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This page contains a log of Slayer drops as well as my opinion about each of Kuradal's Slayer tasks. I don't actually plan to get 99 Slayer, but I spend most of my time training the skill anyway, so I wouldn't be surprised if I did.

Slayer Drops[edit | edit source]

I also keep track of these in my notes.

Other special drops earned from Slayer:

Unlocked[edit | edit source]

I have unlocked all special abilities. I do have a fire cape, but I obtained it after I unlocked ice strykewyrms. Yes, that means I achieved 93 Slayer before I got a fire cape.

Unlocking the ability to make rings of slaying was an excellent decision. I regularly use the teleports even when I'm not slaying.

Block List[edit | edit source]

Assignment Reason
Bloodveld The normal ones are among the most boring Slayer creatures on Kuradal's list. The mutated ones are ridiculously fast with a cannon, I hear, but too many cannonballs are needed, and I feel the drops aren't good enough to cover the expenses. Besides, I don't want the fastest experience possible; I train Slayer for the cash and because it's fun.
Spiritual mages The only reason I killed these in the first place was for dragon boots, but they have drastically dropped in price. I usually came out of each task with at least one pair of boots, so a 200k profit was almost guaranteed, but their other drops are horrible so it's pretty bad when I don't get a drop. They're pretty boring to kill as well.
Suqahs These monsters drop a lovely grimy marrentill on almost every kill. In other words, their drops suck. The addition of their teeth as drops is not good enough to justify fighting them.
Kalphites Boring, crowded, bad drops. Yep, I really do care about drops.
Hellhounds Aside from clue scrolls, these have no drops whatsoever, and I can get clue scrolls elsewhere. I don't care about gold charms either.
Living rock creatures Bit slow and very boring. A decent profit is possible if I mine the remains after each kill, but it's too time-consuming.

Analysis of Tasks[edit | edit source]

Assignment Rating Reason
Aberrant spectres 4***** I used to love this task because I could cannon the spectres in the Desert Slayer Dungeon and finish in a very short time. Depending on the price of cannonballs, I may or may not cannon the spectres. I like the herbs and herb seeds they drop.
Abyssal demons 3***** Good for crimson charms, rune items, clue scrolls, and the occasional whip drop. Unfortunately the demons are rather boring to kill, especially since they are weak for a monster of their level. They are also assigned often and in batches of 200 or more. I fight these in the Abyss, though I'll sometimes use Kuradal's Dungeon if I feel like it. I bank the ashes with Winter Storage to make a decent profit.
Aquanites 2***** These things are strong and accurate with their magic attacks, but with extremes, a rapier, and Soul Split, they're manageable. Drops are mediocre, but the amulet of ranged is a nice bonus. Without an amulet, I usually make very little profit, if any. I probably shouldn't have unlocked these, but I actually like them more than the tasks on my block list.
Black demons 4***** Back in the day, black demons were notorious for hitting hard and having crappy drops for their level. Nowadays, they're actually fairly fun to kill and offer excellent experience if slain in the Chaos Tunnels resource dungeon. The infernal ashes and rune chain drops more than cover the cost of the prayer potions (I use Protect from Melee when fighting these), and the crimson charms are very nice.
Black dragons 4***** I like to call this a "refresher," since it's a nice break from all the monotonous tasks of 200+ easily killed monsters. It's also one of the few tasks where I use my Chaotic longsword over my rapier. Since black dragons are assigned in low numbers, I bank the bones and hides to make a quick profit. I have received a visage from these as well.
Blue dragons 3***** These are the easiest and most convenient dragons to kill. Unfortunately, that makes them boring and crowded, but at least I make plenty of money from the bones.
Dagannoths 3***** I kill these in the Chaos Tunnels with Protect from Ranged and a fighting familiar. Unlike the ones in the Lighthouse, these dagannoths drop a lot of crimson charms. The drops in general are decent, and they more than pay for the prayer potions. If I feel like it, I'll solo Dagannoth Rex instead of fighting regular dagannoths because it's much more fun and profitable (though it's much slower as well).
Dark beasts 2***** I cringe when I receive a task of 200+ dark beasts, but at least they're the best Slayer monsters for blue charms aside from Mutated jadinko males. I always fight them in Kuradal's Dungeon to get them over with quickly, tanking them while flashing Soul Split to maximize my profit (which isn't much).
Desert strykewyrms 3***** They have nice noted drops and are easy to kill. Unfortunately, their burrowing attack prevents me from AFKing the task, which I'm often tempted to do since easy kills = boring kills. I'm extremely glad that the desert heat effect was removed from the area.
Dust devils 2***** Average, ho-hum task. Their drops are okay, and I have snagged a dragon chainbody from them, but obviously I won't be that lucky on every task. Since I fight them in the Chaos Tunnels, I use a good combat familiar (usually an iron titan) to get the task done quickly.
Fire giants 2***** A small step down from dust devils, fire giants hit more and have worse drops in general. Candidate for blocking.
Ganodermic beasts 5***** This is one of my favorite tasks along with Ice strykewyrms, mainly because they're ridiculously profitable. Despite the excellent seed drops, I tend to keep them for myself to train Farming or make overloads. I always fight these with a polypore staff because the spores I receive from each task are sufficient to charge the staff two or three times, making casts very cheap. I don't even have to use the neem drupe because the beasts are easily safespotted.
Gargoyles 4***** Gargoyles possibly have the most irregular drop rates of any creature on Kuradal's assignment list. Sometimes they can be very generous, dropping multiple mauls and black mystic robes. Other times, they drop coins and an abnormal number of blue charms. This makes them interesting to fight.
Greater demons 3***** This task is great for training my Ranged level. I fight them in Kuradal's Dungeon with rune darts, and it seems to be comparable to melee in speed. The crimson charms are good, and they drop rune full helmets and clue scrolls fairly often. They're rather boring though.
Grifolapines 3***** I fight these with Protect and Ranged and a polypore staff. They are easy and quick to kill when I'm equipped with the best magic damage-boosting equipment possible. Having to use the neem drupe is pretty annoying though. Individually, the drops are mediocre for such a high-leveled Slayer creature (swamp tar, seriously?), but I guess they add up over time. That doesn't mean I pick them up.
Grifolaroos 3***** Pretty much the same as Grifolapines, except I don't need prayer potions. Flashing Soul Split is more than sufficient for killing them.
Ice strykewyrms 5***** YES. My favorite task, ice strykewyrms have excellent drops, including the staff of light, elite clue scrolls, key halves, rune equipment, stacks and stacks of pure essence, and crushed nests. It's not uncommon for me to make over one million coins from one task, and that's without staff of light drops or clue scroll rewards. I used fire surge to kill them back when runes were cheap, but now I melee them (which is even cheaper).
Iron dragons 4***** Same as black dragons pretty much. This is a refreshing task after killing monsters like fire giants and dust devils. I have received several elite clue scrolls from them, but no visage.
Jungle strykewyrms 3***** Quick to kill (boring), good drops, and very close to a bank and the Grand Exchange (via the Mobilising Armies spirit tree). They're also nice and colorful. I don't worry about being poisoned because I use an antipoison totem.
Mithril dragons 4***** Another one of those "refreshers." I enjoy the challenge posed by these creatures, and the possibility of getting a visage or dragon full helm is nice.
Mutated jadinkos 3***** These things hit hard (the jadinko males, that is)! I have to constantly flash Soul Split to be safe because they can easily hit me for 1/3 of my lifepoints. And because of the jadinkos' own high lifepoints, this task takes even longer than dark beast tasks. Their drops are not that good, but I do like the elite clue scrolls, effigies, blue charms, and whip vines.
Nechryaels 4***** These drop valuable items like herb seeds, death runes, rune equipment, and crimson charms. The death spawn are of little consequence, so I ignore them. Pretty straightforward task, but one of the most rewarding because I use little to no supplies in return for great drops. Rune boots have dropped considerably in price though.
Skeletal wyverns 3***** These have slightly worse drops than, say, black dragons, but are faster to kill. Instead of using protection prayers, I flash Soul Split. A combination of extremes, Turmoil, and a chaotic longsword makes them drop quickly. They are also excellent for crimson charms. And of course, visage.
Steel dragons 4***** Stronger than iron dragons, but have better drops. Awesome.
Terror dogs 1***** I really don't like this task for some reason, even though it's fast. It's probably because of the bad drops.
TzHaar 4***** This task is interesting because it's unique and offers me the chance to do the Fight Caves for Slayer and Ranged experience. If I'm not in the mood to kill Jad, I just fight the TzHaar around the city for a quick, boring task (in which case I give it 3 stars).
Vampyres 4***** I obviously fight the high-level vyrewatch in Darkmeyer when I receive this task. They are fast, semi-AFKable, and have good drop rates of blood and death runes. I don't cremate the corpses because it's very time-consuming. I've already cremated the 500 corpses needed for the completionist cape (if I ever choose to go for it) anyway.
Warped tortoises 3***** Surprisingly profitable, but there's only one convenient spot to fight them. This results in two problems: either the spot is already taken, or someone else comes along to steal the spot. Therefore, I often kill the two tortoises at the area near the end of the sewers. It's a pain to get there, but at least it's empty. I use Winter Storage on the shells so I don't need to worry about banking and running back.
Waterfiends 4***** Crimson charms: the sole reason I fight waterfiends. This is also the one task which makes me proud to own a chaotic maul. The use of Soul Split saves money and ensures that I complete the task in one trip (even if they are close to a bank anyway).