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Hello, I'm Tim, My RuneScape username is "x Tim x" (old:Gmstim)... So I have a few things I do when I have freetime (Other than RuneScape) and playin with the RuneScape Wikia, Misc. programming, and The Runscape Formes are some of them...

I'm working on hunter atm, hopeing for level 91..

I love editing and improving the quality of the RS Wikia. =Þ

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x Tim x
Total level: 2068
Total XP: 119.7m 92 91 91 89 81 70 99 81 99 80 80 75 76 80 73 49 95 99 71 81 99 85 47 69 12 187 192 505

Special thanks to Adult chameleon (automatic).png Anurin Talk · Sign! . for the amazing scripts.