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99 Woodcutting

Welcome to my userpage!
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Welcome! This page is a small diary of my quest progress throughout RuneScape. I've only kept a diary very recently, so I only have feedback about completing some of the most recent quests I've completed.

Quest achievements[edit | edit source]

Free quests[edit | edit source]

Members' quests[edit | edit source]

Discontinued quests[edit | edit source]

Miniquests[edit | edit source]

Achievement diaries[edit | edit source]

Falador Diary (Completed)[edit | edit source]

  1. Easy
  2. Medium
  3. Hard

Fremennik Diary (Completed)[edit | edit source]

  1. Easy
  2. Medium
  3. Hard

Karamja Diary[edit | edit source]

  1. Easy
  2. Medium
  3. Hard

Lumbridge Diary (Completed)[edit | edit source]

  1. Beginner
  2. Easy
  3. Medium

Seers' Village Diary (Completed)[edit | edit source]

  1. Easy
  2. Medium
  3. Hard

Varrock Diary[edit | edit source]

  1. Easy
  2. Medium
  3. Hard

Ardougne Diary (Mostly completed)[edit | edit source]

  1. Easy
  2. Medium
  3. Hard
  4. Elite
    • Need better skills. I doubt I'll be attempting them anytime soon.

Recently completed quest(s)[edit | edit source]

Quiet Before the Swarm
I started this quest thinking I'd be able to take on and kill the Pest myself. Obviously not. XD The only combat in this quest is an out-of-body experience, so I took combat armour for nothing. In fact, it's recommended you DON'T take armour because you need to take it off late into the quest anyway. Rather easy, but hopefully it will get harder as the quest line continues. Hopefully us White knights will gain access to higher ranks and get bigger prayer bonuses from armour! That'd be great...

There was a Pest that I don't recognise. During Jessika's dream, you had to unscramble an image of the Pest to unlock her memory about releasing it, but it wasn't anything I recognised before. Are they perhaps thinking of updating the Pests? I hope so, they're all old and... skippy.

Lastly, I noticed a subtle reference to Portal; a guy who is obsessed with cake and constantly lies about it. Hmmm, hello GLaDOS. That makes two references to Portal now, the other was the examine text for the Portal of Life.

Buyers and Cellars
This quest was rather (and annoyingly) short. Luckily it has capers to make up for the shortness.

In this quest, I loved how Father Urhney doesn't notice he's blatently being robbed even if the player cocks up and he's looking right at you when you steal the Golden chalice.


  • From Tiny Acorns: I really felt sorry for the dwarf. His new animation chathead seems to give him more emotion and he seemed upset alot of the time. I felt bad when I stole his Craftsman's monocle too...
  • Lost Her Marbles: Luckily the Flame fragments didn't need to be pickpocketed from the Rogues, just 6 from every other NPC "type". I was really fretting over going into deep wildy. >_< I hate the Chaos Elemental.
  • A Guild of Our Own: This miniquest was annoying. There's one point where you have to go into the Guild Registry office, distract both the guard and the registrar to gain access to the money to "pay" for the Thieving guild's registration. When I finally got past the part where you get into the vault in the basement (after the 5th attempt), I didn't have a lockpick to finish the job. So I had to go back, get the lockpick and do it all over again. Twice more.

Once done, I had full access to the thieving guild. Which is pointless.

Rune Mechanics
A frustrating quest, but only because of the Pure essence I needed to carry. Basically, I would drop some to make inventory space, then go back to Aubury to mine some more Essence, but thanks to not having enough inventory space I had to keep going back and forth, making up about 4 trips. Easy quest, got the Rune guardian and turned him Crimson at the Blood Altar. Simples!

Fairytale III - Battle at Orks Rift
After the girl I like (who is also my ex-girlfriend) bought me a month's worth of membership, I decided to catch up on some quests, starting with this one.

It was a fairly easy quest. The fight was easy, didn't take much damage from anything for how many were piling me. O_o Only had to eat food twice. The tooth versions of Bre'egth, Gromblod and Shredflesh kept dying, but I didn't really want them to live until I took out all the Orks and the just-mentioned commanders. The Fairy Godfather did sod all after they were all taken out, giving me enough time to grow them all (and healing them) and taking him out. Would like to have kept the Fairy wand though as a novelty, but it dissappeared magically. Oh well, I did retrieve all the teeth needed for a Tooth creature AND I can now use Fairy rings without a Dramen/Lunar staff thanks to a prosthetic tooth with fairy magic. Finally, I hated carrying those things around.

Blood Pact

I came off RuneScape for quite a while because Nomad's Requiem put me off. I was dissappointed that I wouldn't be able to wear my Quest Cape because of him, so I decided to take a break from RuneScape for a while. I came back on a couple of times, once to complete this quest for the sake of completing every Free quest and very easily reaped the Mask of dragith nurn as a "reward". Not really worth mentioning this quest, but I do use the weapons I got during the quest as "icons" for my bank tabs.

Blood Runs Deep

An almost entirely combat-based quest. One which I was slightly worried about. (Well, the dying.) It was pretty easy, especially since I took Rune armour up until the final fight. Didn't take huge amounts of damage until I had to start saving King Vargas. That was annoying because the first time, he got piled by Dagannoths. Second time I healed using Rocktails and then they turned their focus on him, making me fail. Then the third time I finally got it.

When it was time to kill the Dagannoth Sentinels, they were easy. But my party legged it, supposedly "taking care" of the Dagannoth kings, but in my mind I saw it as more like abandonment rather than holding anything off.

Dagannoth Mother was a pain in the arse, I didn't realise I had to whack her with Balmung before I could attack her with anything else, wasting half my Rocktails. Had no teleports so I just let myself die, losing Ava's accumulator and Enhanced excalibur. Second time I had the knowledge to take her on, adopting a new strategy; I ditched Ranged, took Melee void armour, wielded Balmung and Autocasted when I needed it. In the last attempt, I used Ranged too, which was was a pain because I couldn't keep up with the fight, switching prayer, switching weapon, turning Autocast off etc. but eventually after about 5 minutes, she died.

Quest complete!

I used the reward experiance to boost my Attack, Strength and Defence each.. Attack and Defence levelled up. I got back Ava's accumulator and even bought a spare, in case I lose it again. Oh, and Enhanced excalibur.

R.I.P Princess Astrid + Prince Brand

The Temple at Senntisten

Quite an infuriating quest. It uses the same mechanics as Dragon slayer, where you can't obtain items unless you ask the NPC about them. Which I failed to do. So when Azzanadra wanted me to obtain the Barrows icon and the Frostenhorn, I forgot to get him to talk about the Icon, so I did the Frozen castle puzzle which took an hour, being harrassed by Waterfiends and Icefiends and got the Horn pretty easily. Then when it came to the Barrows minigame, I completed it 3 times, not getting the Icon and I wondered why. That's when I thought back to my Dragon Slayer days after checking my Quest log, wondering why I wasn't getting it and realised I needed to talk to Azzanadra about the Icon aswell. So, for the fourth time, I took on the Barrows brothers and got the Icon right away.

The final cutscene made way for me to take screenies and upload them on here. They're all chatheads, but they're unique. Like the Assassin's chathead, Zamorak monk's chathead and Zaros' chathead.

I'm just happy I get to wear my Quest cape again. Even happier I had the requirements for the quest! Even happiererer that there was a sequel to Devious minds! Upset that I still don't know how to weild a Bow-sword... >_>

Within the Light

Annoyingly, an easy sequel to Mourning's Ends Part II but with higher requirements which would not allow boosts to be used. 69 Agility didn't worry me, I had 68, aiming for 70. Ranged stumped me the most. 73 ranged and needed 75. Achieved both now and completed the quest.

The cliffhanger at the end where you find out Prifddinas was reverted to one large seed but can't investigate into it more.. damn Jagex! XD

One thing I noticed is, yet another NPC that runs with you! Arianwyn runs with you in the Temple of Light. The only other NPC I know that runs is Commander Veldaban during Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf.

The only point in the quest which annoyed me is when you get "charged" and have to run to the giant crystal and back again within a time limit. What stopped me the first 3 times is the shadow near the pillar that either opens the door to the Death Altar or to gain access to the temple. That attacked me twice each journey. My character decided to be gay and only hit a maximum of 70 (7 at the time) on it. This stopped me from rotating the mirror to get the light back into the weird Pillar thing. Eventually I rotated the mirror on the return journey BEFORE it respawned.

Aside from that yet another easy quest, much to the dislike of some players on the RuneScape forums. You just have to know your colours, bad news for the colourblind...

Oh, and I saved the Gnome, because I'm nice.

Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf

Finally, after about 3 development diaries this quest has been released. It wasn't too hard, the only part I worried about was the Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer hitting 300's (30 at the time) on me and killing me. Now I realise it hits 30 (300) VERY rarely. I kept my quest cape on me for when I finished the quest.

The cutscene that shows Brunolt being turned into a Chaos dwarf, when he walked into the machine to make him go red, I thought he got skinned alive... gruesome!

Another good thing is Commander Veldaban actually runs with you near the end of the quest when he's following you. The first NPC I that actually runs with you for a change, rather than trails behind then appears inside of you and repeats.

Additionally, you keep the Package and some of the items which didn't get used up in the quest. Luckily the items can be put back in to save bank space for those who decided to keep it. I kept it for reference, for now I have 80 bank spaces left and I intend to keep it that way.

Overall, easy quest. I saw alot of players wearing armour for the part where they have to open the cave... That made me laugh.

Thanks to the walkthrough on here I knew that one fight was the only time I'd need armour.

Fur 'n' Seek

Came out not even a day after completing WGS, (annoyingly) so my quest cape unequipped itself.

Was too easy and too short, I said that I couldn't be bothered with the second part but that was a lie. I have completed the wishlist by getting to 73 slayer and eating a wild pie.

The final battle against the Skeletal horror was immense. Maybe I should just wear Black dragonhide body and Black dragonhide chaps along with melee armour and Protect from Melee against it. Last time it was Melee armour with Protect from Magic and nearly died a couple of times. Whoopsy!

While Guthix Sleeps

To begin this quest you need a hell of a lot of requirements, however 65 herblore and farming stumped me the most. In the end I just thought "hell with it" and used brown spicy stews to gain the boosts needed. Turns out you only needed the requirements to start the quest, not finish it. Besides, you don't even need 65 to grow Enriched snapdragon or make the Super truth serum during the quest, which I thought was odd.

Anyway onto the quest: This has got to rival the Legends Quest in terms of taking ages to complete, but it's much MUCH harder.

The Broav was absolutely useless finding Movario's base. Whenever it found an obstacle, it decided to dance for me. In circles. This went on for quite some time, but eventually when I got there, it was difficult to manouvre through because you need to be at least 1kg to enter, so I had to come back with some armour. Getting there (again) was easier this time. The electricity room was easy to get through thanks to online guides, but I triggered a trap once and lost pretty much all of my health. (Whoops!) So had to be careful.

The Ancient Guthix Temple took a long time to complete. The Druid Spirits only drop herbs and secondary ingrediants for 8 potions. Unfortunately I got ingrediants for the Energy potion which involves a Mort Myre Fungus. To free the spirits and get ingrediants, you need to use a Druid pouch. To fill the pouch, you need to pick up Vine flowers from the Dead vines strewn around the temple with the Bloom spell. Filling the druid pouches uses up the Mort Myre Fungus too... so (once again) I had to come back after obtaining another one from the Mort Myre Swamp. It's not exactly across the street.

The final battle with the Balance Elemental was actually quite easy - Sharks, rune armour, prayer potions and restore potions and it was dealt with just like that. I just skipped the dialogue, because it was wasting prayer points. The tormented demons were easy to kill thanks to the Stone of Jas, but I had to come back thanks to having prayers of their own, forcing me to use two combat types.

The reward at the end I used on prayer, which was boosted from 68 to 73. FINALLY can do two tasks in the achievement diary.

The Curse of Arrav
I kept running out of inventory space. I really want to know what happened to Arrav's heart... Getting it was annoying, by the time I got into the room with Arrav's heart in, I'd memorised the door code twice over. (I kept getting "caught" by the zombies.) Hunt for Red Raktuber
Finally, another penguin-based quest! The plot's thickening now, Captain Marlin under the control of a sea slug, dwarves in on the act of taking over Gielinor... Hopefully the Mother Mallum makes a return soon.

Loved the fish-based hats, too xD They were a good novelty for a little while.

Devious Minds
Getting 65 smithing for this quest was expensive and time consuming. Very.

The Large pouch took a long time to obtain, because I had to go through shit loads of dialogue with a wizard in the RuneCrafting guild and the dialogue I needed to click was irrelevant to pouches.

Very short quest, I expected a bit more. I really want to wield that bow sword! Bring on the sequel to this quest!

Summer's end
FINALLY! After a few months I've finally completed Summer's end!

Luring the beast with a blue charm familiar was hard enough, but getting it into the cave and chopping the Cursed willow logs with a bronze hatchet (from fear of dying) was next to impossible. As you'd expect, I kept dying on numerous occasions, so it was lucky I did use a bronze hatchet.

When I'd (finally) completed that, I found the next task even worse; luring the Dark Energy Core into the holes. First attempt I got it in the holes twice, but after that it took a further 3 attempts to even 'see' the Core! I kept dying cause I kept running out of run energy so took massive amounts of damage that even sharks couldn't heal. This was until I used an explorer's ring which helped regain run energy, used all 3 charges and used super energy potions. After a while it came out the Spirit Beast and it went into the hole, finally.

The final task, blessing the graves. This, I found alot easier. It only took three attempts. Noted down which colour attacked the spirit beast. Each colour goes to a different ghost which is revealed by the green writing in the text box when they attack it.

After running out of prayer the first time (I didn't notice an altar in the room) I came back and got killed, losing my falador shield. Third time lucky, had one ghost left to go. Got it and the Spirit beast was killed!

I had no idea that the Spirit shield was a reward for this quest. Glad I got it, saves me a bit of money!

The Tale of the Muspah

Easy. I'm useless at the puzzles that involve the Driftwood. Was relieved when I did it, was a little bit dissapointed that I didn't get my Sapphires back, which I had to use to re-freeze Jhallan, and the rewards were a bit pathetic, but I did like the new animations used in the quest.

Rocking out

Very long, alot of teleporting happened. But it was easy. Shame you can't keep the disguises though... Would have been a good memento for completing the quest.

Missing My Mummy

Took a little while because:

1) I thought I needed all the crap found around the pyramid
2) The Golem Guard could only be killed with crush attacks. I had slash and didn't realise I could just punch or kick him. 3) I forgot the willow logs needed for re-making the chair and ran out of prayer needed to "repair" the statues in the Pharaoh Queen's tomb. I couldn't use them until they were ALL repaired, so that was annoying.

Overall, not really worth the effort. No real rewards besides experiance which does come in handy.

Quests I'm most proud of completing[edit | edit source]

Monkey Madness
I was terrified of doing this quest, because I'd heard about this quest being EXTREMELY difficult in online guides and walkthroughs. However once I started it, I found it wasn't as hard as I thought. In fact it got easier once I collected the materials needed to make a Monkeyspeak amulet and a Monkey greegree.

The most annoying part was (trying) to get past the Monkey Guards to get into the temple basement, the one filled with Zombie monkeys, to make the Monkeyspeak amulet because the ladder was blocked by bearded monkey guards; which is unusual, because you can walk past most NPC's. Not only that, but you've got to worry about being poisoned by spiders, too..

The Jungle Demon was easy. All I did was range it, turning on protect from magic whilst standing on the bridges at the side of the arena. What makes it even easier, is the gnomes help you.

I'm only really proud of this quest because a reward is the ability to weild Dragon scimitars, and surviving Ape Atoll Dungeon twice, as a human.

Haunted Mine

A challenging quest. Quite long and the final battle was sort of difficult.

I was dreading the fight against the ghost at the end of the quest. The first couple of times I attempted this, I went fully armoured and a near-full inventory of lobsters.
I kept panicking and ran into the cart tracks, doing about 20 damage to myself, overall. (Doing constant 5's to myself)

I attempted this later when I trained a bit more with just dragon platelegs, a 'skull' painted rune kiteshield and an abyssal whip, along with a full inventory of monkfish and did it first time! Not only did I get 3 of the Salve amulets, but I bought myself a slayer ring from Sumona before attempting it again, to teleport to Tarn Razorlor's lair and complete his miniquest to get Tarn's diary. I then enchanted all the amulets and got myself 3 Enchanted Salve amulets

Dream Mentor

A female dog of a quest! It's not a particuarly long one. Well, in fact it's really short.

Cyrisus' dream 'monsters' are really difficult. My first two attempts involved a shield, dragonplatelegs and the whip. I didn't last long at all. Then looked to Youtube for a video on how to kill the monsters. Thanks to that, I then used a Rune Platebody, Rune defender, Helm of Neitiznot, Obsidian cape, Barrows gloves, Dragon boots, a Seal of passage (to talk to the Oneiromancer afterwards) and an Abyssal whip, along with a full inventory of Sharks, the effects of super sets (Attack, strength and defence) and a Saradomin brew to boost my health by a small amount.

  • The Inadequacy should NEVER be underestimated. All you need is to remember the following: Ignore the A Doubt by turning auto-retaliation off, heal yourself when needed and remember to right-click attack it as soon as you eat because you'll just take hits and not attack.
  • Once you get to The Everlasting you can relax a bit, but it can still hit hard quite often, so you will still need to heal on occasions.
  • The Untouchable, which hits very rarely but can hit quite hard, don't need as much food but still look out.
  • The Illusive deals next to no damage whatsoever, but it is a pain in the arse. Can only manage to get like 1 or 2 hits in before it buggers off somewhere else. Just like the giant mole.

At the end of the quest I had some sharks left over, which surprised me!


Very short, but very difficult. It took 2 attempts to kill the Giant scarab using ranged. When I did kill it, I escaped with 9hp and 5 poison damage. Thanks the the lumbridge ring I teleported to the cabbage field just northwest of Draynor village. Everything on me that was NOT destroyable, I got back right away.

The ones that were destroyable, like the Keris, Ava's accumulator, Lumbridge ring, and the Ectophial, I had to get back seperately. I was annoyed because as soon as I got the Dagger, it'd got destroyed where I "dropped" it when I died, so had to pay 20k to replace a weapon I'd had for not even a minute!

Back to my Roots

Not particuarly difficult. The creatures in the maze didn't hit hard, nor did the Jade Vine. (bearing in mind I had protect from melee turned on with magic reducing items)

During this quest, I took it upon myself to kill Giant ant workers to obtain all 6 remaining pieces of Clarence. Took about 50 minutes to an hour, but it did make doing the Returning Clarence miniquest alot faster.

I was gobsmacked when I saw the rewards. 24k farming exp?! Christ.