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Vandalize this page and die! Or not...

This is the userpage of a guy named Bob the Builder Thek213.

My Sandbox!

My userboxes. Mmkay?

And you should go here if you want to see some pretty stupid or amusing videos.

About Me[edit | edit source]

I am Thek213, ally of Hazeel, Traditionalist follower of Guthix, Enemy of H.A.M., friend to all monsters (although sometimes my "little friend" just happens to slip out), Dragon slayer by the level of 39, and killer piano player.

What I do for fun: Ask questions or say sentences that make no sense.[edit | edit source]

  • This sentence is a lie.
  • I always tell the truth. Even when I'm lying.
  • How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  • I like cheesy soda pop sauce yo!
  • Spider pig, Spider pig, does whatever a Spider pig does! Can he swing, from a web? No, he can't.. because he's a Spider pig........

My goals!![edit | edit source]

Attack 100%
0 levels
Defence 25%
46  60 
14 levels
  • See to it that Dinoduel1 becomes a Guthixian with no Saradominist or Zamorakian folly.
  • Kill a lvl 80+ in Castlewars
  • Kill a lvl 90+ in Castlewars
  • Kill a lvl 100+ in Castlewars
  • Same as above, without help

My Philosophies[edit | edit source]

  • Whosoever uses the term "noob" derogatorily unto another person is a noob themselves, tenfold. If it is used as a joke (i.e. TehNoobShow uses it frequently as a joke) then it is null and void.
  • A wikia member is not classified by his personality--they are classified for their edits. But if someone randomly runs up to you and swears at you, go ahead and judge his personality.
  • Teabagging in Halo owns. Have you tried it? Now that's something they should put in RS. Crouching. Of course, you respawn immediately after you die in RS, so you don't get humiliated because someone's virtual privates are in your virtual face.
  • If at first you succeed, STOP TRYING.
  • My stomach has ADD. That is, "A devoured duck."
  • helo i am mastur cheef lololololololololollololololollololollllololololololloloololololololo

Stuff[edit | edit source]

These are things you should and shouldn't call me. Thanx for the idea, Sacre!

Call me these names:

  • K
  • Keith
  • KM
  • That one guy
  • Thek
  • Spongmonkey!!

DON'T call me these names!!:

  • Ke
  • k
  • Kid
  • Key
  • Thel
  • Thim
  • Thim213
  • Spongemonkey!!
  • Trek
  • Threk
  • Tek
  • Fred

Signature[edit | edit source]

Δεατη Ηιμσελϕ ΝοϒεσΙΔK

Yes, that's the Greek alphabet. Looks kinda nice. If you don't know what it says, then why don't you find out yourself, eh?

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Um.....yeah...[edit | edit source]

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