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99 Woodcutting

Welcome to my userpage!
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Do a Barrel roll! - Peppy, Star Fox

Well hello! Welcome to my Page! My name is Mike, I'm 20 years old and I live in the United Kingdom.
Feel free to explore my page using the header and leave me a message if you wish. Add me in-game, my account name(s) are in the Infobox. If you do go about adding me, let me know you have and I'll add you too; I've got my Private chat set to Friends because I keep getting messages from GP Family bots.

I normally keep myself to myself, so aside from videos I've done myself, you won't see my character in many YouTube videos. I normally only be social when I want to do something on RS, but don't know what, so I visit F2p servers and socialise with the players. Though usually that's World 7. If I can't even be arsed to do that, I reguarly visit the RS forums.

I have currently taken it upon myself to update some of the older images; I've made use of my "LordHeinz" account, made her a member and I'm currently revisiting some quests and paying particular attention to articles with NPC's which haven't had updated images... or some without images at all, and taking screenshots of them with the OoO, provided I can take a proper screenshot without getting attacked. The downside to this revelation in image-updating history, and people who do Transparency will hate me for this, is that I can't do Transparency at all, because I have no idea how to efficiently. So the new images will still have pointless background stuff. Sorry guys!

Achievements[edit | edit source]

I achieved 99 Woodcutting, 05 July 2010.

Videos from TubeYou[edit | edit source]

All you Base are belong to us, Spore edition[edit | edit source]

Original video

Do a Barrel Roll remixed[edit | edit source]

Original video