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The exildTalk HSBarrelchest anchor.png    18:27, April 3, 2010 (UTC)

The exild


Release Date
Late October, 2008
Combat level
Life Points
Slayer Level (to kill)
Slayer Xp (gained from killing)
200 million
Members Only?
You'll have to find out the hard way
Max Hit
267 (with owned weapon) 348 ( borrowed weapon)
Always Drops
All full barrows sets, all godswords, uber pwnage in a jar, Corporeal Beast, oreos
Examine Text
examining.....unable to self-destruct in 10...
The exild
Total level: 1427
Attack 75 Constitution 75 Mining 53
Strength 73 Agility 61 Smithing 50
Defence 71 Herblore 40 Fishing 62
Ranged 72 Thieving 55 Cooking 62
Prayer 54 Crafting 50 Firemaking 62
Magic 67 Fletching 58 Woodcutting 72
Runecrafting 38 Slayer 60 Farming 52
Construction 56 Hunter 70 Summoning 51
Dungeoneering ---- Divination ---- Invention ----
Archaeology ---- Attack style icon fixed.png 98 Quest.png 204
Music icon.png 506 Task icon.png ---- RuneScore.png ----
As of Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey, my name is the exild, which is in the wiki, but i am currently playing as wolfblitz. I'm new to the wiki stuff, and started back in january. My real life name is Matthias or Grant (my middle name), so call me either one. I play a lot of Runescape and MOSTLY have my private turned onto anyone, so add me if you want. As you can see, I have O.K. skills and have 2/3 of quest points. I'm NOT running my clan at the moment, but might later. I can be found at the Bandos Throne Room making $$$$$$, hanging out with my friends at rimmington on WORLD 31!!!! W00TAGE!!!, maybe questing, or maybe even skilling (for quests).

Goals[edit | edit source]

I know i'm not great at runescape but atleast I have noobish goals

Coins detail.png 15%
12,663,000 gp

Hunter 6%
70  99 
29 levels

Quest.png 68%
95 qp

Prayer.png 77%
54  70 
16 levels
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Favorite Skill
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Awesome quizes you can take[edit | edit source]

Five year-old challenge

Human Shield Test

How many countries can you name?

The Geek Quiz How do you taste?

My Results:

I can take 22 5 year-olds

49% a good human shield

34 countries in 5 minutes :(

Aparently 16% of a geek (too many questions about numbers and star trek)

I taste like undercooked tofu to a

Pics[edit | edit source]

My noobishly epic hit with range (I can hit much higher now then in that picture)

[ Me and my friends hanging out at the Rimmington Well ]

[ Me winning the TzHaar Fight Pits ]

Strategy Guide[edit | edit source]

This is my first strategy guide to a hard boss in a quest, so there might be 3 things you won't like about it:

1. Its my first guide

2. It may be an easy boss to some of you, but it was kind of hard for me. This is for players around my level

3. It has some pretty high requirements (may be hard to obtain)



  • Ancient Magicks

  • Runes for ice blitz or better (I had 67 mage, so I used ice blitz)

  • Mage armor [(cant have cape or helm, needed for fishbowl helm and diving apuratus) (I had dag'on hai robe top, bottom, obsidian shield, and water battlestaff)]

  • Atleast 43 prayer (I had 52 at that time, but only 40 prayer points)

  • Pretty high hitpoints (I had 740) probably enough to sustain 2 of his max hits (350)


Alright, use the walkthrough page by clicking here if you aren't at the part when your about to fight the barrelchest.

Now, walk from the granary where the monks are, to where you blew up the door in the church. Before you walk through, set your quick prayers to protect from melee, and the highest spell you can use that enhances your magic level (best is mystic might, which I used), and select autocast for your best ancients spell (ice blitz or better). Now, Walk through the remains of the door and confront Mi-Gor. He will then summon his level 170 minion, the barrelchest (When he is summoned, I advise you to run out the door and then back in, so you will have time to double check your quick prayers and autocast because he won't attack you immediately if you leave and come back and you will be able to attack him at any time). Now, turn on your quick prayers, and attack him (it is best if he is far away from you and you freeze him with an ice spell). Now when he attacks you, he will hit high, drain 5 prayer points, and jumble your prayers (turns them off), so it is essential you stay contemporary with his hits eating whenever needed, and clicking your prayer points button twice to activate your prayers again. If you do this correctly, you should hit him and he should hit a 0 on you. Now do the prayer flash thing until your out of prayer points. If you had higher then 40 prayer points and hit him often (I had 40 prayer points at the time), he should be at 1/2 his health or 2/3. Now here's the hard part. You must now fight without prayer unless you bring potions (which I strongly dis-advise), so as I said before STAY ALERT OF WHAT HE HITS AND EAT WHENEVER NEEDED. Now, you just keep on what you were doing, but with eating, you will need to click the attack option on him everytime you eat (which is often). He attacks slowly, and if your lucky that he doesnt hit high or at all, you can attack him twice or even 3 times.



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Uza Bawkzez[edit | edit source]

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