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Runescape life story[edit | edit source]

I started RuneScape because my ex (girlfriend at the time) got me into it.

When I first started members, my first members quest that I started was Digsite Quest, but never actually bothered to do it. Then accidentally started Family Crest, which I didn't complete until early 2009. (It was 2006) at the time, roughly)

My first completed members quest was A Soul's Bane, and at the time it was difficult for 4 reasons.

  • I was level 50-something at the time,
  • Had no knowledge of good food, (I was using full invents of chickens to heal myself with, kept running out and wondered why...)
  • Was too poor to purchase good weapons (I was using an Adamantite pickaxe... Good for mining but not for combat.)
  • and had a lack of tactics (Go in and attack headfirst, see what happens.)

Then I got intimidated by all the high leveled players, so I didn't spend all my time on members worlds, in fact I stayed on Free-to-play for a bit until my members ran out. The only real members item I bought was a pair of desert boots >_>

After a while I got bored of training on Lessers in full Zamorak armour which I bought after some poor sod died dropping 7mil before the Trade limit and Gravestones were introduced. The 7mil was spent on the Zammy and Runes for training Mage up until level 60, when the funds dried up.

Then I got bored of free-to-play, getting constantly annoyed by the fact that talking to certain NPC's kept giving me messages referring to getting members, so I did (again) only this time I got more done!