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Hey guys! My name is Luke and I am a Lieutenant rank in the RSW Clan chat. My current IGN is 'Luke XL'

There isn't really much to say about me really :p.

Where to start... I would concider myself a fun and easy-going type of person allways up for a laugh, however I can sometimes take things a bit too far owing to my Autism.

I strive to offer help and advice in any way I can, and although I may be a novice at edditing the wiki, I have an extensive knowledge of the game itself, being the proud owner of the 5-year veteran cape, and 17 skillcapes, inlcuding every combat 99.

I'm not one for questing however :/

As for my acomplishments, I would say that my personal favorite was achieving 99 slayer, as well as defeating both nomad and Tztok-Jad.

Well, thats it really, short and sweet. ^.^