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"Greetings and salutations, folks."

What I do here[edit | edit source]

I am a devoted RuneScape player, and you can obviously guess what part of Wikipedia I spend the most time on. For those who aren't the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree, I am quite fond of the RuneScape Wiki. I occasionally do an edit or two on the wiki, but because I don't tend to play RuneScape nearly as much as I used to, and because so many things are updated quickly before I can reach them, it's not all that often I contribute to it. Although, I was responsible for the Shade Robes, Box trap and Polar Kebbit articles. So, yay for those minor things?

Feel free to to post on my talk page if you want (though no one does that, I'm too unpopular =p), although it may take a bit for me to respond. For faster responses, try my email at [email protected]. I check my e-mail a lot more often (well, usually...), so you'll likely be able to give me your message faster.

My RuneScape Character[edit | edit source]

Name[edit | edit source]

If it need be, you can contact me on RuneScape. My RuneScape character username is Slaughter465. (Yes, I know my RuneScape wikia name is Thunderbird346, that's my universal internet name, Slaughter465 is my "RuneScape-related stuffs" name. It's crazy; get used to it. =p) Just be aware, however, that I tend to spend most of my time with private chat set to "friends only." So, it might actually be easier to send me questions/comments/concerns via this page or e-mail. If I do happen to have my private chat unfiltered, then just say you're from the wiki, and I'll understand. Also, if it helps any, I generally only log into World-70, unless I am trying to buy or sell something, or am meeting one of my non-member friends, of which I seem to have many. On non-member worlds, I'm usually on World-33 or World-34.

As a fairly high-levelled and experienced player of RuneScape (about 3 years worth of playing,), I like to say I have pretty good stats. Take a look at the table below to see for yourself. I've hit level 100, which has been a long time goal of mine. I believe that is the definition of "high-levelled" these days, and I have several other levels in other skills to bolster that. So, hah. Er, did I say hah? Um... Waffle-Man, gah, Slaughter465, or maybe Thunderbird346? Well, one of them... away!

My Stats[edit | edit source]

Total level: 1418
Attack 78 Constitution 79 Mining 66
Strength 79 Agility 47 Smithing 45
Defence 79 Herblore 31 Fishing 62
Ranged 51 Thieving 52 Cooking 63
Prayer 53 Crafting 55 Firemaking 50
Magic 59 Fletching 42 Woodcutting 62
Runecrafting 19 Slayer 48 Farming 9
Construction 52 Hunter 72 Summoning 25
Dungeoneering 32 Divination 1 Invention 1
Archaeology 1 Attack style icon fixed.png 100 Quest.png 131
Music icon.png 357 Task icon.png ---- RuneScore.png 1,725
As of 7/27/08

My Goals[edit | edit source]

Every RuneScape player has their goals. I myself have quite a few, so I'll list some here. Achieved gaols will have the appearance of a strike-thru. Any comments on the goal will be listed below that goal.

  • Get all melee combat skills to 80, and soon
  • Get enough money to buy a Dragon chainbody or an amulet of fury
  • Get level 60 Prayer, and complete Knight Waves to use Chivalry
  • Get level 60 Magic, and beat the Mage Arena to get Claws of Guthix
  • Get level 50 Construction
    • Yeah, my house looks awesome with the Fancy Stone style.
  • Shoot for 99 Hunter Defence, over a long period of time
    • I can't keep enough devotion to Hunter, so I'll just try to get my favorite combat skill to 99, since I can grind combat for a lot longer. Hunter will be next on the list, though!

So as you can see, I still have quite a bit of gaming left to do on RuneScape!

Things I've Seen Throughout RuneScape[edit | edit source]

Funny Things I've Seen[edit | edit source]

  • A chicken hit 1 damage on me when I was an absurdly low level. (Chickens are generally believed to be unable to hit for any damage at all)
  • Every time I attack an Otherworldly Being with my whip's special attack, it misses. Isn't it supposed to be more accurate?
  • My friend accidentally melted his fingers off when trying to smelt limestone without leather gloves. He promptly died. However, it was no longer funny when he later told me of his loss of a Zamorak Plate Skirt.
  • A level 42 called me a noob when I was twice his level, since I was defending a person he was thrashing. I then offered to fight him in my boxing arena after I had previously declined his fight challenge. He promptly declined my offer.
  • A long time ago, I was asked to kill someone who was only a few levels below me (around 62, and I was level 64 or so), since that person was "too lazy to walk to Lumbridge." So, I attacked the person in level 2 Wilderness with my full armor set (full Rune armor, with a Dragon Long Sword, and several other valuable items). However, she retreated at about half health, and offered a trade, asking if she would lose the 152K coins she was carrying. And then, for some odd reason, she walked back into level 2 Wilderness. So, I attacked her again, in hopes of obtaining an absurd amount of cash. She repeatedly warned me not to kill her, but I decided to decline her pleas, and when I had nearly vanquished her, she suddenly put on a full set of Ahrim the Blighted's armor (I think it was that, might've been Ghostly Robes), and an Ancient Staff, then proceeded to use Ice spells on me. Ow. I promptly fell to the monstrous power of Ancient Magicks, and respawned in Lumbridge with absolutely no items. However, she then felt a moment of pity for me, apparently, and asked me to return to Varrock. To my utmost surprise, she handed me everything I had lost, except my cape, which could have been easily replaced, but she offered me a purple cape anyway. =) After that incident, I never attacked another player in the Wilderness, unless out of retaliation. Peace rules.
  • Technically, I didn't see it on RuneScape, but on my user page. I've got this page bookmarked, and when I loaded it, it seemed to load in a sort of "beta" style. By this I mean that the page had loaded without any of the ads, and the text seemed to be in a different style and size, and many other parts of coding seemed to fail to load properly. I found it amusing.
  • I've gone hunting again! And this time, I've been able to settle my conflict with the ol' Chinchompas. Well, the red ones, anyway. I've found a good spot that's reliable, and doesn't require the use of a torch. Hooray! However, before I found that spot, I was in the same spot as with the Grey Chinchompas (read below). Things would go well, then bad, then well, then bad, and so on. If one arrogant little beast decided to break all 4 of my traps, then I'd run over and kill it, for good measure, usually yelling something random at the screen (for even more good measure, like that of a Saint or something!). So, why is this under the "amusing" section? One little Chinchompas that I attacked, and killed, happened to take a leap at my trap, and guess what? It went right inside! So now, with my countless other Chinchompas, I've got a few dead ones there, too, along with only semi-dead ones. Heh.

When I find more funny stuff that's happened, or experience brand new funny things, I will put it here (prolly, anyway)!

Irritating or Stupid Things I've Seen[edit | edit source]

There's a lot of, well, unsavory people on RuneScape, or just things that aren't fair or plainly idiotic, and I've had my fair share of encounters with them.

--me: Grr... >=(

  • This is the story about the aforementioned person who scammed me out of an Abyssal Whip's (or "whip" as I'll call it from now on) value in gp (1,800,000 coins at the time). So, I had been working for months to get level 70 Attack. When I finally reached my level, I was jumping for joy. However, there was then the task of getting the 1.8 million gp so I could buy a whip. After all, no one gets level 85 Slayer overnight. So, after many months of mining Pure Essence, picking flax and spinning bowstrings, I finally had raised the full amount of cash, with about 60k left over after my purchase. So, without further ado, I made a post on the forums stating that I was wishing to purchase a whip. Within minutes, a person, whom I will refer to as "scammer", replied and said that he wanted me to come to an area near Goblin Village. So, I decided to bank all of my equipment, so as to be able to run for longer, and hence make my journey from Varrock to Scammer's location that much shorter. Within minutes, I had reached Goblin Village, but I saw no person. He said he was up north a little bit, gathering Wine of Zamorak for unknown reasons to me. So, I ran north just a bit, being cautious not to enter the Wilderness. I then found him, and he was standing right next to a tree. In my rushed excitement, I offered a trade, and a prompt acception was given. As I was typing "1800000" to put up 1.8 million gp, I noticed something very odd. The trade window had disappeared, and I was walking north to something. Then, I noticed someone who was exactly my same level, 81 at the time, and was attacking me with a magic freezing spell. The first one fizzled, so I ran away as fast as possible. However, another spell was fired, and managed to connect just before my escape. I knew I was a dead man from here on out. Then, the mage proceeded to unleash his physical power on me, by wielding a Dragon Dagger with super-strength poison, burned all of the special attack power, then pulled out a Dragon Scimitar and began to kill me. I tried to resist the attacks with my Prayer skill, using Steel Skin (as I did not have access to Protect from Melee at the time) to ward off the attacks. However, it was not enough, and I was dead within a matter of minutes. And Scammer was their to collect the loot. All 1,800,000 coins. However, the biggest mistake of all was logging out the moment I died. This is where you'd probably be extremely disappointed in me. Since I was so furious, I logged out to vent my rage, thereby preventing my from reporting the scammer for what he had done. So, not only had he gotten away with it, but there was absolutely no way that I could get him banned in any way for what he had done.
    • What I believe happened was that the scammer had brought a friend along with him that was exactly my level, and placed himself and his assistant exactly in the right spot so that when I traded with the scammer, I would appear to his assistant, and in the level 1 Wilderness. The assistant, most likely being a pure, would be free to kill me from there. It was very elaborately planned; you would probably need a picture to understand it. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get a picture up here. I had one for a time, but now, you'll just have to use your imagination.
  • When attempting a login for RuneScape, the connection was lost three (count 'em, THREE!!) times before a successful login was done. Then, the connection was lost again, and when it finally decided to stop crashing, all actions took a very long time to carry out, and was done at an extremely drawn-out speed. I think my computer set a new suck record (please excuse me, my 'puter [computer] and I are having serious relationship problems)...
  • A lower levelled friend who is struggling to succeed in RuneScape asked me for a wizard outfit when I was busy. I did not want to disappoint or offend her, so I decided to comply (even though I normally suggest ways of making money or getting experience). The very next day, she asked the exact same question, wanting to know if I could give her another wizard clothes set. You can imagine my frustration. This time, however, I did not give her one, instead suggesting to kill wizards to get the hats/robes. It's hard looking like a rich person and attracting the attention of beggars...
  • Whilst training Hunter with deadfalling Prickly Kebbits, one trap collapsed. Usually, I can shrug off about 2 or 3 in a row, but in this case, each time I laid out a trap, it collapsed, 6 times in a row in total. It's even worse because I'm typing this while those stupid Kebbits are still ruining my traps. I kinda hate them, and as soon as I get/got level 53 hunting, it's box trapping until Imp Boxes. Except the Chinchompas will probably tick me off even more... I now feel very disgruntled.
  • Associated with the aforementioned topic about the Prickly Kebbits, I recently moved on to Chinchompas ASAP. Just as predicted, they soon proved to be equally irritating. Initially, though, they weren't angering, and I first thought of them as a very reliable source of Hunter XP. However, after planning a long trip to the area to get at least a good 4 or 5 levels, I began hunting for Chinchompas. I brought along the 120 I had caught before, to add more to it, in case of a random event. Soon enough, I got the Dr. Jekyll event, and decided to wait and kill him for a potion. Hiding behind a rock, I began attacking with the 120 or so Chinchompas. About 4 minutes later, I had wasted all of them, only doing a total of about 25 damage. So, I finished him with my Abyssal Whip, and got a meager potion, which I decided to drop. Later, I went back to Hunting, but the Chinchompas were simply not wanting to be caught. To make a longer story somewhat less long, after nearly 45 minutes of hunting, all I caught was 6 Chinchompas. I haven't been hunting in weeks ever since.

Poll (updated sometimes)[edit | edit source]

I will put any polls I create here. Any past polls will be put here. Usually, these polls are just here to entertain and make my page more popular.

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On the complete flipside of above, if you feel you have a good idea for a poll, then feel free to suggest it on the discussion page of my past polls section. Follow this link if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

Templates[edit | edit source]

Here are some templates that describe me, or were hilarious beyond (my) belief...but first, a rune shall be displayed:

Ah. Much better.

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