the idea about categories. However, when I first saw the page, although there were links, it said that the page hadn't been made, which was a little confusing to me as well. Any way you can explain that one? Also, do you mind showing me how you made the category pages? I'd like to understand the formatting behind it a little better. Sorry about the mistake before. :o) Dungeoneering TIRRIANGANT (TALK)20:14, 6 February 2007 (UTC)
Categories are made by typing the info in them, as with making any other page. However, actually adding articles to a category page is done by adding [[Category:Categoryname]] to the article page, instead of the category page. Check out the bottom of the edit pages of nearly every quest - it has [[Category:Quests]] at the bottom, which places them in Category:Quests. Articles can be categorised into categories than do not exist, too, as those prayers were. JalYt-Xil-Vimescarrot 20:18, 6 February 2007 (UTC)

Apprentices and alliances[edit | edit source]

Well I can tell you your most definatly right about the having to do a lot of work before you get your clan started, mine took FOREVER. And the apprentice thing doesn't work for two reasons: One, people think they know everything, Two: Its sorta hard to train people as assassins, body gaurds, maging, etc, etc. Theres just not enough to train them for its too easy for them. The only things i think you can really train people in is clan wars, ambushin etc etc. Also when you get it started we should have an alliance.Dragon battleaxe.png.SirRobin (Talk)

Weekly Poll[edit | edit source]

Sorry, stupid of me. I will fix it now. Dragon chainbody.pngEmosworldSysop crown.svg

No, sorry, I can't change it. Guess you're going to have to vote for I never owned one and never will. because if I change it, all the votes will go back to 0. Sorry. Emosworld 05:41, 8 February 2007 (UTC)
Ok, thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience. Dragon chainbody.pngEmosworldSysop crown.svg 05:59, 10 February 2007 (UTC)

Interviews[edit | edit source]

Interesting concept to interview players. As for random players with a 99 skill, check out

  • [1] --Miw 23:08, 18 February 2007 (UTC)

Do you mind if I ask you a few questions that I can post on my interview page here under "Random Level 99 Players"? If you don't mind, I'll ask you the next time I see you on RuneScape. Let me know Dungeoneering TIRRIANGANT (TALK)14:21, 19 February 2007 (UTC)

Sure, don't mind at all. Chat is normally "on" and i'll be on later. --Eucarya Talk 14:34, 19 February 2007 (UTC)

I saw svulle the other day while I was in taverly dungeon giving beatings to black dragons. Pretty cool, I got a screen shot. She (its a female avatar so im presuming its a she) didnt speak though. She may have 400 mil xp but I have her mith 2h, Ha!Staci Chainz 10:37, 22 February 2007 (UTC)

Re: Vandalism[edit | edit source]

There is a quick and easy way to revert vandalism. If you go to the history of a page (the little tab at the top), and click on the date of an edit, you can see the page as it was after that edit. So if you click on the edit directly before a vandalism, you'll get the page before it was vandalised. Then, to revert, simply edit this older version, and save with no changes (you'll get a warning message about editing an out-of-date page; this is what you want.) when saved it will save the version before vandalism, and so...vandalism deleted. :)

The other links on a history page are cur, which displayers the page as it was at that date compared to the way it is currently, and diff, which shows the difference between that version of the page and the version before it. Hope all that helps :) I'll look at your forum now, I don't normally check clan forum threads, which is why I missed it before. JalYt-Xil-Vimescarrot 16:27, 20 February 2007 (UTC)

Seems to have been reverted already. JalYt-Xil-Vimescarrot 16:29, 20 February 2007 (UTC)

Re:Image to delete[edit | edit source]

Er, it's still on your userpage. (Sorry, I was away for a bit.) You sure you want it deleted? JalYt-Xil-Vimescarrot 11:23, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

Sorry, looking at the wrong image. Image deleted. JalYt-Xil-Vimescarrot 11:44, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

The template you left behind[edit | edit source]

If you're left with an unused template page by mistake, put {{d|mistake}} on the page. JalYt-Xil-Vimescarrot 17:32, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

You wanted to speak to me about...[edit | edit source]

You stated that you wanted to speak to me in game. I have added you, but you seem to never be on at the same time as I am.Yellow partyhat.png Ilyas Talk Contribs18:38, 27 February 2007 (UTC)

Good work[edit | edit source]

Great job on the globe articles! --Whiplash 22:12, 27 February 2007 (UTC)

Signature?[edit | edit source]

This is a bit cheeky but i noticed you made a signature for ermmmmmm can't member her name. Anyhoo, I've tried making my own about 5 times to no avail so.... could you please make me one? =D I'd like a crystal bow on the left, range skill logo on the right, light green border + writing and green back ground? If you want i can give you some ingame money, thanksStaci Chainz 22:23, 1 March 2007 (UTC)

Thank you very much =D 23:06, 1 March 2007 (UTC) 23:00, 1 March 2007 (UTC) don't know how I should say this but.... Can you please make me a signature?  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Patcong (talk).02:43, 2 March 2007 (UTC)

Ecuse me[edit | edit source]

I am wondering something I once read some wierd note thing and it said(this note will eplode in 3 2 1!)and then I was dealt damage.Tell me what happened.Nature rune.png Majora18574Blood rune.png20:55, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

about the dragon dagger[edit | edit source]

Can a non-member hold a dragon dagger. You said that you were going to sell me a dragon dagger p++ for 50k. Am I right? Thanks.. Can we meet in Varrok, by the way. Please answer as quick as possible. I saw just saw you on RuneScape 5 minutes back. Thanks!

Non mems cannot hold any dragon weapons.White partyhat.png Patcong talk White partyhat.png01:34, 9 March 2007 (UTC)

Yeah, I know that! But can I have one in my inventory without equiping it. If that works, I will still buy a dragon dagger p++ from gant. Thanks! --Anyuan753 01:33, 10 March 2007 (UTC)

Sorry, it's not possible to sell member's items on free-to-play worlds. Dungeoneering TIRRIANGANT (TALK)22:34, 10 March 2007 (UTC)

You don't need 99 Construction[edit | edit source]

I noticed on your user page you want to get 99 Construction to get the best house. You can get the best house with just 90 Construction. This could save you some money (about 50m getting from level 90 to 99), and get to your long term goal of building the best house a bit earlier.

With the Crystal saw (from the The Eyes of Glouphrie quest) you get a +6 Construction bonus on items built using saws, add that to the +3 bonus from tea made using cups from the Teak Shelves 2 in the Kitchen and you can build any constructed items that use saws, up to level 99 with just level 90 Construction.

The highest level constructed item that the Crystal saw does not work with is the Steel dragon (requires 95 Construction). You could either put this in by getting 92 Construction and using the tea, or you could do it with 90 Construction and using Spicy stew to get +5 Construction (I never got a +6 with the Spicy stew). Construction.png Amaurice Talk 18:03, 16 March 2007 (UTC)

You made a mistake when you said that with the Crystal saw I can get +6 on my skill level. It's only a +3 bonus, so I'd still have to get a couple more levels. I'll still try for the 99 construction just for the cape, considering how rare it is for anyone to be seen with a Construction Skill cape. Thanks for the advicce though, any other ideas? I figure this will all cost plenty of money to begin with anyways, but if there are any short-cuts, I would love to hear about them. My real hope is to make a relatively small house (with at least one or two of every room) but have a large dungeon. Dungeoneering TIRRIANGANT (TALK)18:25, 16 March 2007 (UTC)
Yes, your right, the Crystal saw is only +3, my mistake. Means you need 93 Construction to be able to build all items. As for the house itself, it takes planning because of the 20 room limit (including gardens). I kept only useful rooms (no Parlour, etc). You can see my house, and as you can see, I'm going to change it again when I next work on Construction to add the Costume Room and Combat Room, dropping the Games Room (probably near Christmas by that point). I made about 50m towards it by fletching arrows. Construction.png Amaurice Talk 20:04, 16 March 2007 (UTC)
Note, fletching arrows is no longer profitable since the shop update. Amaurice talk 00:19, 3 October 2007 (UTC)

The Inter-Clan Treaty[edit | edit source]

Please follow the link to our clan page and read over our alliance stuff. You seemed to have missed it. You, and every clan member, need to sign for our alliance with The Da-Chia Clan. Oh, and just a tip, if you aren't doing so already, please add our clan page to your watch list so if any changes occur, you will know.Yellow partyhat.png Ilyas Talk Contribs 14:39, 18 March 2007 (UTC)

Spiders[edit | edit source]

My friend did get reported for killing a giant spider. SyugecinDragon halberd.pngtalkcontribs

Well... =/ He got a blackmark. SyugecinDragon halberd.pngtalkcontribs

Re:French[edit | edit source]

C'est moi! (That's me!) --Whiplash 10:49, 9 May 2007 (UTC)

Re: Permanent blocks[edit | edit source]

Permanent blocks should rarely, if ever, be given out to IP addresses. Many people use temporary or proxy server assigned IP addresses, which change regularly, so a permanent block on an IP address makes no sense. A permanent block on a user makes more sense, an IP address - not really. Besides, vandals get bored easily, and we need contributors from everywhere. It is (very) tempting as sysop to just permanently block an annoying ip address vandal, but restraint should be used as far as possible.

Cheers --Eucarya Talk 18:42, 9 May 2007 (UTC)

Sorry[edit | edit source]

Sorry at snapping off at you like that in the RFAs, but I can't believe you'd even think that >( Onyx.pngMalestro17:10, 10 May 2007 (UTC)

The Reason[edit | edit source]

The reason is I am a bit impatient, however it is also because I would like the powers to help, and we have a growing wiki, and I believe I could help support it especially with all the new members. It also helps with more vandals, which I either miss, or can't deal with very well when I do see them. There is the fact I want to be a model for new members as well, and get to know the rest of you better. At the state I am now, doing all those things at once while trying to keep my other responsibilites to the wiki is too hard. I wanna be a great member of the community but remain an editor as well. Admins have that. I don't want it for the glory, I want it so I can still keep active with all of you and the edits, without tiring myself out. Also.. I want to help is the main reason. The admin we have now, think about it... Don't you think with all the editors there swamped. And as long as the nomatid person is qualified to do this I think we should have them. Even if its NOT me. I believe that for everyone, (and this is not a bribe, so just forget it when you're posting.) and if you nominated yourself, I would support you.

Exceeding template expansions limit[edit | edit source]

I noticed that your user page exceeds the template expansion limit (which is the reason your getting the funny errors at the bottom). The Goal template currently uses quite a lot of nested templates within it. I can't see a way of significantly reducing it easily. For now, you might want to reduce the number of Goals on your page until someone can find a way of improving it. Just to let you know. Amaurice talk 14:50, 22 May 2007 (UTC)

It appears that reducing the amount of templates works:
Pre-expand include size: 1232700 bytes
Post-expand include size: 80693 bytes
Template argument size: 34839 bytes
Maximum: 2097152 bytes

The key thing appears to be the pre-expand size. This appears to be a fairly common issue. The commonly adopted solution is to split documentation from the actual template code. By moving the documentation to a subpage, the pre-include size can be reduced and also enables different protection levels for the template itself and its documentation. Perhaps a way to increase the template efficiency and improve server processing speeds. --Miw 15:51, 22 May 2007 (UTC)

Needs more study, as the split did not make a substantial difference. There also appear a few templates to be missing, so more study into this mechanism is required. --Miw 16:19, 22 May 2007 (UTC)
Okay, I've managed to simplify the Template:XP to Level by using #expr instead. I've also changed the Template:Skill clickpic to always not call Template:Clickpic multiple times. This seems to be enough (they were the worst offenders). However, I have had to add an extra parameter to Template:Goal to allow a Label to be specified if someone want to have their own label (instead of the default skill image).
Tirrian, I've updated your page with this change (as you were specifying label text rather than the skill in the Skill parameter). Amaurice talk 17:11, 22 May 2007 (UTC)
Separated the documentation from the XP and the Goal templates, which should save some pre-include space. Tirrian's user page now shows:
Pre-expand include size: 799807 bytes 
Post-expand include size: 38949 bytes
Template argument size: 28953 bytes
Maximum: 2097152 bytes
So all efforts achieved a 1.3MB to 0.8MB reduction. Which should reduce server load and thus page load time. --Miw 09:36, 23 May 2007 (UTC)

777 Rune Store[edit | edit source]

We except your deal! We will trust trade you your stuff asap. Post on our page the times you are available for us to give you the essence

Thanks for all the fish[edit | edit source]

I've got my eyes set on a college already ^^ But thanks for the help. I'm gettin' more info on it now...

.......... , . - . - , _ , .......
......... ) ` - . .> ' `( .......
........ / . . . .`.. . . .. ........
........ |. . . . . |. . .| ........
......... .. . . . ./ . ./ .........
........... `=(.. /.=` .........
............. `-;`.-' ............
............... `)| ... , ........
................. || _.-'| ........
............. , _|| .._, / ........
....... . ..... ..|| .' .............
..... |.. |.. , . ||/ ............
... ....` | /|., ||Y.., ............
.....'-...'- ._....||/ .............
......... >_.-`Y| ..............
............. , ..|| ...............
............... ..|| ...........

(a little gift) Thieving-icon.pngMomento Mori Real PainNot Champagne00:07, 26 May 2007 (UTC)

lol, love your reference to Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Dungeoneering TIRRIANGANT (TALK) 00:09, 26 May 2007 (UTC)

777 Rune Store[edit | edit source]

My RS username is Jks 777

Something's Fishy here[edit | edit source]

There is a scam that involves giving people poisonous karambwan fish. Hence the warning. As for making the money for constuction, I made some farming ranaars, making prayer pots and selling (probably made about 100m over time). Later I made money buying arrow heads from shop, making arrows and selling arrows (made about 50m doing this). Now I make money doing runecrafting. Amaurice talk 22:32, 1 June 2007 (UTC)

RE: RS User Name[edit | edit source]

Yes it is, and of course you can. Dungeon map icon.png Christine 21:38, 3 June 2007 (UTC)

Sorry..[edit | edit source]

..about the rather abrupt good-bye last night. Dungeon map icon.png Christine 18:56, 4 June 2007 (UTC)

Wiki Clan[edit | edit source]

We're having a meeting. More info can be found here. However, this meeting began being planned a while back and almost nobody responded so I think now is the time to inform members of the clan.Yellow partyhat.png Ilyas Talk Contribs 15:39, 5 June 2007 (UTC)

...[edit | edit source]

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear nothing.....not even you.... The Shadow Of Death 04:55, 13 June 2007 (UTC)

Re: Stat Calculator[edit | edit source]

I have thought it would be nice to get some. The calculations can be done using the {{#expr: ....}} parser functions (see the Wikimedia Help:ParserFunctions page for details).

There is a lot of other useful information on the Wikimedia Help:Editor page, particularly all the topic links at the bottom of the page.

The main challenge is how to pick up the user's input from a form. I think I might have seen something on the above pages somewhere, but not sure where. Might need a bit of hunting. I might have a look a bit later. Amaurice talk 16:52, 13 June 2007 (UTC)

If it's not possible to dynamically pick up the XP or level from a form, then it may still be useful having stats calculators that people can use on their own pages (where they enter the value in the page itself), a bit like Goals, etc. It's just that without dynamic entry of XP or level, we could not have general stats calculators that anyone can use. Amaurice talk 17:16, 13 June 2007 (UTC)
Yes, I think the simpler one would be better. I've just posted some thoughts on your Forum:Stat Calculators page. I'm going out for next 2 or 3 hours, but I'll check when I'm back. Amaurice talk 18:52, 13 June 2007 (UTC)
I've updated the Forum:Stat Calculators page with what I've done so far. The table form of what's needed (see Forum:Stat Calculators for details) is now a relatively simple template. Probably just need to decide on a naming convention, and create them. In creating them, we would need to decide which items people are interested in. For example, with cooking, there are a lot of things that can be cooked. Even if it's just the fish, there are still quite a lot. Let me know what you think. Feel free to copy the contents of my User:Amaurice/Sandbox2 if you want to have a go at creating the templates. Amaurice talk 12:32, 15 June 2007 (UTC)

Broken links[edit | edit source]

Hello, one of the projects that a few members of the wiki have recently taken up includes tackling Wanted Pages to try to remove red links that are not article names. It seems that either your userpage or talk page have links to articles that no longer exist. I’m sending this message to ask you to remove these red links for your pages, or in 2-3 days I will do it myself. If for some reason you would like to keep the links (and the only case I could see of this is if you are trying to retrieve a forum thread that has been deleted, and have not yet been in contact with Hyenaste) then please leave me a message on my talk page as soon as possible so that I know not to remove these links. If you are unsure of what links your page may include, again please leave a message on my talk page. This is what I plan to do:

  • Replace any forum links with [[Forum:Does not exist|link text you had previously]] or, if its just a link to a forum I will replace it with [[Forum:Does not exist|Forum:old forum name]]
  • If your page includes a link to a signature that does not exist (most likely [[User:Total Rune|Total Rune’s]]) I will replace the bad link with [[User:User name|User name]]
  • Links to fake items will be replaced simply with the item name
  • Links to non-existant images will be removed completely
  • Links to non-existant user subpages will most likely be replaced with Subpage name

Thank you for your cooperation, and please leave any questions on my talk page. ChristineTalk 18:58, 22 June 2007 (UTC)

Re: A couple leveling questions[edit | edit source]

I got my crafting up by buying green and blue dragon hides, then making into dragon bodies, then high alching the bodies. I bought dragon hides rather than tanned dragon hides because normally cheaper. I would then run from al kazid bank to tanner to get tanned, then walk back making dragon bodies at the same time. It was a bit of a money drain, but not too bad, and is fast crafting experience. I would usually try to buy green hides at 1.55 each, and blue at 1.8 each, but would go up to 1.6 and 1.85 if necessary. I made my own nats to offset some of the cost. Buying from outside fally east bank in world 2 is cheaper than forums. Green hides are usually sold in larger quantities than blue there. Anyway, that's what I did to 99 crafting. Only make bodies and high alch, otherwise you will loose a lot more money, which means that you really need 63 crafting to start this method. Cow leathers (making hard leather stuff) might be fairly good for getting to the 63 level first.

If you want to try the mining gold approach (I tried for a bit once), I found the gold mine you get to in the Between a Rock quest is probably best, and using the ferryman just east of mine to take ores back to bank. If you have the chaos ring, he does not charge so many ores in commission.

I trained my farming from about level 35 or so, up to 80 doing ranarr seeds over a period of a year. It was my main form of income during that time, and had the additional benefit of raising my farming and herblore (and a bit of magic due to lots of teleports around). I would buy the ranarr seeds at 20k-25k each. So planting 4 seeds in the 4 patches cost 80k-100k. Using super compost (made using pineapples), and holding the magic secatuars from the Fairy Tale Part I quest, I would get from 5 to 15 herbs per patch, but the average was 6 herbs per patch(including the occasional deaths of the herbs). I would make into prayer pots, that I sold for 7k each, which gave an average of 168k for the 4 patches (24 x 7k). Even if you buy the snape grass and vials of water, you still make a good profit. Using teleports, a farming trip to all allotment patches only takes 5 or 10 minutes. Visit farming patches every 2 hours to pick herbs and plant new. In between you can do other skills, etc. As for making the super compost, I only used the one near catherby because it's close to bank.

Hope that helps. Amaurice talk 00:35, 23 June 2007 (UTC)

I found it![edit | edit source]

Ok, so it took an insane amount of digging (I went back through between 1500 and 2000 deletions) but I found your clan forum page and restored it! Turns out it was actually deleted by Emosworld on May 18th, which explains why going through Hyenaste's deletions didn't work. It can be found here: [[Forum:New Runescape Clan (Rough Version)]]. I've changed the forumheader to Taven (unsure of where else to put it) but its there. =] ChristineTalk 15:49, 23 June 2007 (UTC)

Can I join? ;) Syugecinspam 14:37, 24 June 2007 (UTC)

I've deleted the page for you. And the template to have something deleted is {{D|reason}} btw. ChristineTalk 20:44, 28 June 2007 (UTC)

Re:Delete a forum page[edit | edit source]

Can you delete a page for me? It's in the forums under "New RuneScape Clan (Rough Version)". I've moved everything I need from it, which is the only reason it was restored in the first place. Thanks. Oh, and if there's a page I want to mark for deletion, what am I supposed to put on the page? Thanks again. TIRRIANGANT 20:32, 28 June 2007 (UTC)

Okay sure. Thanks for asking me. =D. And the template is this: {{D|Your reason here}} Syugecinspam 21:29, 28 June 2007 (UTC)

Crud. Christine beat me to it. Syugecinspam 21:34, 28 June 2007 (UTC)
Sorry Syu lol. And no problem Tirrian. When I retrieved it I knew you'd need it deleted eventually so I was just kinda looking out for that. Besides, I'm an admin now, its what I'm here for =] No worries, you can ask me for anything. ChristineTalk 21:40, 28 June 2007 (UTC)

Re:Dragon WC Axe[edit | edit source]

Ok, I'll answer you by quoting then answering. =) Hope you won't mind.

  • Combat trips are a possibility assuming we have a couple others to bring with us.

Ok..? Define, "Combat trip" and also who would we bring? O_o

  • I started doing a bunch of the Gnome restaurant tasks recently, although I still have a little ways to go before I get the decent rewards.

I think only the gnome pilots give the scarf and goggles, but we should ask the master.

  • Cutting yews, we'd need to cut about 9k each and sell for 300 each, that'd get us about 2.7 mil each.

9k each? *passes out* I've never been able to keep a stock of anything (besides money and runes) over 1k (except willow logs).

  • Or, between the two of us, you could get the d axe (I'd help cut about 4.5k), as long as I could get you to supply me with wood for my fletching in return for the work for your d axe.

Hm... So I'd have to pass on 4.5k yews, the equivalent money, or equivalent logs? That's probably the best bet at the moment. But if you want a D axe too, we'd think of something else =/ Syugecinspam 16:43, 5 July 2007 (UTC)

Re: De l'argent[edit | edit source]

Using skills, there are several common options, like woodcutting, fishing, etc. The main ones I've done myself are:

  • Farming Ranarrs - Buy ranarr seeds for 20k-25k each. Using super compost and Magic secateurs you get an average of 6 ranarrs per patch (counting deaths as 0). You can sell the ranarrs for 7k-8k each. With 4 herb patches it makes about 60k-100k average per farming (which you can do about every 2 hours). While waiting for herbs to grow, you can do other things. If you want, you could get snape grass and water vials and make prayer pots to sell instead.
  • Fletching Arrows - Buying arrows heads (cheaper than making them) from ranger guild or catherby shop, buying feathers and shafts from players, then making into arrows which can be sold for profit. I did this with a friend, one buying from ranger guild and one buying from catherby shop. I did addy and rune arrows, but I know others who have done mith and addy arrows.

Merchanting is supposed to be good money, but I don't do it myself, so have no idea what is good to merchant and what is not. I tend to only sell or buy in bulk stuff that I make or need. If your interested, over the next 2 or 3 weeks I'm looking to buy:

I'm also selling lots of nature runes at 290 each (to pay for the items I'm buying). Amaurice talk 22:08, 5 July 2007 (UTC)

Yes, I'm looking at buying the first 1k-2k of mort myre fungi this weekend. PM me when you see me online over the weekend then we can discuss buying arrangements. Even if you don't manage to have the first 1k in time, PM me so we can discuss the possible buying of the remainder during the next 2 or 3 weeks. Amaurice talk 23:34, 5 July 2007 (UTC)
Sounds good. Whenever you want to trade, I can meet you in Canafis if that's easier for you. Don't worry about it being exact numbers, for example, if you have 734, then I will still buy all. Amaurice talk 14:35, 6 July 2007 (UTC)

Yes, I am in England. I use the flag on my sig so people realise I'm in a different timezone. Which timezone are you in? Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern? Pacific is 8 hours off England, and Eastern is 5 hours off England. I play most evenings from 8pm to 12pm (midnight) UK time (so that's probably before your back from work). I will probably be on a fair bit of Saturday, particularly between 8pm and 12pm (or maybe even 1am) BST. That's between 12am (noon) and 4pm PDT or 3pm and 7pm EDT (depends on which timezone your in). Amaurice talk 15:40, 6 July 2007 (UTC)

I live in Reading, Berkshire, which is west of London. Amaurice talk 15:59, 6 July 2007 (UTC)

Re: Fungi[edit | edit source]

Good work on the fungi. I might not be on all evening next Saturday, but should be logging in at various times. I'll probably be on most of Sunday evening though, so if you miss me on Saturday you might be able to catch me on Sunday.

Btw, I've worked out we're actually 8 hours difference. So when I'm on from about 8pm to 12am (midnight) in UK time, it's between 12pm (noon) and 4pm Arizona time. We could agree to be on at say 3pm Arizona time on Saturday, if that's good for you. Amaurice talk 14:57, 9 July 2007 (UTC) = 15:57 UK time

Hi, I didn't see you on yesterday. Did you manage to collect much more fungi? I'm looking to buy the remaining fungi today, but if you want I can hold back on the last 1k fungi in case you have some to sell me. Although I'll probably be looking to buy the last fungi about 3pm Arizona time today. Amaurice talk 14:15, 22 July 2007 (UTC)

Re:Chef[edit | edit source]

Got 2 cooking levels ^^ Syugecinspam 18:14, 11 July 2007 (UTC)

Re: Any Rules on naming of Signature Templates[edit | edit source]

I saw your message about your signature being Signatures/Tirrian_Gant rather than Signatures/Tirrian_gant. IMHO, it's not really a problem. Moving it to the correct location creates more of a problem because we have to either:

  • leave a redirect for the old name to the new name, which just creates more entries


  • remove old entry, and then all places you used existing signature in peoples pages talk pages will fail to find your signature correctly.

In the case of signatures under the main template space, there isn't really an option, and the old names have to go. So, IMHO, because your signature is in roughly the right place, we just leave your signature as it is. Amaurice talk 22:21, 11 July 2007 (UTC)

Making 5 mil[edit | edit source]

Hey Tirrian! If you want to make it fast, try selling Obsidian stuff. If you have lvl 99 smithing it could be a help but you dont need it. You can buy Rune items from the shop in the Champions Guild and sell them for a good price. Example: Buy Rune Platelegs: 64k Sell Rune Platelegs: 100k

A way I find much easier is killing the TzHaar residents ( level 133 and level 149 ), picking up the Obsidian capes they drop and selling them for around 70k TokKul, buying an Obsidian Shield and selling it for 300k Profit: 300k!

Or you can sell the Obsidian capes straight off but I wouldnt reccomend this because they are only worth about 90k each.

If you have level 60 fishing, cooking gauntlets ( obtained from the Family Crest quest ) and about level 60 cooking, you can catch and cook lobsters ( if you are only level 40 it takes to long ) and the cooking gauntlets reduce the risk of burning the fish.

You can also pick flax but:

A) Its very slow B) Its only worth 100 each, less if you sell in large amounts C) Its fine if you only need 100-200k but useless for more than that

The best one is probably the Obby equipment one but selling gnome cocktails and food can be very profitable on non-member worlds! If you need anymore help, tell me! -BlizzBlizzard9901 22:41, 13 July 2007 (UTC)

re rune sale[edit | edit source]

i meant to sell 38 for 456k Knightgod444

Questing War / no more / house meet?[edit | edit source]

as u can see this is a split comment (lol)... well me and potato just had the war for who has the most pnts not who gets cape b4 whom (tht would be me cuz i am richer than him)... there is no mroe war me and him got in an arguement and we removed each other... u wanna meet up at my play owned house this saturday? WORLD 103 TAVERLY PORTAL. and i will add u for just tht day (so u cn get in) then i would like to see ur house afterwards... Zamorak's Book of Chaos.pngtalk☼Codym_6☼talkHelm of neitiznot (e).png 

house meet[edit | edit source]

i had a house party last night... should posted tht on here... but anytime this week is ok with me Zamorak's Book of Chaos.pngtalk☼Codym_6☼talkHelm of neitiznot (e).png 

The Dirty Bastard[edit | edit source]

I'll help you kill the Chaos Elementel whenever your up for it (after I finish questing) if you like =]. Thieving-icon.pngMomento Mori Real PainNot Champagne18:07, 3 August 2007 (UTC)

Ouch, sorry =\ I think I made a side vow of never archiving my talk page too, I can get rid of the vids I guess. Thieving-icon.pngMomento Mori Real PainNot Champagne20:13, 3 August 2007 (UTC)

My new sig![edit | edit source]

Tirrian check out my new sig! :-) Abyssal whip.pngMrJks 777Dharok's greataxe.png

Re: Nature running[edit | edit source]

In the earlier days, I used to use the General store method as described on the Nature running page. Generally, in this case, you want to travel as light as possible so you can run as much as possible.

Now-a-days I use the abyss method. At your combat level it might be a bit risky, but you may be okay if you wear appropriate armour. The main concern is pkers and damage from abyss monsters. Generally, most of the people I've seen die in the abyss itself have been people under level 80 who are not wearing any armour.

What I wear is:

  • Black dragon hide armour (you would wear red)
  • Spottier cape (to reduce weight)
  • Mind shield (good magic defence against PKers)
  • Ring of life (just it case things get dire)
  • Boots of lightness (reduces weight), but climbing boots give defence
  • Rune pickaxe (although a cheaper one would do)
  • Helm of Neitiznot (good defence, and easy for me to replace)
  • Amulet of glory (used to teleport back to Edgeville)

I also set my "attack mode" to "defensive", and carry a teleport tablet.

If I'm attacked by mages on ancients, then I just teleport away using the teleport tablet. If I'm attacked by a mage on normal, I still attempt to use the teleport tablet, but if they have done teleblock as well as entangle, I just wait out the entangle and then run back when I can move again. The armour normally gives enough defence until I can run.

I also have a 3 world rule. When someone attempts to PK me, I will switch world. If it happens again, I will switch to a 3rd world. If someone attempts to attack me on the 3rd world (during hour or so I'm RCing), then I decide there are too many PKers, so restore my prayer at my house, super pot up (including super anti-poisons), get a DDS and go for the PKers. The frustration with this is that a lot of PKers world hop (when they have failed to PK me) before I get back to them ready for battle! You of course would not need to do this.

Another tip (not specific to RCing), but if your wearing a ring of life and you are badly poisoned when it goes off, you might not get time to run to the bank and unload before the next poison damage kills you. Instead, run somewhere bit isolated (away from where people are standing) near where you spawn on death, then when the poison kills you, run back to that spot and pick up your stuff. For this reason, it's also sometimes good to use teleport tablets that teleport close to your normal respawn point (just in case you are low on HP and poisoned by the time you manage to break the tablet).

If you want to try the abyss sometime, I can keep you added and let you know (if I'm RCing) whether there are PKers in the world I'm currently in. Amaurice talk 18:27, 21 August 2007 (UTC)

One extra thought on the general store method of nature running is that you might need to watch out for "rune thieves". Although it's not technically against the rules, there is a certain "code of conduct" with nature runners that they don't buy each others runes that have just been sold to the shop. However, not everyone respects that code of conduct. The other thing that can happen (and does sometimes cause confusion) is that when people sell 10 pure ess to the shop then buy back again, they only get 9. This can happen if it just happens at the point when the shops stock auto-adjusts to it's normal values (which in the case of pure ess is 0), so one of the pure ess is "lost" to the shop. Doesn't happen too often if you sell and buy quickly. Amaurice talk 22:23, 21 August 2007 (UTC)

n00bz0rs subpage[edit | edit source]

You might like to use these as an example. Thieving-icon.pngMomento Mori Real PainNot Champagne17:40, 25 August 2007 (UTC)

Costume Room[edit | edit source]

I wanted to ask your permission to use your costume room idea for a user page. It is extremly well put togetherScythe.png Atlandy 20:15, 5 September 2007 (UTC)

Re: Page help[edit | edit source]

The problem was a missing |} at the end (to close off the outer table, i.e. the one that has the overall "left column" and "right column"). In edit mode, this mistake does not show up so much because the edit fields after the preview close of the tables, etc. It's only when you see it for real, it shows up as not right.

As for having too many goals, etc, I though you should be okay. We reduced the overheads of goal (and some other templates) to not use so much processing space. If you want to check how close you are to the limit, just look at the page source (i.e. view page source), and search for the string "pre-expand". It should take you to a few lines that say what the pre-expand, post-expand, etc, sizes were. On your page they are currently about 600k or 700k. The maximum is about 2000k. Amaurice talk 14:35, 7 September 2007 (UTC)

I don't know why it's stopped working again. When I tried to go into the history and look at the latest revision there, it displayed okay. When I tried copying to my sandbox, it displayed okay too. I don't know if there's some cache or something that's returning the old page or something. Oh, nice page BTW. :-) Amaurice talk 15:31, 7 September 2007 (UTC)

Looks like the problem was the Wikimedia cache itself. It keeps generated pages for a little while, and for some reason did not realise that it had to regenerate the cached generated page for your sandbox. I cleared the cached file for your sandbox page by adding "?action=purge" to the end of the URL (i.e. Amaurice talk 15:46, 7 September 2007 (UTC)

By default, the table of contents appears when there are 3 or more headings, and it is placed before the first heading. You can choose the position of the table of contents by using the __TOC__ in the place you want it to appear. There are also other Magic words that control Table of contents. Amaurice talk 16:10, 7 September 2007 (UTC)

Crafting D'Hides[edit | edit source]

I was reading down your 99 skill log and noticed under crafting that you mention number of d'hide vambs. You do not want to make d'hide vambs (except when selling as sets) because you will loose too much money. If you are planning to high alch the stuff you make, then you don't loose too much on bodies, but the chaps and vambs are quite a money loss. Also, with bodies, you can make them faster (uses 3 hides at the time for 3 times xp). Amaurice talk 14:46, 17 September 2007 (UTC)

The total skill level is my primary goal too. Before I took a break from RS about 2 years ago, I got most of my skills to 85 (although I did not get around to doing the mining and stopped before I got range to 85). Initially I aimed for 70, then I did 85, because I noticed that 85's gave access to most things. At that stage I did not think getting 99 was realistically possible. That's why most of my skills are at 85. :-)
When I came back to RS, slayer and hunter came out (so they are still below 85), and while doing slayer I lost my guthan's warspear, etc, (total of about 10m), so lost heart because I could not afford a new one. My older son suggested that I power fletched arrows to make the money. I did this all the way to 99. He then told me that crafting was quick and easy to get to 99 to, so I did that. Now I've decided that getting 99 in skills is possible.
Working on all skills in parallel is the fastest way to get up the total skill level up, and I would do this, except for my observation at the abyss. I've noticed that most PKers are around combat levels 80 to 100, or 120+. The 80 to 100 combat levels tend to be after the player drops. The 120+ are doing it just for fun (they don't generally need the money). There aren't so many around my combat level of 112, so I've decided to do all the runecrafting before my combat level goes up too much. This means that I'll also do the skills that need money for quick leveling (for the next 9 or 10 months), hence the selection of skill goals listed on my user page.
Once those are done, I may aim for more 99's or may do balanced leveling (like before) of the other non-combat skills to 99. I want to get a really high total skill and leave slayer/melee/ranged to the end, so I can have a really nice total skill before I have 120+ combat level. Amaurice talk 17:21, 17 September 2007 (UTC)

And congrats on getting to 220 quest points. Not too far to go now. :-) Amaurice talk 17:23, 17 September 2007 (UTC)

Re: Total Leveling[edit | edit source]

Yes, you do have nicely balanced skill levels. Balanced skills lets to get the most out of the game. Given that you have all your skill levels at 30+ and have a nice number of quest points, are you doing the Tears of Guthix (minigame) each week? I would recommend it. It only takes a few minutes each week, and within a few weeks it would get your runecrafting and hunter (your two lowest skills) to 50+. When I play the game usually mamage about 130-140 tears, which gives about 8k experience in lowest skill. Amaurice talk 19:00, 17 September 2007 (UTC)

Sandbox[edit | edit source]

Not *exactly* sure what was wrong, but I realized that you must have made the tables wif WIKIWYG, and so I found any oddities that were unusual, and I found and removed the offending line. Have fun wif yer sexeh sand! --NOTASTAFF GPT(talk)(eating) 22:50, 17 September 2007 (UTC)

Re: New edit problems with another sandbox[edit | edit source]

The problem was that the border style, etc, for the cell left information cell had been put on the row instead (followed the "|-"). This stopped the border from working.

The background still worked because you can set the background of the row (which is what it was doing), which had the effect of setting the background for all the cells in the row too.

I've decided to box up my user page a bit too. :-) Amaurice talk 07:48, 19 September 2007 (UTC)

Question[edit | edit source]

I wanted to ask you have AIM? I am on at atlandygaScythe.png Atlandy 21:51, 25 September 2007 (UTC)

Sorry, I didn't realize it was so abrupt. I had to get dinner iin the oven. I am usually on the game from 4-6 pst. I have the wiki up most of the day when I am in the officeScythe.png Atlandy 14:00, 26 September 2007 (UTC)

Re:Whatever you said =P[edit | edit source]

The thing is, no matter what I do, some people will always oppose me unfairly. That's just them. I can't change that. So every RFA I have, a choice few people will always be there to ruin it. I'm not saying I'll never be an admin, I'm saying that some people will never support me and we just need to deal with it. Cashman286 talk 21:03, 2 October 2007 (UTC)

Re: Smithing[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately, the way I did smithing was not a cheap way. I bought steel bars and made into steel plates at smithing place next to varrock west bank, which I then high alch'ed (to get some of the money back). Smithing plates is fast because it uses 5 bars at the time but it is very expensive (over 10gp per xp).

Another method you could try is the blast furnace. Since the allocation of a blast furnace world, there is usually a ready made team. However, I'm not sure what people do about getting the ores (since the shop there was empty of coal when I looked recently). I think people might take noted coal, sell to shop, then buy back again. An advantage of the blast furnace is that it takes less coal (e.g. 1 iron ore + 1 coal = steel bar). At level 60, access to the anvils there is free (otherwise it costs 2.5k to get through gate to anvils each time).

I will look at the blast furnace option in more detail myself after Christmas (when I next work on smithing) so see if it's any good after the world allocation and shop changes. (I did try it solo before the changes, but decided that was too slow). Amaurice talk 17:26, 15 October 2007 (UTC)

Clan Invite.[edit | edit source]

Hello, I'm Marvin. I'm interested in getting an invite to be recruited to your developing Clan. You can contact me in game at marvin2093, or leave me a message on my talk page!

Thanks, Mage Expert Cosmicbalence talk  23:35, 15 October 2007 (UTC)

Vandals[edit | edit source]

Amaurice has told me to be prepared for a vandal attack today (I guess there was one last night)...Just giving you the heads upScythe.png Atlandy 15:33, 16 October 2007 (UTC)

Userpage layout[edit | edit source]

I've made my userpage look like that to give it a more professional look. Just saying thanks for making the template. Bye =). Cashman286 talk 19:46, 16 October 2007 (UTC)

You're buying steel bars, eh?[edit | edit source]

I feel like getting my mining up and making a bit of cash while I'm doing it, so I'll make you some to buy =D. Just tell me how many ya want and I'll get right on it =). Cashman286 talk 19:36, 23 October 2007 (UTC)

So if you're done, it'll all have been for nothing, or will you still buy them? Cashman286 talk 21:59, 23 October 2007 (UTC)

(I see no need to make a new header) I have 528 steel bars if you wanna buy them. I don't mind just selling 500, or getting enough for 600 if you want it even by the way. ChristineTalk 21:27, 24 October 2007 (UTC)
Sure thing. If I'm not on, just leave me a message on my talk. Its likely that I just didn't feel like playing, but I will get on whenever. ChristineTalk 21:49, 24 October 2007 (UTC)

Re: Herblore boost[edit | edit source]

I think mature greenman's ale is tradeable. I don't see many people selling though. Alternatively, you could use spicy stew to get the herblore boost. Amaurice talk 19:00, 30 October 2007 (UTC)

Money making guide[edit | edit source]

I noticed that the Money making guide does not mention about collecting secondary ingrediants under the herblore section for Red spider's eggs or Mort Myre fungi. I've collected Red spider's eggs (about 500 for myself recently), so I've updated the Money making guide for them. However, I've never really collected Mort Myre fungi myself (other than a quick visit). Could you add to the Money making guide herblore section about how to collect Mort Myre fungi? Also, how did you recharge your prayer when doing it? Is there an alter nearby? As someone who has done some collection, I thought you might know the answers to these. :-) Amaurice talk 12:47, 1 November 2007 (UTC)

Requested Signature[edit | edit source]

Can you make it blink and make my username text green, and a small talk link too. Thanks for the help!